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A maker of films and Tv director. Would love to have a cup of latte as my poetry, while sitting next to a window overlooking mountains and night skies

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.90%. The average number of likes per post is 3012 and the average number of comments is 63.

37.5% of the followers that engaged with neollene regularly are from Malaysia, followed by United States at 25% and Germany at 12.5%. In summary, the top 5 countries of neollene's posts engager are coming from Malaysia, United States, Germany, Italy, Morocco.

Neollene loves posting about Photography, Travel, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • Malaysia 37.5 %
  • United States 25 %
  • Germany 12.5 %
  • Italy 4.17 %
  • Morocco 4.17 %


3,437 51

It’s raining heavily outside. The sky looks grey, gloomy, mèlancholie. I sit silently at a corner of my room; thinking, ruminating. life seems to move so fast lately, yet it feels so slow to me. Shawal is here again and I couldn’t help myself from reminiscing him, my father. Memories of him wash over my head. Shawal, 6 years ago, he was taken to the next world, by the Most Merciful. Forgive me for talking too much about him, as I believe he left huge pieces of him with me, and it still lingers within me. Now, I am at the verge of life’s junction. After all the fallouts that happened around the world. I too, need to decide which way to take. Sometimes I feel like drowning, but I know I need to keep on moving the way the water flows. Cause there must be a safe place at the end of the shore. I miss to hear him, and all his wise thoughts. He always taught me to do something with all my heart, to fight for the things that I love, to do something till the end, till it’s complete and successful. He taught me how to love truthfully, and how to love even without words. But above all, I believe, he just wanted me to be happy, and do something that makes me happy. And to you, I hope you find courage to accept failure as a part of your life’s journey, to not to worry of the standards that are set by the society, to find comfort in not being perfect, but always put your best in everything you do. For those who have felt loss, I hope you find strength in the little things, in restarting again, in surviving, I hope you find happiness when looking at the moonlight, sunrise and sunset. I hope you will be okay :) No Raya photo this year. Selamat Hari Raya, forgive my wrongdoings guys :)

2,604 85

How everyone is doing right now? How about your mental health? Ramadhan this year will be a different kind of Ramadhan, without the things that we used to do. I think it’ll be the most memorable one, a tough one. But it’s up to us to choose, to be which kind of person. and I hope, I’ll always be a better person, a better Muslim perhaps. I hope you sleep well, eat well (during break-fasting and suhoor), do well, and stay safe ok? In a world gone wrong we shall be strong Ramadhan Kareem May God heal us all. Photo : A wonderful evening, with a background of Torres Del Paine mountain. Honestly i received quite a lot of DMs asking for life’s advices 😔 and I’m quite worried thinking of them. #worldearthday #patagonia #chile

4,034 83

This war will be over i know holding on to hope is the toughest thing to do but as phases of the moon change by God’s will our paths will cross again we’ll be at the places we dreamt to be and we’ll recover from this, soon. Veneto - Trentino Alto region, Italy. one of the places badly affected by the pandemic. 🥺 Stay strong Italia 🙏🏻

2,462 34

Cold and empty spaces. If the world feels so heavy on your shoulder, let it go. sail it away. cross the bridge if you have to, you gotta keep on moving. . (for now, let’s do it in our mind first) please stay safe at home everyone. we will get through this 🙏🏻 . Photo: Feb 23, Nagano.

3,252 50

We’re in an unprecedented time. At time like this, it gives me space to reevaluate my life and what I’ve done so far. I’ve been in self-isolation for almost three weeks now since I got back from Japan, as I need to make sure that some of the symptoms have nothing to do with the infectious disease. I’m surely missing the sky, sunset, and beach so much. Looking back to memories of the past, it makes me feel so grateful for the time I got to freely do things that I loved. I believe, When the crisis is over, we’ll come back stronger and we’ll be more appreciative of the little things in life we often took for granted; like the freedom to randomly drive to our favourite places, to have a walk at the park, to watch our most awaited theatre show, and to hold and hug our loved ones. we can get through this, together. For now, do our parts by staying at home.. and taking care of our self-hygiene, instilling empathy and compassion towards the healthcare practitioners, and family of the ones affected. Stay safe guys. Photo: my cruise journey to Sado Island, Niigata, Japan. 🌊

3,361 43

sometimes, I find my heart dancing in the quietness, stillness and slowness of the world. even the clouds stand humbly, silently, in a corner of the sky. Thank you for joining me, in this quiet place. Few more days to end my self-quarantine period after coming back from Japan.🥺 Stay safe everyone. Practice maximum self-hygiene and protective measures against coronavirus outbreak ok. we can do this. . #sadoisland #japan #niigata

3,633 39

It’s ok to be tired, or to be sad, to be uninspired sometimes. take a moment to let your mind be free Imagine yourself lying down in the soft cottony snow looking up to the mountains taking your breath in the deepest solitude in the sweet smell of the oak and pine woods let your imagination drifts perfectly. and soon, the sun will rise the waves will crash again your charm will return and you’ll be back. Photos: Snow tramping / hiking at Mount Myoko National Park, Niigata. Myoko has been a favorite mountain escape for locals and travelers for many years. It’s also famous for its heavy snowfall in winter. #Myoko #Japan #Niigata Note: I would suggest you to postpone your travel to Japan especially to affected cities. We had to travel for working purpose. Wherever you are, practise appropriate hygiene and prevention measures ok. we’re truly aware of the current situation and we’re doing necessary actions since we’re back. ✌🏻

3,250 80

(swipe left) Winter is slowly bidding a goodbye and Spring is coming with slightly warmer air Sakura’s blooming inside her chest A sweet scent’s emanating from the blossom A lovely grey swallow’s alighting on a branch The kids are playing happily in the playground On this cold evening She could feel the Sun is smiling :) engulfing her tightly Just to make her feel safe, loved, And to not let her down. . #Chiba #japan 🌸⛩ #sakura #cherryblossom . Note: I would suggest you to postpone your travel to Japan especially to affected cities. We had to travel for working purpose, tried our best to avoid crowded places and wherever you are, practise appropriate hygiene and prevention measures ok. we’re truly aware of the current situation and will take appropriate actions as we’re back. ✌🏻

2,572 42

(swipe left) I walked through the forest, and finally found myself. Writing this on a rainy winter night in Japan. Currently in Niigata prefecture for a work trip. Journey from Tokyo to Myoko, Niigata took us around 4 hours and half by driving. Myoko Suginohara is a ski park with mesmerizing vista of surrounding Mount Myoko and Jōshin'etsu-kōgen National Park. Note: Stay healthy guys. 😷🙏🏻 . #visitjapan #japan #niigata

3,313 43

As tears drop down the face there’re hearts that fall apart As rain drops roll down the window there’re egos we need to swallow forgiveness we need to let go As leaves fall down on the ground there’re souls that are taken away and I can’t abstain myself from ruminating that we too will one day leave this momentary life this voice inside me keeps on whispering the ocean inside me keeps on crashing. . “if I die tomorrow will you miss me when I’m gone?” . Dear friends, Live fully in the moment love wholeheartedly give sincerely so we won’t regret the things we didn’t do when the time has come, when the door is opened, for us to return. . #qatar #qatarairways


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