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Trying to give my mind and body what they need ✨ Founder & CEO of my own life and dreams 🌿 Love letters 💌:

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.00%. The average number of likes per post is 132 and the average number of comments is 6.

23.33% of the followers that engaged with mirkaelisabeth regularly are from United States, followed by Finland at 16.67% and United Kingdom at 13.33%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mirkaelisabeth's posts engager are coming from United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Italy, Australia.

Check mirkaelisabeth's audience demography. This analytics report shows mirkaelisabeth's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 23.33 %
  • Finland 16.67 %
  • United Kingdom 13.33 %
  • Italy 10 %
  • Australia 6.67 %


184 6

I have been diagnosed with type 1 narcolepsy, adjustment disorder and PTSD. I experience symptoms such as excessive daytime sleepiness (and bunch of things related to that), cataplexy, sleep attacks, disrupted sleep, aggression, abnormal REM-sleep, hallucinations, sleep paralysis, anxiety and depression. I have been treated with wide range of different kinds of medication such as nautriumoxibat (Xyrem), modafinil, zolpidem (Stella), pregabalin (Lyrica), venlafaxin, pitolisant (Wakix), amitriptyline (Triptyl) and olanzapin. And then suffered from side effects like nausea, loss of appetite, vomiting, weight loss, sleepwalking, drowziness, headache, agitation, bipolar disorder, skin problems, sweating, irregular heartbeat, increased aggression, dry mouth, muscle pain, increased appetite, weight gain etc... My doctor told me years ago it's my job and my job only to think the pros and cons of each drug and then to decide if I use it or not. Lately I've been using only natriumoxibat. I had a meeting with him yesterday and we did some adjustments to my medication + he prescribed few new pills for me. I told him I would try. Like I always do. Meanwhile I'm also looking for alternatives from the outside of modern western medicine. I have a huge savor for taking the responsibility of my own health and wellbeing. I think with open and curious mind that can lead to wonders. The book in my hand is strongly related to that 📔 . . . #narcolepsy #narcolepsyawareness #modernmedicine #xyrem #ajustmentdisorder #ptsd #mentalhealth #anxiety #depression #freetoheal #wellbeing #wellness #healing #selfhelp #selfhealing #healingtools #overcomingobstacles #healingpower #narkolepsia #eroonoireista #sopeutumishäiriö #ahdistus #mielenterveys #paranemisprosessi @freetoheal_method @marianordin.freetoheal

186 10

YOUR SUNDAY REMINDER THAT SOCIAL MEDIA ISN'T REAL 🆘 We all compare ourselves to other's in one way or another. It can be the looks, lifestyle, relationship or pretty much anything 🤷🏼‍♀️ I just wanted to remind you (and myself) that we truly never know what goes on beyond someone's instagram stories or polished instagram feed 🥴 Few years back in 2018-2019 I was doing shit tons of traveling and posting pictures and videos about the amazing experiences that I had. Every single day I got bunch of messages saying "your life is so amazing", "you look so happy" and "omg I'm so jealous". And yet the truth was very different. I have never been as mentally and physically exhausted as I was back then. However the picture I was painting in social media was telling different story 🆘 I'm so sorry for that. Lately I've found myself pretty much constantly comparing my looks to others on social media. And then feel very very shitty and anxious about it. So as a part of my spring cleaning I also cleansed my instagram 🥰 I unfollowed and unsubscribed all toxic accounts — the ones that I followed but made me only feel bad (and I had like over 100 of them 🤯🤯). I'm also trying to follow accounts and surround myself with positive content that encourages me and brings good vibes only 🥰 I suggest you to do the same! ❤️ And would appreciate a lot if you could leave a comment and tag an account that brings you joy ✨ . . . #wellness #mentalhealth #selfworth #positiveselftalk #soulwork #selfhealing #goodvibesonly #socialmediaisnotreallife #socialmediaisfake #socialmediaisnotreal

176 4

Just casually sitting here and reading about how not to give a f**k about other people's opinions 🤗 It took me over 5 years to book an appointment with a tattoo artist not because I didn't know what I wanted but because I was worried what other people would think 🤯 I also removed my tongue piercing because someone didn't like it 🤷🏼‍♀️ And guess what? I still regret it 10 years later 😳 It's my body and not anyone's business 🍯 . . . #inkedfinland #sleevetattoo #thelifechangingmagicofnotgivingafuck #sarahknight #dowhatmakesyoursoulhappy #liveyourlife #mybodymychoice #nofucksgiven

