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| motherhood + movement | ✨family, slow living, creating & connecting back to #mamaearth ✨Yoga teacher / Space holder
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75.5% of northernlights_yoga's followers are female and 24.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 75 and the average number of comments is 6.

Northernlights_yoga loves posting about Moms, Yoga.

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75.5 %
24.5 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 87.78 %
  • Music 71.18 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.38 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 42.37 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 40.30 %
  • Travel & Tourism 39.42 %
  • Children & Family 39.08 %
  • Art & Design 36.03 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 35.92 %
  • Photography 35.02 %
  • Entertainment 33.42 %
  • Books and Literature 32.85 %
  • Business & Careers 32.52 %


158 28

• 37 WEEKS • this is the face I make most days when I wake up and roll out of bed and stumble my way to the bathroom to do the first wee of the day. In 37 week land there’s about 1035940 wee breaks in a day so better get started as soon as possible... #glamourofpregnancy . I’m feeling like a hippo most days. Dropping things = I probs wouldn’t see that thing until baby is born. Putting on pants is a joke and going for a walk further than our doorstep is becoming a distant memory #thisis37weekspregnant . . Still I am excited, happy & grateful - most days. I try to remind myself of how short we have left as a family of 3 and that I am going to miss the baby wriggles once our boy is out in this world. There is something so sacred with the connection created while baby is still in the womb. It tops all the aches and pains and annoyances. Oh and one last thing; the #BraxtonHicks - don’t get me started! #honestmothering #pregnancy #pregnancyjourney #pregnant #37weekspregnant

76 2

A few words of gratitude to you NOAH • my biggest teacher to this day. I am so immensely grateful that I get to walk alongside you. To be part of your discoveries. To be your shelter and your safe space when things feel too big. To get showered by your patience & love every day. I am so proud to be your mom and I will try my best to keep encouraging you to share your curiosity and big heart with the world ♥️🦄🦎🎨✨🌈 #iloveyou

47 4

• GIVE THANKS; an appreciation post • . . The older I get the more I appreciate art that makes me feel certain things✨ this piece by @nickylives spoke to me immediately and I knew it would fit perfectly in our kitchen. The one room in the house where we give thanks daily. Where we feel gratitude for the nourishing food we eat, the company we keep, the conversations we have and things we do day to day that nourishes not only us as a family (or individuals as part of a family) but also our community✨ #dailyreminder #givethanks #art #supportlocal #smallbusinesssupport #smallbusiness #localislekker

102 12

• THURSDAY • I haven’t shared a lot of my recent projects on my feed (mostly kept it to stories), and today I thought to myself “why not” - I feel so happy with so many of them that they actually belong somewhere where they can be admired for longer than 24h😄♥️ . . So here’s my latest project that I just finished a few days ago; my very first #larksfootstitchblanket made with love to the one and only @grantleukes ♥️ This started as a random thing one day when Grant came home from the mall with a bunch of “aqua” and “camel” colored #charityyarn 🧶 and it’s been so exciting to see it grow so quick and easy. Thank you to all of you that’s been following this journey and that keeps encouraging me through lovely comments - I appreciate you all so much 💜 #crochet #hekledilla #hekleteppe #slowliving #crochetersofinstagram #larksfootstitch #crochetaddict #homemade #handmade #crochetblanket #crochetlove

118 7

34 WEEKS pregnant and almost 2 years a mom. How is this pregnancy going so fast and can you please slow down the growing Noah? #momlife #pregnancyjourney #34weekspregnant #bumpdate

72 6

• THURSDAY • #movementtherapy with the sweetest (soon to be) big brother, while still growing the (little) brother. . I’m tired. I can feel the heaviness of the late third trimester sneaking in. I am noticing more than ever that if I take time to stop during the day - to sit down our pause - I wouldn’t get up going again. It’s like the momentum is the only thing that keeps me going. But at the same time I need (need need) to take little timeouts. To let my back rest. To let my breath settle. To be in a moment of stillness (like this one ☝🏼), with Noah while he is still the only boy out here in the world with us💜 balancing getting excited for the new chapter and staying present in these moments is so hard... . . #honestmothering #motherhood #lifewithnoahedward #parenting #pregnancyjourney

46 0

• WEDNESDAY • we’ve been blessed with some amazing rain this winter and I am feeling eternally grateful - I know it’s going to sit with me for a long time and carry me through some of the hottest parts of our summer✨✨✨ I am definitely better at handling cold and rain or snow than scorching heat but I am also very grateful for springs gentle approach. A little bit longer days. A little more warmth from the sun. Less layers. More juice and less tea. Hands in soil and days spent on the grass or walking in the botanical garden... #springishere

