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41.7% of mylimeboots's followers are female and 58.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.30%. The average number of likes per post is 57 and the average number of comments is 7.

Mylimeboots loves posting about Travel, Adventure, Photography.

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17 1

Markets are a big thing here in #SouthAfrica and the @hartenboschvillage market just outside #MosselBay, may just have got the mix right.   It is an all-day affair at Hart en Bosch Village, with a restaurant, distillery, kids play area, quad biking, market and drive-in on the property. And the Blue Train stops here too (if you are a kid or an adult who enjoys having fun).   The market serves craft beers and gin on tap together with a range of traditional food offerings in the food court. An array of local artisanal products are available for sale, with many of the crafters on site, all too eager to show you their products and how they are made.   The drive-in was a big attraction to me. It brought back memories of family outings to Top Star Drive-in here in #Joburg, which used to be located atop a mine dump (sounds less attractive now that I’m somewhat older). Of my sister and brother arguing over who got to “sit in the middle” (she invariably won) followed by invocations along the lines of “don’t look at me”. My sister was an unusual child, fortunately she evolved into a more even-tempered human. Still, those nights at the drive-in almost always started on a rough note, which soon gave way to movie-magic fun.   Hart en Bosch Village is a great day outing for families or a place to catch up with friends, in the vast open grounds and with tons of fresh air.   Fortunately my most recent trip to the drive me saw me get to “sit in the middle” thanks to my travel companions @roaming_giraffe and @allisonfoat who were most accommodating. Fortunately the issue of “don’t look at me” didn’t come up as I had the whole backseat to myself!

49 4

One thing I’ve come to understand about #MosselBay is that, despite being a sizeable town, the sense of community is alive and well amongst its residents. And I was to find this when I visited @mosselbayhelicopters. Owned and operated by Kobus Crous Snr, I soon realised that this was way more than a mere heli-flip business. Kobus uses his fleet of helicopters not only to take guests on a magnificent aerial tour of Mossel Bay and surrounds, but also for game capturing and counting, search and rescue flights and firefighting. With the current fires ravaging Cape Town, his service is that much more poignant. In fact, Kobus and his fleet are well known throughout the Eastern and Western Cape, all the way up to the Free State. Now that’s a man with a passion. So, on a Monday morning I got to fly with Kobus around Mossel Bay, door removed and all. Leaving his base just outside Mossel Bay we headed towards the village of Hartenbos and the Hartenbos river mouth. Leaving Hartenbos and flying along the coast, we headed towards Mossel Bay Point where I could truly appreciate the zip-line we had experienced over the weekend, the longest over the ocean zipline in the world! Also managed to snap a great shot of the point together with the Cape St Blaize Lighthouse in the background. Heading back Kobus took us for view of his farm (on which he also offers quadbike tours) and the self-catering cabin accommodation options, perched high above the Hartenbos River. I could just imagine the views from the cabin decks in the evenings. I always enjoy a flip in a helicopter when visiting a destination, it helps to put everything into perspective. Finally, roads driven and places visited come into perspective as you view them from the air.

36 6

Here’s an insider secret. If you access Salt and Coppers back door, from inside the restaurant, knock three times in a quick, yet non-harsh fashion and repeat a secret code engraved on a boulder placed next to the large Aloe Ferox in the parking lot, you just may gain access to the Copper Lounge. Unless you are there during normal operating hours, in which case the doors leading into the Copper Lounge are always open.   A gin journey awaits.   The Copper Lounge plays host to the @harmonydistillery and serves tastings from the Harmony Gin range. Harmony is the first #SouthAfrica’n distillery to produce two unique handcrafted gins - Honeybush in one and Aloe Ferox in the other.   Marlene, and her sister she later admitted, have come up with some very interesting cocktails. I particularly enjoyed the Captain Copper (named in honour of her husband and co-owner Fanie) which also pays homage to Nona the copper still to be found in the working distillery at the back of the lounge. This cocktail uses the Honeybush Gin offering together with Klipdrift Premium and some ginger ale. Don’t forget the copper ice.   I also tried the Gin Float, especially because of the gin-infused Turkish delight ice cream. This cocktail uses the Honeybush Gin together with some lemonade and is topped off with a delightful pink meringue. Pure bliss!   Marlene also shared about their latest addition to the range, Ginzansi. Inspired by the lockdown conditions and with a desire to make gin more available to the everyday South African, a more wallet-friendly offering was crafted. But without any compromise on the legendary Harmony Distillery quality.   Ending off our time at Harmony Marlene kindly opened the door to the distillery as they were about to begin bottling. I even got a chance to stir the still.   Does that make me a Gin Maker now? Probably not.

