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🐶 Mini longhaired dachshund 🎈 Born March 19, 2016 🌵 Burnin’ up in Austin, Texas 💪 Grade 5 IVDD warrior 💌
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.80%. The average number of likes per post is 405 and the average number of comments is 34.

33.8% of the followers that engaged with teddythedox regularly are from United States, followed by United Kingdom at 16.9% and Australia at 8.45%. In summary, the top 5 countries of teddythedox's posts engager are coming from United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, France.

Teddythedox loves posting about Animals & Pets.

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  • United States 33.8 %
  • United Kingdom 16.9 %
  • Australia 8.45 %
  • Brazil 5.63 %
  • France 4.23 %


303 20

A couple extra memories from Teddy’s and my “staycation” last week 🤍 We loved this sweet little cabin in the hills. We spent nearly all of our time exploring the surrounding woods and laying on this bed swing to enjoy the first taste of cool weather (60s) we’ve had in months. Hoping the rest of the year brings more opportunities for adventure and relaxation for this cutie and I!

376 19

Teddy and I spent the last few days away from the city to enjoy a cabin in the Texas Hill Country. This was our first time out of Austin since Teddy’s injury, and I was so excited to get some fresh air and take it easy for a few days. Teddy easily adjusted to the new space and was following me all over the grounds. I was unsure of how he’d do on the bumpier terrain, but he is a natural in his cart! There were pockets where the brush was 2x as tall as he is, and he rolled over them in stride (made me laugh seeing him charge through the grass like the Kool-Aid Man) 😂 I was expecting a lot of rain, according to the forecast, but we got lucky and only had it on the drive there, a light sprinkle the first evening, and then a heavy (albeit peaceful) downpour throughout the entire first night. Temperatures dropped in the area overnight, which prevented us from visiting a nearby watering hole to have Teddy swim, so we drove into town, got some food, and laid under blankets on the lounger swing instead. Glad I got to spend some time in nature and have Teddy here to appreciate it with me. I can tell him and I both needed a change of scenery, so I’m happy we were able to find that, even just for a few days 😊 #ivddsurvivor #ivddrecovery #ivdd #dogswithdisabilities

348 61

Last night, my dad asked me a difficult question. We were talking about Teddy’s recovery, and he gently asked me if I had thought about what Teddy’s options may be long-term. I asked him to clarify what he meant, and he said when things go back to how they were before COVID, like working in an office or traveling. He mentioned what I had told him right as Teddy was going into surgery 3 months ago - in the surgeon’s opinion, there were only two options. Surgery or euthanasia. At Teddy’s two week post op, when he had still not regained deep pain sensation (which would drastically boost his chances of a full(er) recovery), his surgeon shared the reality of caring for a paralyzed dog and the difficulties it would entail. He also revealed that a number of owners return after a few months once they try but realize they simply can’t do it long-term. Without hesitation, I said I’d do whatever it takes. It’s been over 3 months, and I have never once considered the alternative. Was the surgeon correct? Are everyday routines harder than before? Absolutely. Is more of my day spent on providing direct care, cleaning messes, driving to/from rehab, doing PT, etc.? Yes. But I still wake up each morning and see the same sweet, happy dog I’ve loved for the last 4 years and will continue to love for the rest of my life. I pass no judgment toward anyone that has to make that gut-wrenching decision. I have no idea what their financial, emotional, mental, and physical means are to care for a paralyzed dog long-term. They are the only ones with whom their dogs can say “it’s OK, it’s time.” In my soul, I know Teddy will tell me when it’s his time. I hope that won’t be for many, many years. Until then, I will cherish every moment I have and continue to try and make him as happy as he makes me. I will continue fighting for his recovery. But I have also been finding grace and peace with the possibility that walking may not be in Teddy’s cards. Either way, I said then, I say it now, and I will continue to say: I will do whatever it takes ❤️

385 37

You are my greatest joy. Thank you for letting me be your mom, Teddy 💕 Teddy was a fan favorite today at the park! Everyone was a huge fan of his wheels. It’s been so special to see Teddy grow more and more confident in them with each passing day. Although he never strays too far, I can also sense he enjoys the independence from being able to sniff and explore on his own. Teddy thus far has remained unable to control both his bladder and bowels, so maintaining a schedule + wearing belly bands have helped avoid accidents as much as possible. Today was interesting, though. After I took him out of the cart, he laid by me on a blanket in the grass. After some time, out of nowhere, he sits up and drags himself off the blanket. At first, I thought he was just exploring but, lo and behold, I saw him sniff the ground, and he began to clench. A moment later, he lifts himself to a half stand for just a second, during which he proceeds to pee for a moment (standing!) without my help 🎉 He’s been able to very briefly (and I really mean brief, like one split second) urinate on his own before I have to help express the rest, but I have never seen him make such a conscious effort to “go where it’s OK” along with an attempt to stand! After I helped with the rest, he immediately went back onto the blanket and laid down on his own. I never thought I’d be jumping for joy at the thought of my dog’s urinary patterns but alas...here we are 😂 #ivddsurvivor