172 23

Nobody told me that trying to quit drinking coffee feels like a full-time job 🤯 Main reason for reducing my caffeine intake is simply because it makes me want to smoke 🚬 BIG TIME. And I don't want to smoke 🆘 I've quit drinking coffee (and smoking too) before and it happened quite easily. This time feels very different. Atm I'm trying to avoid places where coffee is strongly present which means pretty much everyone in my friend group, family and relatives too 😂 Coffee is just so so so finnish thing that I don't know how I'll manage 🆘 Any support here??? ☕️ . . . #coffee #finnishproblems #teatime #pukkatea #firstworldproblems #quiteverything

234 19

I've never been a girly girl and I've always been hiding that feminine side of me 👗 At the beginning of my teen years I realized that dressing certain way draws unwanted attention and behaviour towards me 🤯 And when you get the attention you're not looking for one time too many, you do absolutely everything to let that happen never again 🙄 The fucked-up part is that you think it's your fault. It's not. So for the last let's say 16 years I've been mostly hiding myself. Especially if I go out with my girlfriends. I've always been the one in the night club wearing mom jeans, loose big hoodies and sneakers. Just to avoid from being seen — and therefore from being sexually harassed. And it still happens. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. I'm not sure when I started to think that this is normal. This is what being a girl means. We just have to deal with it. Probably since the day one of my life because I don't remember anyone ever educated me about boundaries 🤷🏼‍♀️ It wasn't until last summer when something changed. I was having a night out with my two besties and my boyfriend and I was dancing on the dance floor in my mom jeans when some random guy came and groped my ass. Just like that. "Huh, okay, so this thing again" was my first thought. And I was ready to continue the evening and pretend that shit just didn't happen. My boyfriend saw what happened and he wasn't happy about it. Not only because someone touched his girlfriend in inappropriate way but because no men should treat a single woman like that 🤯 He didn't start raging or anything like that but he confronted the man and made him apologize and realize what he had just done. And it totally changed my world. Still by today I am impressed by my bf's behaviour even though that is the behaviour that should be normal and not something rare to be impressed about. So what have I learn? ✨Sexual harassment is never acceptable or okay ✨Always intervene if you see inappropriate behaviour ✨Educate yourself and educate your kids about boundaries because they're going to be grown ups before you notice 💫 I hope that someday we get to see a different kind of world ❤️ Happy International Women's Day! ❤️

189 2

Over 30 years ago my mom gave a plant for my dad 🌱 Even though their relationship ended 27 years ago my dad kept loving and taking care of the plant like it was the most precious thing he ever had ☀️ Mastering the art of how to act with dignity after a breakup can be tough but I think there's always a possibility to handle the situation with grace and maturity ☀️ This must be one of the best life lessons I've learned from my dad 🌱

177 19

I didn't even remember how much anxiety mixing two different lego sets can cause 🤯 In my head Elsa and Anna should stay far away from Heart Lake city Hospital whereas my daughter thinks Elsa can easily be the ambulance driver 🤷🏼‍♀️ I also can't build anything without a manual and kiddo is more into a free building 😅 Not sure if it has something to do with me needing clarity but I just can't mix certain things 😵 There was a time when she was 2-3 years old and I let her play with only one play dough colour at a time because I couldn't handle the colours to be mixed 🆘🆘 Obviously things in my head has improved a lot from those days but still there are times when I struggle with little things 😳 Heading outdoors now to refocus my thoughts and to get some fresh air in the sun 😎 I'll finish legos later 👍🏻

240 10

Small monday reminder to myself after staying awake pretty much the whole night worrying about the future; ✨I can only control what I can control ✨I can handle what comes my way this week ✨I can't please everyone ✨I am resilient ✨I'm going to make today great

248 12

I can't believe that after being homeless for 6 months I finally have a place to call HOME 😱✨ I haven't done much yet with the interior and other home stuff but we'll get there once I know what I want 😅 I'm not sure about anything except that my home will most likely be an antidote to white interior 🤪🤪 . . . #bedroom #instahome #myhome #home #homedecor #colorfulhome #inredning #instakodit #sisustusinspiraatio #sisustus #värikäskoti

283 7

Huge love for tattoos and each others but not for bras 👯‍♀️ Happy Valentine's! ❤️ @kiamikaaela #valentine #bestfriend #10yearstogether #inkedfinland

