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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.60%. The average number of likes per post is 514 and the average number of comments is 5.

49.06% of the followers that engaged with pasparti regularly are from Finland, followed by United States at 7.55% and United Kingdom at 3.77%. In summary, the top 5 countries of pasparti's posts engager are coming from Finland, United States, United Kingdom, Greece, China.

Pasparti loves posting about Cooking, Animals & Pets, Cars & Motorcycles, Celebrities, DIY & Crafts, Film, Music & Books, Health & Fitness, Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Travel, Technology.

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  • Finland 49.06 %
  • United States 7.55 %
  • United Kingdom 3.77 %
  • Greece 3.77 %
  • China 3.77 %


727 7

Hey! We’re back! After loads of studying and work, we’re finally on vacay. Travelling in our Transporter van around Europe, together with Sara and Nuutti. @transportaway for pics from the trip! Currently in BCN fixing the broken AC, before heading to Andorra 😊

539 13

Dear family and friend, I think Ive almost acclimatized to Barcelona now. Im here for an internship in business development and some bikepacking on the side. Going to stay the summer, but Im going to move back o Helsinki next fall! For now we'll be enjoying Spain. Got this 80s #EddyMerckx road racing bike, which is pretty cool. Did some urbexing on the way up the mountain. This place has all the elements for me. Its only a little bit hot (for Im used to the finnish summer and come from a long line of neanderthals), I get sunburned frequently and have probably gained some weight. Which means more energy for exploring 😆 ..and winter is coming eventually, so what the hell.. #montserrat at ~900m #bcn #bikepacking #loomeco #asenneexplorerssociety

416 4

Here we are pushing towards "the valley of the storms", if I got it right. Dont speak the language but I heard that is what Ruohtasvagge means? Anyway we saw a huge halo around the sun and a storm approaching from the valley, and decided to look for a camp site that would give us some shelter. Thats what we did and pitched the tent in record time. It was cool to see how our teamwork was going so smoothly as we were making the right decisions fast! Especially with the pressure of the rising storm. Luckily we dodged the real storm and enjoid a few thousand calories before a going to bed. A good day! #skitouring #sarek #storasjöfallet #ski #expedition #training #adventure #aes #loomeco

429 5

The third day was filled with euphoria! Huge mountains rising up on both sides and great weather. Everything worked like a charm. We had slept well and everyone was in a great mood. We saw a flock of willow grouses, and the skis were starting to feel lighter. It was awesome. The wind was still strong but now I was already getting used to it ripping of my face. I remember that I shortly thaught about stuff that had to be done when I got home after the trip, which was weird in the moment cause I was there to enjoy my self and get away from stress and chores, and I felt so incredibly strong! It didnt bother me one bit. I felt ustoppable! It was amazing.. Photo: @elielkilkki #skitouring #expedition #training #sarek #storasjöfallet #sweden #adventure #ski #loomeco #asenneexplorerssociety

395 0

Even thoug the second day was super exciting, it was the toughest day for me, just as Eliel had foreseen the day before.. I was exhausted of the first day and the unfamiliar exersise.. and as I described in the previous post we had some difficulties in the morning, but the worst thing was that I almost frose my toes of so that we had to make camp a few hours early at 4,5km. I started feeling a bit unsecure for being able to go the distance.. but my awesome companions and the fact that we had reached the goal hight of the day, 1000m, got my spirits up! We slept well. I dried my boots. Recharged. The next day we noticed that our camp site had indeed been the last for a few km and the best for 15km.. so we would probably have returned to this site anyways 😁 The picture was taken during the only clear moment during the ascent! Aftermath: it was freakin' awesome!! #skitouring #adventure #sarek #diaryofawhimpykid #expedition #training #loomeco #storasjöfallet

400 1

Day two started with a few minor difficulties. Before we got ascending we got some pulling carabines and Eliels pulling harness broken. Not even "Expedition level" gear can be blindly trusted.. a good practice was our goal, and this was part of it. Luckily we were still under the treeline and fixing the gear wasnt too hard, only frustrating with the eager to finally reach the uplands. The temperature was an ideal -6, but the strong headwind gave an interesting twist to it. Especially above the treeline. It was awesome!! #skitouring #expedition #training #loomeco #mountains #boyswhopullsleds

450 3

We did it!! Im glad to announce that we completed our backup plan-C. With only a small taste of Sarek, this expedition training trip gave me more than expected and a hunger for more. A perfect training. Im thankful for the awesome friends @elielkilkki and @sergeivartiainen who I got to do this with. We did safe and intelligent decisions all the way, completed like winners and had a blast! Which was the overall goal. We had all kinds of weather to gain experience from. Starting with a subzero rain storm, that left us spending the first day in the tent, waiting when or if we would be able to start our journey. The next morning we got colder weather and snow. In a stormy form but still! We started ascending towards higher grounds and it was amazing😍 More coming soon!! Photo: @sergeivartiainen 👈check #adventure #ski #expedition #training #foundmypassion #outdoorlife

566 7

We are operational!! Ready to meet Sarek! We're gonna ski for 8 days up in the mountains with @sergeivartiainen and @elielkilkki ..It seems like there would be a storm coming with a 28m/s of wind on Sunday.. So excited! Last few days have been crazy busy planing, packing, buying gear and food, organizing building and tuning. Got approx 7000kcal worth of food for every day :D circa 50kg of gear, plus skiis and the pulk. All and all 1400km to the start site. Our journey starts tomorrow! You can follow my SPOT live! Link in bio. #loomeco #asenneexplorerssociety #varusteleka #odlo #expedition #sarek #adventure #skitouring #arctic #extreme

629 4

Last sled training before recovery! I really want to change this Hakkapeliitta tire to the sled already!! Cant wait for the new sleds to arrive.. I dont think Ive met a personal idol of mine before, but OMG, last week I most certainly did. Thank you so much @pataexplorer for the interview! Im trying to learn the art of managing an expedition, so Im writing my bachelors thesis on the subject as a side projekt to actual practising. Ive been hiking and enjoing the outdoors all my life, and thaught that Id be in good shape, but good is apparently not good enough :D I got so energized for listening to the positive way Pata sees life and the beauty in exploring the world. For a living I might add! The underlying point is that I have everything to learn, but it can be done!The stories I heard were a crazy combination of heaven and horror. Oh how it got me dreaming. Now I need to concentrate on the upcoming challenge next week, but its gonna be the perfect starting point for something more ;D

693 2

Here Knut helps me train for my next trip! Its gonna be my first full scale arctic ski expedition! Ive been hiking and skiing in the arctic ofc, but this time we are going deeper into the nordic high mountain wilderness. Only got a few days left to exercise before i need to start recovering. Knut wont unfortunately be joining the expedition, even though he has been training so hard ;) Stay tuned and follow my #SPOT after the 24th of March!

614 4

The abandoned city and "secrete" soviet military base of Skrunda. Tää mesta oli ihan mieletön. Tossa oli vielä tiukat +30C ja nahkapuvut on kuumia ;) Löysin bunkkerin joka oli ollu kauan kiinni. Se oli kylmä ku jääkaappi ja siellä oli tuhansia kaasunaamareita. Todella kuumottavaa/siistiä! Tää paikka on näyttäny ilmakuvissa ihan tavalliselta kaupungilta, mutta tosiasiassa tää on ollu tutka-asema josta monitoroitiin koko Itämeri Pohjois-Eurooppa. #urbanexplorer #motorcycleadventure


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