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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1602 and the average number of comments is 23.

25% of the followers that engaged with teppotirkkonen regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 6.82% and Canada at 4.55%. In summary, the top 5 countries of teppotirkkonen's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, Canada, Finland, France.

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  • United States 25 %
  • Germany 6.82 %
  • Canada 4.55 %
  • Finland 4.55 %
  • France 4.55 %


367 8

Don’t look down! That is my number one tip for anyone in a hot air balloon during takeoff 😄 🎈 Hot air ballooning is beautiful. The experience is a combination of excitement, meditative state of mind and pure joy. I’ll be honest, to takeoff can get your heart racing a bit. Once you’re up in the air you forget about it and your mind becomes clear of all the clutter. You are just drifting with the wind. My first ballooning experience was in Tuscany, Italy and now we flew above my hometown Oulu. Big up to @visitoulu for doing the flight with us! Until next time! Portrait by @joonaslinkola

249 13

Whiteout/ #ad @revolutionrace / As soon as I stepped out of the car near the seashore, I realized that it isn’t just windy. It is extremely windy! I grab my camera, throw on my jacket and descend down through the forest onto the frozen see. I end up spending a good hour and a half shooting in these extreme conditions. At the parking lot, to my surprise, I meet a kite boarding guy preparing his gear. And so we agree to do a shoot together with him and it ends up to be pretty amazing! After spending nearly 3 hours in the harshest cold wind, I realized @revolutionrace GTX pro jacket and the Rescue Series pants have passed my test! The best outdoor clothes are the ones you barely notice on you. They are light and well-fitting. They don’t ever get in the way of your activities. In the GPX series, I love the strong materials, ventilation pockets and adjustable pant legs. I have been using these daily now, because they are the perfect general outdoor clothes. Whether I’m doing regular tasks outside or going on a hike, these clothes are on me. Do you need to gear up? Follow the link in my bio to get 15% off of your next purchase by using code TEPPO15. The code will be valid for 31st of March to 3rd of April. #natureisourplayground #revolutionrace 📷: @kaitirkkonen

1,015 4

The last few months have been extremely cold in northern Finland. This shot is from one of those days when it was -25°C. Now the sun is shining warmly and we are heading towards spring. It still amazes me, how huge thing sunlight can be. Living in a warmer place you don’t need to think about it. But after spending months in darkness, the long sunny days make it feel like you’re a new person again! 🌞 #koitelinkoski

364 18

Freezing cold and crisp winter day ~ #ad @revolutionrace / As I put on this jacket and pants, a smile comes upon my face unexpectedly. Sometimes you just immediately know when things are right and that’s exactly how I feel about Revolution Race clothing. I’ve tried many outdoor brands and to be truly honest with you, these are the only clothes that fit me perfectly while allowing a freedom of movement in all of my activities. Lately, I’ve been using this set up for Nordic skiing and winter biking and I’m confident that they will perform well in any future situation and condition. I chose the Hyper Shell Pro set up (Cyclone Rescue 2.0, Fern Green) so that I can modify my other layers to suit challenging weather conditions. I love the 4-way stretch feature and that the clothes are breathable. The clothes are very lightweight too, another great feature for me personally. And the color, well, that alone makes me a happy dude 🌞 I’m really stoked to work with Revolution Race and they provide 15% off of your next order. Follow the link in my bio and use TEPPO15 at the checkout to get 15% off. Happy adventures! #natureisourplayground 🤙🏻 #revolutionrace

1,094 12

Exploring the frozen sea, is something that I’m drawn to. The ever-changing snow formations combined with arctic light is magnificent. As you walk and take steps on the ice, it feels like the sea keeps going on and going on, far into the distance. The horizon seems vague and very far away. It is that sense of freedom that makes me come back to this place.