470 44

Teddy’s cart from @eddieswheels arrived today! Teddy was apprehensive at first, but he eventually managed to get comfortable enough to let me take him outside for a little. After many, many treats to coax him forward, we finally got onto a field of grass, where he truly looked the happiest he’s been in a while ❤️ There, in the grass, I quietly sat next to Teddy for 6 minutes, in honor of our sweet friend, Chuck Taylor (@chucktaylor_and_lego). Many of you that follow us may already be familiar with Chuck’s story (if you don’t, I encourage you to follow them and read about his journey 💕). But what you may not know is that Brandi (Chuck’s mom) and I have known each other for years, first connected through this very app. Many of the bandanas and bows featured in Teddy’s earlier photos were handmade from Brandi herself. I have always cherished her friendship and loved watching her boys grow up. By sheer misfortune, both Teddy and Chuck were downed with grade 5 IVDD the same weekend in May. Though I would never, ever wish this experience on anyone, I cannot fully articulate just how thankful I am to have had her friendship, love, and encouragement as we cheered Chuck and Teddy on. We fought like hell knowing we were doing this for our boys together. Chuck’s birthday is this weekend. He would have turned 6. I, like many of you that followed their story, grieve alongside the Carlisles. I ask that you keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they begin the process to heal and rebuild as a family, and for comfort and peace for all the days to come. Brandi graciously donated the remainder of Chuck’s GoFundMe to go toward Teddy’s continued recovery. With her permission, I told her I wanted to use it to help pay for Teddy’s cart. Even over the rainbow bridge, Chuck will continue to help Teddy each and every day. 🌈 Though Chuck may no longer be with us on Earth, his life will continue to touch and impact the many who loved him left behind.

276 21

No major updates from us, friends ❤️ Teddy is continuing to work as hard as he can, day in and day out. He is pooped whenever I pick him up from rehab and after every acupuncture appointment. I’m so proud of him and am eternally grateful that, despite all that has happened, our bond has grown even closer these last few weeks. He has off days where he won’t use either leg during hydro. Then he’ll have on days, where he steps with even more conviction than the days before. On a few instances, I’ve seen him lift himself up 1-2 inches off the ground for a moment or two - almost like he’s trying to stand - but I can’t replicate it during PT, so I‘ll monitor this and hope it eventually results in a stand 🙏🏼 Since we’re nearing 11 weeks post op, Teddy has now transitioned to sleeping on his bed in my room. While this has led to some early morning surprises 💩 as he continues to work on his bladder and bowel control, I think I’ve been even more excited than he’s been to get even the slightest piece of normalcy back. Teddy was also measured for a cart, which I hope will aid in his recovery and rebuild his strength. Rest assured, I will be documenting his first walk outside as I’m sure he’ll be thrilled to rid himself of that pesky sling (or so he thinks). Thank you, as always, for the love and support, even if we don’t post as much! Some days are a lot of the same, so hopefully you understand ❤️

389 29

This sweet boy has been having a little bit of a challenging week, unfortunately. Despite walking with his more dominant left hind leg all of last week during hydrotherapy (which was the first time he’d shown that major a sign), on Monday, I was told that he didn’t walk with either of his hind legs at all. Today I was told he tried a little with the left one again, but it wasn’t with the same vigor and was brief. He spent the remainder of the time in the water tank dragging both legs. It does get hard to not get discouraged with news like this. Teddy has now been downed with IVDD for 9 weeks, and if I’m being honest, I’m not entirely sure what these signs mean in the grand scheme of things. I can only hope for the best but mentally and emotionally have to prepare for the reality that his condition may be permanent or at the very least a (very) long term and uphill battle. I can see him getting restless in his pen and that he wants to pick up and go. I’m debating getting him wheels with the idea that doing so means we can walk outside and ideally improve his quality of life. Not sure, but ultimately I continue to hope that this is just an off week and that there is more progress on the horizon 🤍 Thank you all for following Teddy’s story and continuing to hold out hope for him alongside me. I am amazed each and every day by the love, support, and encouragement from this community. #IVDD #IVDDrecovery

242 6

Hey girl, wanna check out my (recovery) suite? 😎 #IVDD #IVDDrecovery

462 57

As you may have seen in our recent stories, Teddy has been showing some exciting improvement in his condition over the last week! Two Fridays ago (6 weeks post op), his rehab team shared news of his first real tail wag, which is a huge step in the right direction 😊 In the days since, I’ve continued to see more movement in his tail when playing or walking outside. Last week, during a walk, his tail wagged for over a minute as he took in all the smells outside. Teddy and I are also maintaining his PT schedule to supplement the care he receives each week with rehab, and I continue to count my blessings that there is a team of dedicated professionals helping Teddy and rooting for him just as much as I do. Selfishly, I keep wishing and hoping for more. Anything to keep the hope alive. I am endlessly grateful for the progress Teddy has been able to accomplish this far, but although this journey is a marathon, not a sprint, it’s hard to not get discouraged when progress feels like it’s plateauing. So I told myself the next big goal would be a step. Just one. That’s all I’d need. Today, Teddy took his first steps during hydrotherapy 🙏🏼 I received this video (second slide) this morning and was beside myself seeing his back leg move on its own. He stepped with his left hind leg for the entirety of both of his treadmill sessions today! So happy to see Teddy continue to fight in the face of this horrible disease. He’s a small dog, but he’s got the heart of a lion ♥️ #IVDD #IVDDrecovery

610 7

One of the first photos I ever saw of Teddy, weeks before I got to meet him in person 🥺 Those of you that have followed Teddy from the beginning may also remember when I first posted this! Seems like yesterday when he was still this small. He was and still is an angel 💕 #tbt #throwback


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