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🙋‍♂️ Trainer, Coach & Athlete 💯 Love training ppl and coaching fitness athletes ☺️ Following my dream and starting my own business full time
Helsinki|Southern Finland

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.80%. The average number of likes per post is 96 and the average number of comments is 3.

23.66% of the followers that engaged with trainerrobbe regularly are from Finland, followed by United States at 10.75% and Germany at 7.53%. In summary, the top 5 countries of trainerrobbe's posts engager are coming from Finland, United States, Germany, Canada, Thailand.

Trainerrobbe loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink, Education, Humor.

Check trainerrobbe's audience demography. This analytics report shows trainerrobbe's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Finland 23.66 %
  • United States 10.75 %
  • Germany 7.53 %
  • Canada 5.38 %
  • Thailand 5.38 %


87 4

7.4.2020 - Tuesday: @ Work, feeling on top of things😏 10-4!☎️ - Vill bara säga hur glad jag är att så många av er redan har valt att prenumerera på Nyhetsbrevet! Det värmer otroligt mycket och hoppas att ni kommer att börja se framemot att få det!📫 - Man skall alltid ligga steget före sägs det. Har funderat på det där🤔 Fixade några uppgraderingar till kontoret. Känner att jag har allt under kontroll och är förberedd🙏 Det här fixar vi! #la-radio #telefonkatalogen2017 #powersupply #prepper #survivalist - Få sii nudå.. E.. eer.. eeri.. ERIK! Kronoby! Höödo, he e påveijj!!✉️💨 @eriklarsgunnar - ✉️ Nyhetsbrev - - - #ontopofthings #newsletter #nyhetsbrev #träning #kost #hälsa #livsstilsförändring #health #lifestylechange #nutrition #training #workout

81 2

Kid 1 🆚 0 Robert - Ouh, Okay.. I see what you did there...🧐 - - - - #photobomb #smartkid #thatshowtodoit #beach #vacation #summervibes

95 2

It is alive!👉 🥳 - Just needed to take a pic of what I'm looking at RIGHT NOW!🥳 "Teaser" page is LIVE! 🇫🇮/🇸🇪/🇺🇸 - The main site will launch soon 🙏 - But why don't you reserve your free copy of my eBook "The Little Book for great Results – How to achieve your goals" while you wait?😊 - The tools and foundations I've used with all my clients and athletes compressed into a little book. Understand this and you will have the foundations/tools you need to reach any goal! - The book is available in Swedish🇸🇪 and English🇺🇸 - - - - #onestepcloser #wearelive #homepage #health #lifestylechange #nutrition #training #workout #ebook #denlillabokenförstoraresultat #hurdunårdinamål #thelittlebookforbigresults #howtoachieveyourgoals #foundations #tools #success #succeed

53 2

When you are working on something confidential 🛑🖐️ - Or atleast that's what I said I was doing... - Privacy please 💁🏼‍♂️ - - - #confidential #privacy #doingitright #working #sundayfunday

53 0

E-Book going live today - For free! 💯🥳 - Here I am, sitting in front of the fireplace, reading through the finished product. Eager to get it out there! One of several projects now ready👊 - After finished writing it I sent it out to a couple of experts in the field. I needed to get some outsiders opinion on it. I was so nervous opening those emails with the feedback, what will they say?... I almost teared up when reading them 🙏 Thank you! - Keep your eyes open for the link where you can reserve your copy of it today! #excited🕺 - Have the best day guys! //Robert - - - - #ebook #book #goinglive #free #heegratis #today #lifestylechange #health #nutrition #training #workout #howtodoit #reachyourgoals #cozy #fireplace #thankful #excited

109 0

#Takatalvi #Thankful ☀️ - I am so thankful not only for this amazing day (and weird climate change in a matter of hours 🏞️👉🏔️) we got over here in Vasa today.. but also for the good feedback, nice comments and messages I've gotten from you guys regarding the new brand and logo I posted yesterday 😊 - It is very exciting to go out, officially, with things that you have been working on for so long. It means a lot that you liked it and I really hope you will like the rest too. Thank you!🙏 - - - - #glad #blessed #love #thankful #gratitude #happy #thankyou #happiness #life #motivation #inspiration #positivevibes #nature #friends #smile #believe

