Gif - User Acquisition

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Gif - User Acquisition

Deadline:31 Oct, 2020
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Food & Drink 21 Oct, 2020
We are a social eCommerce platform, which brings the online shopping experience to apps you already use, like Facebook Messenger. We are discount-forward and totally chat-native, which means no additional downloads are needed for you to start accessing great bargains today.

- 18 - 45 years old
- Min. 1000 followers on IG
- Majority of foillowers are based in Singapore
- Public account
- Have been a Grab/GrabFood/FoodPanda/Comfort users

Create the content around discounted partner vouchers

Performance based compensation program where we reimburse you on a successful referred user that is tagged to your account. We qualify a user as signed up to the platform and spend $10 in any product (Voucher or physical product) within the first 30 days of sign up.

If you are interested, we recommend you give the platform a test so to better understand the product that we offer. Make sure you have a Facebook Messenger (if not, just go to the app store, search for Facebook Messenger and download it), click on the following link to sign up. Please note that Gif is currently only available for users residing in Singapore ONLY.