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✨ Feminine empowerment ✨ Based in San Diego ✨ Using Boudoir to help you find your Goddess Within ✨Book a session below to tap into your Inner Goddess

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.30%. The average number of likes per post is 256 and the average number of comments is 27.

57.8% of the followers that engaged with taylorbartram regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 4.59% and United Kingdom at 3.67%. In summary, the top 5 countries of taylorbartram's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Italy.

Taylorbartram loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • United States 57.8 %
  • Canada 4.59 %
  • United Kingdom 3.67 %
  • Australia 2.75 %
  • Italy 2.75 %


150 8

Happy Monday ✨ Comment below: I AM A RADIANT FUCKING GODDESS to give yourself some love today. Affirm it. You are it. Love you all.

128 13

I’m finally settling back in after a very busy few weeks! A week in Portland filled with shoots, followed by a weekend spent camping in the desert learning how to take my business in the direction I envision it. . . I got to meet and photograph some amazing women while in Portland. And got to reconnect with nature while learning more tools to begin hosting the workshops and retreats I’ve been dreaming about. Things are happening. I’m excited. . . And after going back and forth with this for a few weeks, I decided to take the leap and signed up for a year long mentorship program with my teacher @alexandraroxo. Starting in January, I will be learning how to become an embodied artist, healer, and guide of women. A healer of the feminine. Its going to be scary and difficult, but its going to be epic and beautiful. Im going to grow so much, and learn so much, and start working with women on a deeper level. Expanding this work into something even greater. Im ready. More to come.

213 16

Something I always tell everyone in the beginning of our session is that I of course will guide you and tell you how to pose the entire time- Which is usually everyones greatest concern. But what I also tell you is that this is a collaboration, i want you to love your photos but most of all I want you to feel good. If I put you in a pose and you want to flow through it and slightly move, caress your body, play with your hair, touch your face, your neck... I invite you to explore and do whatever makes you feel sexy. And honestly, thats where most of the magic happens. Think of me as your guide into your sensuality, to see how it feels to explore that side of yourself. I welcome all of it ✨

184 11

I have something exciting finally in the works for GWB- Something I’ve been talking about doing for years! And it’s finally the right time. I’m creating a monthly blog that highlights powerful women who I think are doing amazing things for our planet. This amazing Goddess will be featured soon and you’ll get to hear her incredibly powerful story that’s brought her to where she is today. Hint- It has to do with how she healed herself of breast cancer...🤷🏻‍♀️🙌🏼 Yeah. Epic. So excited 🙌🏼✨

227 32

No lingerie? No problem 💃🏽 Hehe I’m leavin for Portland tomorrow for FOUR shoots and to be the photographer for an amazing weekend long retreat with some rad women. Its really incredible what happens when you’re in alignment with your purpose. Shits happening over here for me and I’m so excited to see what else unfolds 💕 Favorite things to do/see/eat in Portland?

369 44

So Wednesday I went up to Venice beach for a one on one healing session with @alexandraroxo with one big thing on the forefront of my mind... HOW THE FUCK DO I STOP HAVING BODY IMAGE ISSUES?! Something I’ve been wondering for years now. Something I’ve felt shameful and embarrassed as fuck about. I don't wanna be “that girl” who hates her body. I don't wanna be “that girl” who compares herself to other women. This is something I’ve been so resentful of and wanted to shove away and pretend wasn't there. But you know, like all unresolved issues, it continues popping up until you face it. So I went to Alexandra on Wednesday to face it and get some answers on how to stop feeling this way! So after some energy clearing and emotional releasing, she asks me what I want to work on. So I tell her, and she responds “What if you just accepted it?”... What the fuck? I came here for some answers on how to get rid of this feeling to not be told to accept it? It took me a second but I got it, thats some Mr. Miyagi shit. I’ve been so resentful of this feeling that never even thought to accept it. What if acceptance is my liberation? What if the release of resentment is the key? What if sharing my pain eases my pain? And I think she’s right. And I’ve got some work to do 🖤 Thank you for your wisdom @alexandraroxo and for gracing me and my camera with your radiance.

331 17

Ever since I made the switch to b0udoir, Ive been having soo much shit come up around my body! Because I decided to commit my life to helping women feel comfortable and beautiful in their bodies, the universe decided to show me what I have left to work on with mine. It really makes complete sense- Of course I need to work through my shit in order to help other women work through theirs. Of course I need to be able to see my beauty if Im going to be able to help other women see theirs! So I’m going to continue working on loving my body, healing my relationship with it, and letting go what I’ve learned and been told by our culture about beauty. I’m doing it for me but I’m also doing it for you. 🖤

357 47

This may be one of my favorite photos ever... So dreamy. Its everything I’ve ever wanted my work to be 😍🤤

221 24

Yay is Friday! What was the highlight of your week? I have two... Tuesday I photographed an amazing woman who flew all the way from New England to San Diego JUST to shoot with me! And this morning I had a phone call with another amazing woman from Philadelphia who wants to fly me out to photograph her... Fucking EPIC and so flattering. 🙌🏼 So what has been your highlight? ✨

210 40

These past couple weeks I’ve had some stuff come up around my body I haven’t felt before... Im getting older and Im less concerned with being “perfect” than I used to be. Which looks like: not going to the gym 6 days a week, not eating perfectly clean all the time, having cellulite, not being perfectly toned, not always leaving the house everyday. But it also looks like: exercising in a way that makes me feel good, not beating myself up if i dont go to the gym, eating thai food with people i love, not feeling guilty when i eat junk food, feeling happier, dancing more, spending time alone, nurturing myself, being more present, doing what i need to feel good instead of obsessing over ‘looking good’. And because of this, I dont look as ‘fit’ as I did when I did those things... But I’m healthy, I’m happy, I take care of myself. Why should it matter If i dont have as much muscle tone as I used to? Why does it matter that my stomach has an extra layer of cushion on it? Why does it matter that my body is changing? And the answer is, it doesnt. It doesnt fucking matter but in our culture thats hard to fully grasp. I still feel myself feel a little less comfortable when im a few pounds heavier. But again, im still healthy and happy and safe. So why does it matter? ‘Looking fit’ isnt what life is all about, but sadly thats not what we’ve been taught in our society. Dont we have better things to do than worry about being perfect all the time? I sure as fuck do. And Im working on accepting myself and my changing body and releasing the old idea that “Physical perfection = Self worth.” It doesnt. Base your worth on who you are, how you treat people, and what you contribute to the world. Im speaking to myself here. If you feel this way, youre not alone. 🖤

367 60

I can feel the winds changing for me, I can feel my work evolving. I feel super fucking inspired and grateful to be doing what I’m doing. I finally feel like Im starting to create the dreamy and feminine style I’ve always envisioned, and I’m so excited. And this shoot with @fruitforaqueen was a dream. Exciting things to come for Goddess Within ✨

292 23

Some more witchy magic from my experimental shoot with one of my favorite people ever- Who I also get to shove Thai Food in my mouth with tonight. @saragannon 🗡 What are you guys shoving in your mouths tonight? Wait... Dont answer that? 😂 (This is what happens when i dont have an interesting caption)


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