178 12

Trademarked™️ and registered®️ - Been waiting for this as a child waits for Xmas eve. Just got notified that the Trademark™ had been accepted and registered® ! We are ready to GO! 👊 - The first look of the new logo and brand! Hope you like it as much as I do!🤩 - Have been working so hard for this day to finally arrive! Almost shaking... We are finally here!🙆🏼‍♂️ I am so looking forward to get this next chapter up to speed! Launching in a couple of days! Will probably not get any sleep tonight!🤭 - I will keep you posted! Until then, stay safe and have a great day guys! //Robert - - - - #trademark #registered #logo #brand #new #era #goinglivesoon #launch #doingwhatIlove

245 20

Conversation with grandma and grandpa COVID-19 style ❌🦠 Interesting times.. - "Att hälsa på någon som man inte får hälsa på" - Jag behövde få veta att allt är bra med mina kära morföräldrar och att de har allt de behöver. Så här sitter jag och pratar med dem via telefon medans vi ser på varandra genom glasrutan. Man får göra det bästa av situationen. - Ett lugn lägger sig när jag får se att allt är bra med dem och vi skojar och skrattar som vanligt. De är inte bekymrade. Morfar hade suttit sönder sina glasögon osv.. en helt vanlig dag helt enkelt. Det största bekymret som mormor verkar ha är att jag inte kan komma in på en kopp kaffe och jag ser att det stör henne. Mitt i samtalet försvinner hon och är borta ett tag, dörren öppnas, ut kommer en plastpåse och dörren stängs. Jag öppnar och ser att hon samlat ihop en "takeaway"-påse med både godsaker och mat😂💕 Allt som vanligt, men ändå inte. - Ta hand om era nära och kära så gott det går. Det här fixar vi! //Robert - - - #family #love #kärlek #conversation #covid19 #corona #takecare #dowhatyoucan #dethärfixarvi #noentry #karantän #quarantine #ingenkaffehosmommoidag #takeawaybullar

103 0

🔵🧦⚫ - Rocked 'em socks today🕺 - - - - #internationelladownssyndromdagen #rockasockorna #wdsd #internationaldownsyndromeday #rockyoursocks #kanseutsåhärandradagarockså #hyllaolikheter @officialbetterbodies @betterbodiesnordic

91 4

You know what time it is?😎 Outdoor Workout!🏋️ Ouhyeas!👊 - So your gym closed? Well, I just don't see that as an excuse to stop being active and healthy. If not now, when? Now is the time when we should focus on eating well and keeping our bodies in a good condition to keep our immune system healthy🍏 - But, Robert... I can't go to the gym and workout.. and I don't have any weights or anything at home🤷🏼‍♂️ - So then you need to stay inside, off from work, having all the time you need and sit on the sofa eating crap?🤔 - How do I know that it is mostly crap? I have seen what these young, healthy, strong looking toilet paper hamsters have in their "end of the world survival kits". It is far from the things that should have been there in these kind of situations.. huge lots of candy, chips, other crap.. and well.. toilet paper🧻🧻🧻 - I have been working hard these last days getting all my clients up to speed with programs they will be able to do at home when many gym facilities are closing their doors. Already prepared them who are classed in risk groups weeks ago. - Our clients rely on us, trainers and coaches, to teach them how easy it actually is to make this work. They will spend 30-40€ on equipment for it. The best part is that they are not used to those workouts and will make really awesome progress. I've seen it before and looking forward to see it again. - Be well and take care of each other! //Robert - - - - #outdoor #workout #uteträning #skönt #letsdoit #gym #closed #notanexcuse #health #wellbeing #homeworkouts #toilethamsters #survivalkit #candy #corona #makingitwork #justdoit #workplace #planning #failtoplanistoplantofail

105 0

Post and... RUN! 😱🏃💨🤳 - RUN?! Those data dopamine shots are coming!📳 (and.. well.. corona.. that too) - It is fun and all being back on my social media channels, but still not used to that extra buzzing😅 I also caught myself laughing my ass off at too many videos last week. Those dogs are funny, guys! 🐕😂 ouh internet.. you crazzy..😄 But I also hate loosing the flow in my work when getting caught in it. Keep your focus and prioritize. - Hmm... when a client sends a funny video/meme, you answer with one back and have a laugh together.. Isin't that just good customer service? I think it is!🤔🤭 - Let's get this week and Monday started guys! Have the best day!🥳 //Robert - - - - #life #letsdoit #focus #prioritize #instagood #customerservice #funny #smile #sunnyday #picoftheday #some #monday #letsgetthispartystarted @officialbetterbodies @betterbodiesnordic

41 2

Things are progressing✨ - Had an interesting and productive meeting earlier this week 👨‍⚖️🙏 - - - #project #meeting #suitedup #trademark #register #bureaucracy #paperwork


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