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Full-Time Model @icegenetics | @monsterenergy Girl | Wine Lover | Proud Mom to Rome Michael💙 @raising_rome | 🌿
South Africa

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31.4% of simonedawndk's followers are female and 68.6% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.80%. The average number of likes per post is 593 and the average number of comments is 28.

16.39% of the followers that engaged with simonedawndk regularly are from South Africa, followed by France at 9.84% and United States at 8.2%. In summary, the top 5 countries of simonedawndk's posts engager are coming from South Africa, France, United States, Mexico, United Kingdom.

Simonedawndk loves posting about Modeling, Fashion, Photography, Celebrities, Technology.

Check simonedawndk's audience demography. This analytics report shows simonedawndk's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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31.4 %
68.6 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 91.17 %
  • Photography 78.12 %
  • Books and Literature 54.49 %
  • Art & Design 53.19 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 50.53 %
  • Movies and TV 45.22 %
  • Travel & Tourism 43.54 %
  • Business & Careers 38.83 %
  • Sports 36.99 %
  • Music 33.39 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 32.10 %


  • South Africa 16.39 %
  • France 9.84 %
  • United States 8.2 %
  • Mexico 4.92 %
  • United Kingdom 4.92 %


472 6

We had the most INCREDIBLE night away at @thelastwordhotel Long Beach this past weekend! The most incredible views, absolutely fantastic hosts, DELICIOUS FOOD and honestly one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to! It’s SO important as Parents to take some time off without our little angels ( one night was more than enough 😛) and spend some quality fun time together! Beyond grateful to my family for giving us one night off a week, it’s honestly the BEST and such a help! We will definitely be back soon!

592 22

🌾 @mustbeniceza

484 7

F A M I L Y 💙

525 1,194

*COMPETITION CLOSED* WINNER ANNOUNCED 6 October* *COMPETITION TIME* I’ve partnered with LOVA and Babies R Us to give one parent or expecting parent an incredible LUMI STROLLER!!! There’s so many reasons why I love ( and Rome Loves ) this stroller! Combining stylish designs and unrivaled technology, the LUMI Stroller suits all your needs and more! It’s an easy one-hand fold system, compact fold with carry handle and carry bag, adjustable foot rest, multi-position adjustable backrest, fits in the overhead compartment of an airplane ( GREAT for traveling ), it’s comfortable, easy to travel around and most importantly - so comfortable for our little ones to sit in and sleep in! My favorite - it’s the smallest fold I’ve ever seen on a Pram, which makes taking it everywhere SO CONVENIENT!!! TO WIN : * follow @lovababysa and @babiesrus_za * Tag a Parent or expecting parent on this post using #stylemeetssafety *COMPETITION CLOSES 5 October 2020, Winner announced 6 October 2020 #LOVABabySA #StyleMeetsSafety #Lumi #BabiesRUs #Exclusive

1,104 73

NOW*SWIPE to see BEFORE & AFTER pictures from my 3week CHECK IN* - My Best10 Journey : It’s taken me a lot to share my before photos as I absolutely hated my body. Every day I’d look in the mirror & either feel gross or just shed a tear, my Tiger Marks & extra weight were proof of birthing my Baby Boy & I’m proud of THAT but, it doesn’t mean it makes it easier to look in the mirror & love myself. I became so aware of how much my body changed, my body wasn’t reacting to things the way it used to - I could eat burgers everyday, 3times a day before I fell pregnant & I’d stay small - I was expecting my body to go right back to normal as I keep seeing other Mom posts where they ‘Bounced Back’ - I also Bounced, but I bounced Backwards. I’d been putting to much pressure on myself to loose weight & look a certain way right after birth - I wanted to feel as confident with my body as I felt being a Mom. When I heard of Best10 I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it, I’d have to ‘make time’ in my day to exercise, I’d have to ‘stop eating my junk food’ - I mean, how could I do that? 🤣 Fast Forward - exercising has become one of my favorite things, it’s a quick 45min exercise that leaves you feeling ENERGIZED! Eating Healthy has become my lifestyle & a healthy one of that. I still get to eat Pizza, Pasta, all the things I love - we just make it ourselves, in 15min 😍 I still have another 5weeks to go - but so far ( with my 3week check in 1.5weeks ago) I’ve lost 2kg’s and 28.5cm & I can feel my body has already changed even more from my 1st check in! This Program has changed my life & view of a healthier lifestyle! Thanks so much to my couch Nic and Nutritionist Jess for always being there for me and changing up meals that I enjoy - this is honestly what separates Best10 from other programs, internationally qualified couches & registered dietitians to tailor your meal plans & exercises to YOUR NEEDS ! Thank you to my love for taking on this journey with me, supporting me & telling me every day how beautiful I am, & the amazing changes he is witnessing not only in my body, but in my confidence levels! 5 MORE WEEKS TO GO! LETS DO IT! Invest in yourselves friends, YOU DESERVE IT✨

1,104 24

Tomorrow’s the day I finally share my Before photos and 3week check in results from my Journey!! Sharing your before photos isn’t easy, especially when you know what mindset you were in about your body and how that affected me in my everyday life - but after 4 completed weeks on this program I finally feel confident enough to share it as I am confident in how I look and feel right now! 💕

629 16

Rome got his second pair of Wheels - the LOVA LUMI Stroller 😍 we are obsessed! This stroller is specifically fantastic for traveling as it’s • Lightweight • Compact for travel • Fits in overhead compartment of an aeroplane • One Hand fold system ( GOLD for parents on the go!) to name just a few incredible features - did I mention how gorgeously stylish it is? Head over to for more info and specifications 💙 ps - keep an eye out on my Page for your chance to WIN a LOVA LUMI Stroller!! 💙 #LOVABabySA #StyleMeetsSafety #Lumi #BabiesRUs #Exclusive

719 31

Am I a cool Mom yet?

430 13

Guilt Free Ice-Cream? YES PLEASE!!

528 31

A love that keeps on giving 😍☀️

438 27

My boy is 3months Old today - I can’t believe how time has flown by! I’ve honestly had the best moments of my life with you Rome and can’t wait to make a lifetime more! My best friend, my smiley little boy - thank you for all the joy you bring us! I love you unconditionally 💙 @raising_rome 📷 - @criswillows #3monthsold #baby


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