80 11

Driving in the game-viewing vehicle, Stephan brakes, bringing it to an abrupt stop. He turns back to @roaming_giraffe and I and says “can you hear the ocean?”. Seconds later the sound of crashing waves processes through my brain, seemingly becoming my reality. Initially this situation causes confusion – I am still in Mossel Bay which stands for sea, beach and everything not bush-orientated. Yet here I am sitting in a game-viewing vehicle, having just driven past a journey of giraffe, hearing the sounds of the ocean. I look over at Di. Her smile is all the confirmation I need. When the guys and girls from Mossel Bay say that you can have a bush to beach experience in this often-overlooked town, this is no PR spin. I have just become the latest convert. And Garden Route Safari Camp is playing host to my adventure. Just 20km from Mossel Bay (i.e. the sea) and nestled between the Langeberg and Outeniqua Mountains, Garden Route Safari Camp is an oasis that inspires a slower pace to life. Abundant wildlife roam the reserve. Lions are also to be found on the reserve, delivering a fine vocal performance in the early hours of the morning. Back to our game drive. Stephan stops the vehicle once again and goes running off into the bush, shouting back to us that he is off to see what he can find. Turning over rocks and collecting items, he moves with the grace of a klipspringer. Returning to the vehicle to show Di and I what he has found, I think he has some interesting flowers. He did indeed have flowers, but also a scorpion which, at the sight of, I almost hauled out my improv routine of a klipspringer exciting a Landrover. Stephan’s knowledge of the bush, in all its facets, is endless. And so is his love for his work. Combined they made for one of the most interesting game drive experiences I have been on for some time, reg lanks die see. Early morning game drives demand a good breakfast and after the earlier spike in my adrenaline levels, the crumpets and muffins were an excellent compromise. Make a stop at the camp when you are next in town, the sound of the sea is hypnotic.

66 7

Research published recently in the Journal of Experimental Psychology suggests that starting your meal with dessert could actually be healthier for you. In essence, some brainiacs concluded that 70% of a group of folks who were given dessert first, chose a healthier meal for mains. There you go, it’s science! And although I didn’t start my meal experience this way, that’s the way I’m going to write this post. But first, let me tell you where I am. A mere 15-minutes from Mossel Bay, in Hartenbos, lies Hart en Bosch Village. A new development, it is tuned into families and their needs. But what I like is, it doesn’t neglect the needs of someone like me, with no direct hangers-on. At the entrance to the village lies a bespoke eating experience named @SaltandCopper waiting to take you on a veritable taste sensation. So, let’s start in the now-scientifically appropriate order for a three-course meal. Dessert started with a resounding crack of my spoon as it hit the toffee top of a white chocolate créme brule. Detectibly smooth and rich at the same time, it was pure heaven. Starters saw me tuck into smoked Franschhoek trout with creamy potato salad, dressed with a chilli vinaigrette. I enjoyed the way the potato salad complimented the moist smoky trout, without any one component dominating. Not wanting to be left out of any flavour sensations around the table, and employing guerrilla-warfare-type-tapas tactics, I snuck one of the frikadelle’s on the table onto my plate (they remind me of my gran). My ambush paid off as I savoured this pork creation paired with an apple and mustard sauce. Mossel Bay seems to inspire in me an excessive craving for pizza, so I yielded to the urge and went for the Botanist Pizza. This thin base delight came with smoked chicken, baby spinach, caramelized red onion, mushroom and feta. All drizzled with a balsamic reduction. My eating experience was made. The De Hoek Curry and Huis te Marquette Pork Belly were also available on the table, but I decided a second round of self-induced tapas dining was not in order. Friendships were at stake. The whole vibe at Salt and Copper really talks to what I look for in a dining experience.