84 7

No words ☃️ This is literally at my backyard 🤗 #winterwonderland #outdoorfinland

47 0

#ad @mapiful 🖼 How is it possible to love and hate one place at the same time? I made a plan to move to another city when I was only 16 years old. I thought I would finish high school here and then move to Turku to study law but life had other plans for me 😱 I got pregnant during my last year in high school and we decided to stay in Jyväskylä for "one more year". And here I still am — 8 years later! 😅 Ten months ago I finally got enough balls to say aloud that I'm not happy here and I would like to pursue my dreams somewhere else. So I applied to law school and got rejected. Then I made this amazing plan to leave to SE Asia for one year. I canceled the lease contract of my apartment, sold pretty much everything I own and moved to my sister's place. The original plan was to start my travel journey on September 3rd. That was one month ago. At this point I have no clue when I'm able to leave — maybe end of January? Right now I feel so trapped here in this city but at the same time I'm enjoying my life the way I have never before 🤯 #mapifulfamily #hometown #jyväskylä #finland

118 18

You know, everything they say about redheads is pretty much true 🤪 I wanted to try something different before I shave it all off ✨ #redhead

91 4

So big already – and HUGE changes ahead! 🤯 She's about to move to Daddy's and start her school journey in August and I will travel in SE Asia for who knows how long 🤷🏻‍♀️ Plus it's only few more days and then I'm homeless 😬 Man it feels gooooood #goodvibesonly #neitikesäheinä

91 4

Snake in paradise 🐍 ps. mummo sanoi aina että vaan ilotytöillä on punaiset kynnet 😇 #omakuva

147 14

Hän on tänään 7-vuotias! 🎉 Lukemisen lisäksi tuo seiskavee tykkää petseistä, piirtämisestä sekä lauta- ja korttipeleistä 🧩 Sille kaverit on maailman tärkeimpiä ja äiti ja isi typeriä, koska eivät anna kuvata youtube-videoita 😬 Hän on määrätietoinen, fiksu, omapäinen ja kyseenalaistava, joskus ihan pinnan äärirajoille asti 🙈 Toisaalta sitten kuitenkin mietin, että jos lapsi ei kyseenalaista vanhempiensa päätöksiä ikinä, ei se tule kyseenalaistamaan mitään muutakaan myöhemmin tässä elämässä 🤯 Kertakaikkiaan aivan mahtava tyyppi, ja salaa taputan myös itseäni olalle koska 50% mun geenejä ja selkeästi hyvä kasvatus 😅 #happybirthday #instakids #ig_kids #daughter #birthdaygirl

95 3

Alkaa tää vuosi loppumaan, ja huhhuh mikä vuosi olikaan! 🤯 Tapahtui elämässä mitä tahansa, niin nää kaksi 🐥🐥 pysyy aina mun rinnalla ❤️ Vinkki vitosena muillekin että ympäröikää itsenne sellaisilla ihmisillä joiden kanssa teidän on hyvä olla ❤️ #girlsgirlsgirls

76 2

Okay so name one place where you'd want to be RIGHT now? 😜For me it's the desert — no matter what country! #desert #dubai #seetheworld #mytraveldiary #femaletraveler #thetravelwomen #womenwhotravel #wearetravelgirls #meettheworld #borntotravel #wonderlove #prettylittletrips

162 0

Swinging up in the air with a breathtaking view! 🐒 Norway is absolutely the most beautiful country where we've ever been! 😍 . . . #norway #bergen #mittbergen #instakids #ig_kids #kidswhotravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #kidswhoexplore #norwayphotography #outdoorkids #homeoutdoor #neverstopexploring #travelkids #wonderlust #instatravel #visitbergen @visitbergen #fanahammeren

74 1

Well someone's looking forward for them plums to be ready 🌸😋 Hang on kiddo, it might take a while! 🤯 . . . #instakids #ig_kids #norway #kidswhotravel #travelkids #takeyourkidseverywhere #nature #homeoutdoor #lindex #lindexkids

104 7

Came to the island of Paros for a little vacay 👗 We've seen only one city so far and it's Naousa but I already love this place! We still have few days to explore 🤪 . . . #seetheworld #mytraveldiary #femaletraveler #thetravelwomen #womenwhotravel #wearetravelgirls #meettheworld #borntotravel #wonderlove #prettylittletrips #paros #parosisland #greece