94 5

• SATURDAY • we recently celebrated our birthday (yeah me and hubby were born the same day just 5 years apart), and me and Noah got up early to make coffee and a birthday card for pappa @grantleukes — there was no cake and not really a lot of space to just sit and soak up the feeling of turning a year older. However, there were plenty of moments for running after a toddler, picking up shoes after toddler, making food for and getting emergency snacks for said toddler, greeting a donkey with a toddler and watching a toddler fall asleep in the car... . . We had a brilliant day but both me and Grant were dead tired by the end of it. Somehow we both ended up napping through most of the evening loadshedding before pulling ourselves together and ordering curry from @punjab_restaurants_ct (which was absolutely amazing!) — I wouldn’t say our birthday wasn’t spent the way we wanted but rather setting the standard for a new normal. . . I am also starting to feel the weight of this new little baba growing in my belly and definitely need to let my legs rest more frequently than earlier in the pregnancy. I also think Noah is starting to recognize that there are big changes in the making so he is generally glued to me. Aaaah life♥️ #lifewithatoddler #honestmothering #birthday #lifewithnoahedward #parenting #motherhood #morninglight

77 5

• MONDAY • as time is drawing closer to meeting our second son I am finding myself increasingly seeking refuge in the little things. Like sipping my cuppa coffee while reading with Noah. Or folding laundry. My crocheting projects are definitely keeping me grounded through all the things I think I need to do before baba comes and I am meeting them more frequently throughout my days; a few min here and there while Noah is napping or playing or watching TV. When I allow myself time to inspect all the thoughts a little closer I mostly realize that there isn’t all that much I really need to do before our little man arrives; get some clothes washed and ready, figure out our sleeping arrangements, wash his little basket (the same one that Noah used) and maybe get a few little things here and there (newborn #clothnappies hello). As I wait in anticipation for my second son winter is also drawing to an end and spring is lurking around every bend so I declutter more frequently. I put away all the nick-nacks, I iron the table cloths, I pot succulents into the soil and I breath in the fresh air that greets us after the rain. Slowing down is absolutely where I am at right now and I am enjoying soaking up everyday life. How are you doing? What are you embracing as you enter a new season? #slowliving #motherhood #urbanjungle #coffeetime

45 8

• FRIDAY • how is your relationship with anger? This is something I’ve thought about a lot lately as I’ve been navigating this intense longing for traveling to Norway. I’ve felt an increase in frustration and yes anger but for the longest of time I’ve not wanted to name it anger because somehow I have this idea in my head that being angry is a bad thing. My rational mind and what I’ve learned working with mindfulness tells me that anger is a very healthy emotion to feel so why am I denying it space in my life? I can only think that it has something to do with a social construct. Or maybe how I’ve seen it been dealt with before has created some sort of trauma related to anger... . . As I’vs been sitting with this especially the last week I’ve realized that anger can be dealt with in lots of healthy ways and that if I can allow myself to feel anger (because of the travel ban and the limitations that comes with this growing baby bump), then perhaps this intense longing for what I cannot have right now will also morph into something more constructive. I’m not sure if this makes sense at all. However, I guess I’m trying to say that all emotions are ok. And that all emotions are fluctuating and constantly changing as long as they are allowed to flow and move as they need to. I think it might become an issue when we are denying our emotions the space they need to run their course and we get stuck in this loop as the specific emotion builds up. So right now I am recognizing my usual pattern related to anger. I recognizing it because I consciously want to rewire it and create something new. Something compassionate and open minded. Something that I feel safe to go to when these emotions come knocking. And so that my children can see and learn that being angry is ok, its how we deal with anger that can be harmful. So, here’s to feeling all the things and unlearning old patterns to make space for healthier ways of responding to the things we feel. #letsgrowtogether

35 0

• MONDAY • adapting to, and juggling, an ever growing belly, a toddler that is definitely realizing things are changing hens needing me so so much, and a constant yearning for more freedom and space💕 #honestmothering #motherhood #parenting #thingsarechanging

68 5

• THURSDAY • feels a little bit like it should actually be Friday instead. This week has been long - again. I’ve molded through a few shapes I thought I should fit into only to come out realizing that I don’t need any boxes to be me. Sure I also have days where I look at people around me and I wonder “how they do it” or think to myself I should be more like this person or do things differently than what I am. I secretly wonder if my days would be more exciting if I was different. And then I realize that what may seem mundane when looking at it with blurry eyes are actually super exciting when studied up close. Take something as seemingly everyday like making coffee. Now if you add making coffee with a toddler you have such an exciting scenario on your hands... . Firstly; “don’t touch the kettle, it is hot” then; “please take small scoops of coffee into the grinder - that’s great, steady hands.. (coffee beans flying everywhere),” followed by; “now let’s see the steam as we pour the hot water into the plunger” (every sentence I say hearing particular words getting repeated back to me). And lastly; “now we can push the (whatever it’s called) down - slowly, slowly and with patience..” — meanwhile toddler hands pushing frantically to get the coffee grinds to the sink to the bottom of the plunger at the same time trying to get to a rusk that’s just out of reach.... . When I give myself a chance to look at all the scenarios similar to this that we go through every day I realize heck my life is so far from mundane and boring and what I am doing is my best for this little boy so I should cherish and celebrate what we have instead of comparing my everyday moments to anyone elses. This is a rambling mess on a Thursday that feels like a Friday. But it’s my mess and it’s our Thur-friday so I am (in this moment) choosing to embrace it with all it brings♥️ #momlife #honestmothering #coffeewithatoddler #coffeetime


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