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Aquarian by heart,wanderer,ex journslisn student @HKU . For prints or collaboration :#seewithsonalid3 (

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 5.90%. The average number of likes per post is 1253 and the average number of comments is 34.

67.72% of the followers that engaged with sonalid3 regularly are from India, followed by United States at 3.94% and Germany at 2.36%. In summary, the top 5 countries of sonalid3's posts engager are coming from India, United States, Germany, Singapore, Thailand.

Sonalid3 loves posting about Photography, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture, Travel.

Check sonalid3's audience demography. This analytics report shows sonalid3's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • India 67.72 %
  • United States 3.94 %
  • Germany 2.36 %
  • Singapore 2.36 %
  • Thailand 2.36 %


1,763 67

“Taking pictures is like tiptoeing into the kitchen late at night and stealing Oreo cookies.” — Diane Arbus . Such an apt quote especially when we take candid pictures of people who are so busy doing what they are and we quietly sneak in so close to them that the stolen moment is frozen forever !

1,476 34

The Desert Princess - Sonu a gorgeous 10 year old who’s a common face during the pushkar fair is an Absolute delight to a photographer .. her expressions , emotions , the silent language that her eyes speak makes me want to know her more .. the harsh effects of the sun and the heat in the desert is reflected in the dryness of the skin , her tight mouthed expression , the anger in her eyes ... what do I ask her , or speak to her to console her ? A thousand questions with no answers ! Sonu - the desert princess .. a mystery in herself !

1,159 34

Sharmili kaaki - Such a sweet soul she was ... walked all shy towards me as soon as she spotted the camera ... she waited for me to take a few shots of her .. and was as shy as a new bride would be ! On another note I have been super occupied enjoying some family time in Chicago ! And as I type I am on my way to the film festival ! But I hope to be back on Instagram once I get back home ! Did u like that portrait ? Leave me some comments ... also I am super inspired by a portrait photographer who has most of his portraits in black and white !

1,304 34

“I like to photograph anyone before they know what their best angles are.” — Ellen Von Unwerth . Smoking portraits are my favourite 😳😳 I know I shouldn’t be encouraging this ! And yes Smoking is injurious to health ! As a photographer it’s quite funny when u start taking pictures so people smoking .. different reactions from them every time ... some just shy away and hide their cigarette while others show off and get excited when u show off the dhuendaar portrait ! While others just get mad at the fact u invading ok their privacy and taking away that sacred time between them and their smoke ! Well nevertheless I’m excited to shoot more of these in the pushkar fair ! Have u registered on our tour yet ? If not dm me for details !

1,014 14

Handsome herder ! Not complaining about the taaus who are herders in pushkar coz they have the most amazing personality and even better to chitchat and have a cup of chai ! But this young herder was super sweet .. I even went on a camel ride with him. And then I wanted to make his portrait but the light was low .. so I got a jeep nearly to flash their headlights and voila - here we were ! Portrait ready ! P.s don’t judge the taaus that u gonna meet in pushkar yet ! I have been chased away with a stick too !

1,122 19

Camel caravan - The winds change , air is dryer , yellow leaves falling ! That’s when u know autumn is calling ! But there’s also something else special for photographers that makes this season extra special and for me it’s the camel fair . Well not to be Racist camels in pushkar are a bit tanned while these Moroccan ones definitely fairer ! But camels are camels ❤️.. looking forward to the coming fair ! And Incase u haven’t registered yet . The link is right here :

1,369 40

The real or the reel - Pushkar fair is coming up and everyone is going to be excited to take portraits of this green eyed beauty. Their morning routine of getting ready as a model to the hundreds of cameras is a painstaking effort but I’m super excited to meet Suman and as I spoke to her a few days ago and I was shocked to hear she has given birth to a baby boy .. at 16 years old to give birth a baby is just shocking to me ...

737 6

“Bearing the burden of this directionless time” there is always different ways of looking at things and as a photographer I am lucky that I see things more clearly behind the lens and relate them to what really life is all about ... might be too deep for a lot of people but then I think my way of analysing mor deeper thoughts is through simple situations in life .. this particular scene at Howrah was when I stood there for a long time just admiring this brilliant piece of architecture and observing morning routines of the locals there .. some just looked and wondered of what their day would be like .. the elders in their spiritual mode and then came this playful child ... does he even know what the future holds for him ... with an invisible responsibility on his shoulders this image to me was how our children will carry on to live in the ever brutal times if what we see today are just glimpses of what is coming next ...

1,211 20

Lukka chuppi / peek a boo - Morning scenes at the ghats are very interesting .. not only does the light play hide and seek but so do the people .. various sorts of subjects , some shy , some inquisitive of what we do with the pictures we click , some in such a meditative state that don’t care while some ghat do get angry with us for disturbing their peace ...

1,411 52

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Aristotle Onassis .. there are some quotes that fit perfectly for an image and this one did ... a baaba who lives on manikarnika ghat . Who in spite of having a family decided to live a life devoid of worldly pleasures . What was on his mind ? His eyes saw death so closely ? What did he think of life ? In the darkest of moments he must have seen life somewhere that he lived amidst the smell of burning bodies , the fumes of the pyre didn’t seem to affect the clarity that he looked at life with ...

1,724 96

“It’s in God’s hand now , all we can do is pray” - Another one from Surat where this very humble woman greeted me with both hands folded . Isn’t it interesting tht the concept of folded hands while praying goes back to medival times and it depicts our dependence to god or an invisible power that we look up to. She was such a kind woman , her smile , her folded hands all gave in to the simple fact that no Matter how powerful you are , the ego won’t take u anywhere .. it’s only the humble and the simple that go forward !


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