66 7

During my youth I would spend many weekends with my family in #Mpumalanga, hiking her vast trails. Loaded on my back was all that I needed for three days and off we went. Man it was fun. I soon found that reconnecting with nature was, and still is, a good idea. Now in my 40s I don’t hike that much anymore, apart from a day walk here and there. So I have always been rather intrigued by the prospect of #slackpacking, but have never actually got around to it. When planning my trip to #MosselBay and coming across the @oystercatchertrail I was rather insistent with the team that we had to spend at least some time on the trail. And so it was that we got to spend a day moving between highlights on the trail, in essence garnering a sense of what the trail offered. The Oystercatcher Trail is a luxury, guided walking tour along the beaches, dunes, cliffs and fynbos of the southern Cape coastline. And the trail features on some rather prestigious lists, including @natgeo’s World’s Best Hiking Trails and is placed in the top 30 of The @bbc’s Unforgettable Walks Before You Die. What spoke to me during my time on the trail was the varying landscapes and textures along the way. From the indulgently soft sandy beaches of Dana Bay, so rich in their yellow hues as to appear surreal, to the rugged coastline of Fransmanshoek with her oxide-infused rocks, not forgetting the peace and tranquility of Boggombaai, which plays home to you while on the trail. Leading you on the trail is Chris Carr who has been a guide for 10 years, with a speciality in archaeology. Chris is one of those fascinating people you just want to sit with and listen to, such is the vastness of his knowledge. Trail founder Fred Orban is also on hand for one of the evenings to share his wealth of knowledge, as current owners Willem and Mia pay homage to the heritage of this fine trail. Willem and Mia operate the trail with a large degree of flexibility, which enables you to craft an experience that meets your needs. Accommodation is provided in the Sandpiper Cottages, which hosted us for a night. The beautifully appointed cottage would be a welcome sight at the end of a hard day's slack packing.

59 10

Leaving the village of Friemesheim, we went on a little expedition of the backroads of the Langeberg Mountains, heading for @jakkalsvleiwines Private Cellar. Nestled in a valley with breathtaking mountain views, Jakkalsvlei is a relative newcomer to the business, starting operations in 2008. The location of the tasting room and restaurant embraces nature in this magnificent setting. It calls you to grab your drink and walk upon the manicured lawns, find a private spot to settle for a moment and enjoy your Jakkalsvlei offering of choice. And they have something for everyone. From a zesty Sauvignon Blanc, a fruity River Cuvée white blend and a dry Pinotage Rose, to name but a few. The ambience and character of the Jakkalsvlei Farm is to be found in each sip as you sit back and embrace the resplendent beauty of nature before your very eyes. Jakkalsvlei offers seven different options on their wine pairing menu. Let your imagination be led astray by your tastebuds for an afternoon of decadence as you decide between fudge and wine, cheese and wine, dry meat and wine, charcuterie and wine, chocolate and wine, the private selection and wine or the prawns and wine pairings. I opted for the dry meat and wine pairing which included glazed cured bacon (phe-nom-en-al). I will admit that I did steal a bamboo ash crusted prawn, together with the soya, chilli and ginger sauce, from a friend enjoying the prawns and wine pairing. Oh well, you snooze you lose. Who would have thought bamboo ash was a thing? Our host, Wynonia, expertly guided our rather rowdy group through the various tastings. To ensure we did not leave Jakkalsvlei with empty stomachs, head chef Thomas Potgieter had prepared a few of his speciality dishes, again paired with various Jakkalsvlei wines. Enjoying lamb shank, parma ham and bruschetta and a brinjal and mushroom stack (a great vegetarian option) we shared the food tapas style, getting into the whole Mossel Bay vibe and more appropriate pace of life. And reflecting amongst ourselves on a rather special day in this often-overlooked section of the Garden Route. Needless to say few were hungry for supper that night!