761 22

I had the pleasure of shooting and testing this is e-bike couple weeks ago. What a beast! Riding this thing through the snowy landscapes of Northern Finland is surely a blast! #surron #ebikes

1,106 21

I wish you a very relaxing holiday season! 🌲 New year is almost here. I have to tell you that I’m excited about spending more time with photography and creative things next year now that I have my studies done! What are you excited about? #holidayseason

440 19

In paid collaboration with @robertpauligroastery / Unwinding in the dark toned backwoods with a cup of black coffee ☕️🌲I am a coffee lover, and I love the nature in Finland, so what could be better than combining those two. I’ve been taking the new products from Robert Paulig Roastery to my outdoor adventures lately, and I’m already a fan of them. These premium slow-roast coffees are the perfect fit for those unwinding moments in the Finnish nature 🍂The slow roast technique brings out full and sweet flavors in the coffee. The Notes of Nature -coffees come in three very different variations: Kuulas, Korpi and Kipinä. The tastes vary from full nutty flavors to soft berry flavors. All the varitions are sourced reliably and produced with renewable energy locally in town of Tolkkinen, Porvoo 😊 I personally love the good old stovetop espresso maker for outdoor coffee. What’s your go-to brewing method outdoors? #NotesOfNature #Outdoors

549 50

Kaupallinen yhteistyö + ARVONTA @marlivirallinen/ Boostia kauravälipalasta! Syksy on tuonut arjen kiireet mukanaan, ja sen myötä terveelliset välipalat on ollut isossa osassa mun arkea 🍂Uutuustuote Marli Kauranen on helppo välipala, jonka nappaan aina mukaan menoon kuvausreissuille ja treenievääksi kassiin. Oma lemppari appelsiini-ananas on hyvänmakuinen ja terveellinen välipala ja kaiken lisäksi se on vastuullisesti tuotettu 🍍 Kotimaiset Marli Kauranen -välipalat sisältää runsaasti marjoja, hedelmää sekä kuituja ja raaka-aineet hankitaan vastuullisesti. Pakkaus on muuten myös uudelleensuljettava, joten kaikkea ei tarvitse juoda kerralla 😋 ARVONTA: Missä tilanteessa te nauttisitte Marli Kaurasen? Osallistu mukaan arvontaan kommentoimalla kommenttikenttään. Indieplace arpoo seuraajien kesken 3 tuotepalkintoa, jotka sisältää 10kpl Marli Kaurasia! ☺️ Lisää tietoa kilpailusta osoitteessa https://cutt.ly/kauranen-arvonta #marlikauranen #kauravälipala #marlivirallinen

802 5

The night has just begun – @syoteigloos is making the northern lights waiting game easy. #glassigloo #syoteigloos

1,420 14

Can you hear the silence? #Finland

935 30

Please, call me the master of sauna. No, but in all seriousness, the Finnish sauna culture is everything! Sauna culture is a huge part of Finnish summer and I just love it. Do you guys know what the birch branches are used for? #saunaculture Photo: @kaitirkkonen

1,308 17

Summer days well spent, roaming around in pristine birch forests.

833 3

There’s something about this time of summer that is so special. Everything around you changes every day and it’s beautiful to watch. And it goes by so fast, in a matter of week or two. But the best is still yet to come, like the blueberry season for example! #summer #finland

1,020 12

Exploring the fjells of Lapland. #ylläspallasnationalpark

1,451 18

Dream wood shed ✨ I love to spend time here chopping wood. Lately, it’s been my workout place. It’s got everything I need!

1,427 12

Night & day. Blissful spring times with @joonaslinkola in the backcountry of Lapland, far away from everything. #lapland

1,057 10

A moment after. This was one of the most impressing sunsets I’ve witnessed at this lighthouse. Taking it all in, alone with my skis, just listening to the howling wind sweeping the loose snow on the surface of the sea ice. Like crystal. #spring

2,147 14

Once the sea frozes, it’s not only the snowmobiles and nordic skiers that occupy the frozen playground. You can find all sorts of vehicles using the sea as a road too. #finland

1,667 31

This winter has been peculiar when it comes to weather. Usually we enjoy the crispy cold weather with plenty of snow this time of the year, but this winter it has been warmer with a lot of rain. I believe the snow has already fallen off the trees at this location and the place probably looks totally different. How’s the winter at your place? #winter

1,615 10

Simple life up north in the Lofoten Islands. I love how this small red cabin pops up from the cold blue landscape during blue hour. It really caught my attention and I had to capture this view. #lofotenislands

1,563 9

There’s something special about watching winter making it’s way. You see the creeks and rivers starting to freeze day by day. Forests are suddenly covered in a white blanket of snow and you are surrounded by this perfect silence. And the lack of light really adds to the mood. It’s magical. #lapland

1,394 12

Exploring the sea has always been my favourite. The sea changes its look every day depending on the weather and season. It has always been a place where I go to seek inspiration.

