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Museum in Denmark, devoted to the Skagen painters, an art colony w/ artists like Krøyer, Anna Ancher, Tuxen, Michael Ancher ... follow @anchershus

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61.7% of skagensmuseum's followers are female and 38.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.20%. The average number of likes per post is 584 and the average number of comments is 6.

Skagensmuseum loves posting about Art, Painting, Visualizations.

Check skagensmuseum's audience demography. This analytics report shows skagensmuseum's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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61.7 %
38.3 %


  • Art & Design 85.47 %
  • Travel & Tourism 65.31 %
  • Photography 60.37 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 56.90 %
  • Entertainment 54.75 %
  • Home & Garden 50.49 %
  • Technology & Science 47.60 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.02 %
  • Sports 39.22 %
  • Luxury Goods 38.47 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.89 %


179 0

Silk scarf with motif by Anna Ancher portraying a harvest girl. Swipe right to see the full motif! The many bright and soft colors remind us of spring and summer, just around the corner! Find the colorful silk scarf in our webshop! Motif: Anna Ancher: “A harvest girl”. 1901 #skagensmuseum #annaancher #stayingathome

552 7

This is a perfect example of Skagen painter, Viggo Johansen’s eminent ability to portray a dark interior with fading daylight and only the flickering light from the stove or candle to light up the room. With this technique he manages to create a very special atmosphere in his paintings, like this one portraying his wife telling stories to their children in the glow of the stove. Viggo Johansen: “A mother telling stories for the little ones”. 1895 #skagensmuseum #viggojohansen #stayingathome

323 2

Einar Hein managed to become part of the artists’ colony while it was still flourishing in the 1890s, but he was one of the new generation of Skagen painters. He attended the Academy of Fine Art in Copenhagen 1882-96, after which he trained in the Artists’ Study Schools, where he was taught by Krøyer. He is seen in three-quarter profile, the dark background on the right helping to emphasize his pale face. However, his eyes do not catch those of the viewer and instead he seems to be looking at some point further away. His portrait is part of the Portrait Frieze in Brøndum’s dinning room. Gad Frederik Clement: “Einar Hein”. C. 1911 #skagensmuseum #stayingathome

528 1

When the artists began to come to Skagen, the deserted nature and the harsh landscape made a big impression on them. In the time of the Skagen painters, it was very dangerous to sail past Grenen, the northernmost point of Jutland, and many ships were destroyed. Here Drachmann has painted a wreck hut made of things that had drifted ashore on the beach. At the time people living in Skagen recycled almost everything that drifted ashore to build houses. Holger Drachmann: “A wreck hut on Skagen’s beach”. 1872 #skagensmuseum #stayingathome #holgerdrachmann

570 6

Like on most of Anna Anchers paintings, the characteristic sun reflections on the wall serves as proof of a world on the other side of the window, hidden from the viewer. A peaceful moment caught by Skagen painter Anna Ancher. Anna Ancher: “Woman knitting”. C. 1915 #skagensmuseum #annaancher #stayingathome

916 10

Skagen painter Viggo Johansen and his wife Martha had together six children, four girls and two boys. Viggo Johansen made several paintings from their everyday life, like this one of his children painting spring flowers - an image we think is being recreated in many homes these days. Have a wonderful Saturday! Viggo Johansen: “Children painting spring flowers”. 1894 #skagensmuseum #viggojohansen #stayingathome

906 10

Everything is upside down this year, right? Maybe you were supposed to see family and friends sharing a meal and a bottle of wine... This year it might be sharing a screen instead or staying home alone. Keep up the good spirit everyone, stay safe and have a joyful Easter! P.S. Krøyer: ”The table is set”. 1887. #skagensmuseum #krøyer #stayingathome

792 7

In these days, at least here in Denmark, you can find a bright full moon on the night sky. Always a beautiful sight! Several of the Skagen painters made various paintings of a full moon, like this one from Swedish painter Waldemar Nyström, from Skagen Sønderstrand. You can find this and other great motifs in our web shop! Waldemar Nyström: “Full moon over Sønderstrand”. 1897 #skagensmuseum #skagenpainters #stayingathome

627 7

Michael Ancher painted two versions of this painting. The first in 1889 and this one made four years later. The first version was sold to the National Gallery of Denmark in 1928. The model is Maren Brems, who was a maid for the Ancher family. She stands in the doorway between the South and North rooms; the light streams in from the North room, while the other is cloaked in darkness. In this version, Maren is dressed in one of Anna Ancher’s dresses, and she stands with a copper vase containing a large bouquet of sunflowers. Michael Ancher: “Girl with Sunflowers”. (1893) #skagensmuseum #michaelancher #stayingathome

364 2

Did you know there have been no more than three different self-portraits of Tuxen in the frieze in Brøndums dining room at different times? The earliest, from 1901, can today be seen in Anchers Hus. This portrait was exchanged for one from 1915, which was again exchanged for this self-portrait from 1911, which is still in the frieze today. The 1915 portrait burned with parts of the hotel in 1954. It is not known why the self-portrait was replaced with another. Laurits Tuxen: “Self-Portrait”. 1911 #skagensmuseum #tuxen #stayingathome

474 2

Drachmann spent the summer of 1899 on Newfoundland. He had read Rudyard Kipling's great fishing novel “Captain Courageous”, which among others, takes place on Newfoundland, and it seems to have inspired him for the long journey. At Newfoundland, Drachmann painted icebergs and motifs from nature around the cities of St. Johns and Harbor Grace. He also worked on the book “Den hellige Ild”, which he himself thought would be among the most important works in Danish literature. “Den hellige Ild” is a bold piece that mixes essays, fiction and poems, but the work did not get the intended place in the history of literature. Holger Drachmann: ”Iceberg. New Foundland”. 1899 #skagensmuseum #drachmann #stayingathome

698 8

Ahhh those long bright nights, spring has arrived... P.S. Krøyer: “Sky study. Evening”. 1873 #skagensmuseum #krøyer #artonline #stayingathome


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