58 4

At the foot of the Outeniqua Mountains, just outside #MossselBay, lies a true Garden Route gem in the little village of Friemersheim. The village came into being in the 1870s after a German Missonary left a farm he had purchased for his sister to the local community. Fast-forward to 2020 and a world in lock down, local artist @FourieAckermann starts painting murals on homes throughout Friemersheim to brighten up this rustic treasure. Fourie has a particular love for nature, which inspires his artwork. His first mural was of a lion looking out through a hole in the wall – and things have progressed from there. Moving around Friemersheim I am taken by the pride the community has in their village. Locals working in their gardens beam with pride when I talk to them about the murals that adorns so many walls. I met Isaac who probably has the most magnificent garden in the village (he has stiff competition let me tell you) and in a mixture of broken Afrikaans and my English-infused Afrikaans he shared about his love for gardening. Now on retirement and having worked for the municipality for over 30 years, he has been steadily honing his craft. The abundance of interesting murals throughout Friemersheim has seen a marked increase in tourists driving through the village to snap shots of the incredible artwork. What a great way to stimulate domestic tourism in our smaller towns, one that sees benefit for all stakeholders. What a joy to navigate the village in our run-around from @vineyardcarhire. It made for easy stops which meant I was able to shoot most of Fourie’s work in Friemersheim. This Garden Route gem should definitely be on your list.

86 9

Wine and whisky tasting builds up an appetite. Fortunately right next-door to Boplaas on Klipheuwel Farm, outside Mossel Bay, is Salty River Beer House. I had been secretly told beforehand about the legendary pizza’s on offer, thanks to owner Chris and his passion for food. Chris guided me through the menu with interesting options and even more interesting names. Like Die Soetgerookte Hoender (Afrikaans for the sweet-roasted chicken), French Love Child (this should be your choice is you have a thing for capers), Lady of the Farm (includes green fig preserve) and Blind Pig (no points for guessing what’s on this one). After much consideration I finally decided on The Don Juan as I’m a guacamole nut. The smoked chicken, feta, mushrooms and caramelised onions all played their part and completed the taste sensation that literally exploded in my mouth with each new bite.   Chatting to Chris over a local craft beer named Boggom, I learnt that he makes all sauces served on the table, from scratch. Now that’s a man with passion, and it shows in the food we ate whiling away yet another pleasant afternoon in #MosselBay.

53 5

Was so happy to add to my whisky collection while travelling around Mossel Bay recently.   Stopping off at the @boplaaswines Tasting Room in Kleinbrak, just outside Mossel Bay, for a spot of wine tasting at #SouthAfrica’s 2019 @michelangelo_awards_sa Best SA Producer was a real treat. Located on Klipheuwel Farm, it’s a great place to spend an afternoon enjoying the fruit of the vine, vast skies and fresh air.   The Nel family, who own Boplaas, first distilled brandy back in 1880. Only in 1981 did the family, now six generations later, get into the wine business releasing the first Boplaas Estate wines in 1982. True to the Portuguese-linked heritage of the Mossel Bay area, Boplaas also have a stunning Tinta Barocca wine as part of their Portuguese variety table wines offering. I particularly enjoyed this part of the tasting, loving the intense, super-ripe complexity of the Tinta Barocca.   Of course, Boplaas are famous for their port and whisky too. Following a conversation between owner Danie Nel and Nelson Mandela on a flight in the early 1990s, Nelson Mandela requested the Boplaas 5 Year Old Pot Still Brandy be served at his inauguration banquet.   At the end of the day I decided to acquire the whisky to bring home to #Joburg, which reminds me fondly of my time that afternoon on a farm outside Mossel Bay. Have you enjoyed a whisky from Boplaas?

44 4

Drive-In Vibes #MosselBay has a drive-in! In the heart of @hartenboschvillage, right next to the market that stays open until 8pm, you can relive your youth as you tune-in your radio to 108 fm, just in time for the main show. Complete with a box of popcorn. What a special treat, from the town that doesn't stop surprising me! Thanks to the guys at @vineyardcarhire for making our trip up to, and around Mossel Bay, so comfortable. I call dibs on the middle seat. Shot on my @olympus_sa OMD EM 10 mark II using @ SigmaSA 16mm prime lens f1,6 1/1600 iso 200

50 5

The Gracious Lady of Albertinia. I was so privalaged yesterday to meet Tannie Marietjie, owner and source of inspiration at Voelroepersfontein. And her 200-year old Wild Fig champion tree. Tapping into her years spent in the publishing game, Tannie Marietjie also uses Voelroepersfontein as a writer's retreat and her home lends itself so well to this pursuit. This glorious spot is definitely on the list for a return visit, and soon at that. Shot on my @olympus_sa OMD EM 5 mark III using @SigmaSA 30mm prime lens f2,8 1/1600 iso 500


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