1,270 12

Soft sunrise in the Finnish Lapland.

2,986 32

Magical sunrise over the Finnish taiga.

1,384 13

Happy Finland’s Nature Day! 🇫🇮#finland

1,024 15

Pure air.

845 9

Nature is amazing. Especially when you take a moment to look at all the details around you.

2,606 24


1,517 10

Summer evening at the river. #finland

2,586 35

Nordic seasons ✨

1,455 9

Fields of gold ✨ #norway

1,616 6

Coastline views 🌊

1,573 11

The fall colors. I love seasons. I really do. This fall I won’t be experiencing the Nordic fall season as I’ll be moving to Nice, France for the rest of the year in September. I’m excited about that! Change is good and I can’t wait to explore France too! What fall plans do you guys have?

1,800 22

Who would have thought the Norwegian arctic looks like a turquoise paradise like this! #norway

2,019 29

The view from our tent towards the icebergs as we called it a day after a long hike. Disko Island, 2016. #greenland

2,010 20

These are some of the coolest cloud formations I’ve seen in a long time! The shots aren’t perfect and I’m okay with that. I worked with what I had at the moment and most importantly I enjoyed experiencing this amazing moment. You can’t always control everything. A person in the second shot would’ve been great but I was alone when this happened. I wanted to share this because not everything has to be perfect. Enjoy the art of photography and the moments you get to experience! Ps. I ended up swimming in the river after I took the photos!

1,679 24

Experiencing the midnight sun somewhere in the mountains of Disko Island. #greenland #hiking

2,543 18

Nocturnal bliss.

2,332 27

Making furry friends in a tiny Greelandic village called Oqaatsus also known as ”Rodebay”. When I say tiny I mean it. In 2010, this remoted place had 46 inhabitants. To access it, you either have to take a boat ride or hike 22km from the nearby town of Ilulissat. I did both, such a cool journey! #greenland

1,982 19

What does your summer look like? What’s yo plan? Here’s my short list: - 🏃🏼‍♂️ I’ll work out twice a day for at least 45 minutes. I freaking love this routine and I can’t wait for the summer to have even more time for this stuff! It can be for example a gym workout + a walk outside. - ⛺️ Buy a new tent! - 🏔Do a solo hike

1,311 45

Kaupallinen yhteistyö @wwfsuomi / Tänä keväänä aion antaa #ääniluonnolle, koska meidän luontomme on liian kallis menetettäväksi. Tämä kuvan tuiki tavallinen suomalainen mäntykangasmetsä on erityisen tärkeä paikka itselleni. Se on kotiseudultani Oulusta, missä olen pienestä pitäen viettänyt paljon aikaa maastopyöräilemässä ja viikonloppuretkillä. Mahtavia muistoja riittää yllin kyllin! Olen kulkenut näiden mäntykankaiden läpi lukemattomia kertoja matkallani merenrantaan uimaan ja katsomaan auringonlaskua. Toisaalta, olen myös nähnyt metsäalueen olevan isojen muutoksien alla. Siksi haluan antaa ääneni luonnolle. Mitä paikkaa sinä et haluaisi menettää? Ota osaa haasteeseen ottamalla kuva sulle tärkeästä paikasta ja tägää kuvaan #ääniluonnolle. Meillä on mahtava mahdollisuus äänestää luonnon monimuotoisuuden puolesta, joten muistakaa vaikuttaa ja antaa äänenne eduskuntavaaleissa ✨🌲 #kaupallinenyhteistyö #wwfsuomi #vaalit2019

1,782 26

Greenland on my mind. Ever since living those 3 months in Greenland in 2016 I’ve had a plan of going back. Back then I did not have the gear with me to hike to the ice cap so I need to tick that off my list. But I want to do something bigger. Throw me the craziest idea you can imagine! I’ve now put the trip in my calendar in 2021 when I’ve graduated from school and it’s something I’m going to do just for myself 🐋❄️ #greenland #goals

3,518 42

One of those early mornings in the arctic. Get up, admire the views, be thankful, eat your breakfast and off to conquering mountains! Living so simply, feeling so good. #lofoten #norway #arctic

2,740 30

I’ve been recently traveling abroad for work quite a bit and as opposed to my usual way, to some warmer countries, Thailand being the previous one. Even after seeing all these new exciting countries, what keeps me amazed after every single time is the beauty back home in Finland. It’s something unlike I’ve seen anywhere else, and I’m grateful for it. There’s still so many national parks to explore here and I’m looking forward to experiencing them all! #finland

2,011 21

Spring is here! The season of good vibes and new beginnings ✨ #springtime

3,307 27

Just another cozy cabin day in Lofoten and everything is covered up in a fresh coat of snow. Koselig! ❄️✨ #norway #lofoten

3,304 39

Magical moon dog in Lapland ✨Have an awesome and relaxing holiday season everyone! #lapland #winter

1,048 24

Yhteistyössä / sponsored @stadiumfinland | Crispy and sunny winter mornings ✨I woke up early to catch the sunrise at the rapids and to make a morning coffee outdoors! Not a better way to get the day started. Stay warm in the cold and pick your outdoor equipment from Stadium online and get 25% discount on all products on Cyber Monday (November 26th)! ✨❄️ #stadiumfinland #cyberstadium

1,622 18

A daily dose of cabin inspiration. Feel the blue hour and enjoy! ✨ #cabinporn #cabinlife #cabinvibes

1,338 69

Powered by Marli 💥 Boosting my energy levels and getting that daily dose of C-vitamin from the new juice shots. Makes you really go 😄 | Kaupallisessa yhteistyössä Marlin kanssa meillä on arvonta käynnissä ja halutaan sut mukaan testaamaan kauppojen hyllyille juuri tulleita Marlin SHOT -uutuuksia, joista saa päivän tarpeen luontaista C-vitamiinia 🍋 Oma suosikkini kolmesta uutuudesta on ehdottomasti inkivääri-kurkuma-acerola 😋 Tästä helppo ja nopea tapa lieventää väsymystä ja boostata vastustuskykyä kiireisen syysarjen keskellä 🍂 Kaipaako kaverisi lisäboostia vastustuskykyyn? Osallistu mukaan kilpailuun tägäämällä kaveri kommenttikenttään - 3 Marli SHOT -tuotepakettia arvotaan viikon päästä kaikkien kommentoijien kesken 🌞 Lisää tietoa kilpailusta osoitteessa vlt.me/marlishot. #marliSHOT #kaupallinenyhteistyö

2,211 36

New day with a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning in Northern Norway. #stayandwander #norway

2,291 53

First snowfall. Embrace the silence and admire the beauty around ❄️ #lofoten #stayandwander

1,811 32

Hop in friend, the hot tub is ready! 🔥🍂 #cabinlife

2,298 28

Feel the crispy autumn air and take a deep breath 🍂✨ Shots from our early sunrise hike to Neitvuori with @joonaslinkola and @mariavanonen. @visitsaimaa.fi #lakesaimaa #visitsaimaa

1,866 39

Liquid chills ✨ Back at exploring Lake Saimaa in autumn colors with @joonaslinkola and @mariavanonen. @visitsaimaa.fi #lakesaimaa #visitsaimaa

869 17

*sponsored | Fall vibes in Lapland. As summer concludes here up north the fall season presents itself with moody and unpredictable weather. This is the time of the year when I like my gear waterproof - just like this stylish new duffel bag from @stadiumfinland 💦 Pick your adventure equipment from Stadium webstore with 25% discount by using code TEPPO25, it's valid till 7th October for all non-sale items! #stadiumfinland @stadiumfinland #movewithstadium

1,328 33

*sponsored | Active morning and fall vibes, getting my day off to a great start. Gear up & go explore! Pick your equipment from Stadium webstore with 25% discount by using code TEPPO25, it's valid till 7th October for all non-sale items! #stadiumfinland @stadiumfinland #movewithstadium

3,467 99

Hi there 👋🏻 Just interrupting your daily thumb scroll with a photo of aurora borealis... 💚


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