73 7

In collaboration with @lego || I think she got her first legos (duplo) when she was just 18 months old 🤔 Nowadays we have quite a collection! I used to buy her all the "girly" lego sets because I thought it's something you "should" buy for a girl 💁🏼‍♀️ Well, turned out that her favourite legos are actually ninjas and cars! 🙈 #legocity #legoilovecars #legocreator #legotechnic #kidsroom

114 6

Nothing better to do on mondays than dreaming of those sunny days with flowers and lollipops 🍭 #wearetravelgirls #femmetravel #travelgirldiary #girlsabroad #travelgirls #traveldiaries #dubai #miraclegarden

128 7

Absolutely beautiful @atlantisthepalm 😍 We arrived the place somewhere around 9am which was early enough to avoid the tourist masses 😌 And hey, happy international women's day! ❤️ #atlantisthepalm #dubai #dubailife #womenwhotravel #traveling #femmetravel #trendyol #womensday

208 16

Celebrated my 26th birthday yesterday by having an over-the-water dining experience in an amazing @pierchicdubai with a stunning view straight to #burjalarab 🌅 Such an incredible evening! ✨ #dubai #visitdubai #femmetravel #seetheworld

119 16

Behind every picture there's a) countless attempts of trying to find a good pose and b) a wonderful instagram boyfriend who starts taking pictures before you're ready 🤷🏼‍♂️ This is me trying to get on top of the pillar in #palaisroyal during our vacay in Paris last September 🏛 #paris #visitparis #🇫🇷 #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel #femmetravel #hello_france #travelgirldiary #girlsabroad #travelgirls #traveldiary #behindthescenes

148 12

Someday she'll move mountains 🌄 I'm going to cherish every moment I get to spend with you 👧🏼 Happy 6th birthday! 💛 #birthdaygirl #daughter #ig_kids #kidswhotravel

138 7

I'm enjoying my tea under the blanket, wearing wool socks of course and dreaming of weather like this and counting the days when we are back in the Emirates ☀️ I love winter but I have my limits too! Right now it's -19 degrees outside and oh boy I can feel it ☃️

146 6

Last exam of the semester DONE (and passed)!✔️ Going to spend few more days in Finland and then I'm off 🛫 Can you guess where I'm going? 😌#studentlife #vacation #nyc

150 8

In the middle of the desert 🐪

119 6

I love that carefree way of life she's living at 🧜🏼‍♀️ #ig_kids #instakids #kidswhotravel #travel #travelgram #takeyourkidseverywhere #visitdubai #myrakday #hiltonhotels #hiltonrasalkhaimahresortandspa #vacation #barbie #lindexkids

136 4

Since I was a child and started my French lessons, it was my dream to go where all the great poets and writers had been 💕 • • • #paris #visitparis #🇫🇷 #wearetravelgirls #girlslovetravel #femmetravel #hello_france #travelgirldiary #girlsabroad #travelgirls #traveldiary

189 10

Such a wonderland 🐪 We've already been at home for few days enjoying the crispy winter weather (-5 celcius at the moment) but I still have few photos to share with you guys! 😜 #rasalkhaimah #desert #myrakday #wonderland #wanderlust #kidswhotravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #mydubai #visitdubai #ig_kids #instakids #hmkids #kidswhoexplore #hmkidsfashion #olympuspen #olympuspen @olympussuomi

179 7

She's my uplifting source of joy 👧🏼 #ig_kids #kidzootd #instakids #kidsfashion #desert #arabemirates #visitdubai #daughter #travel #instatraveling #travelwithkids #kidswhotravel #takeyourkidseverywhere #olympus #olympuspen @olympussuomi

180 15

Dance everyday💃🏼 #rasalkhaimah #hiltonrasalkhaimahresortandspa #myrakday #happylife #ig_kids #instakids #vacation #family #motheranddaughter #apollomatkat @hiltonrasalkhaimahresortandspa

141 3

We went to a desert safari and she's never been that excited before! 🐪 I just love to explore different places with her! 🥰 #beduincamp #desert #desertsafari #🐪 #travelinspo #takeyourkidseverywhere #rasalkhaimah #myrakday #wanderlust #apollomatkat @apollomatkat #olympus #olympuspen @olympussuomi

125 6

Just hanging at the pool with this little cutie 💦 #travel #poolday #rasalkhaimah #instakids #ig_kids #visitdubai #hiltonhotels #myrakday #hiltonrak #kidswhoexplore #hiltonrasalkhaimahresortandspa #apollomatkat @hiltonrasalkhaimahresortandspa #olympus #olympuspen @olympussuomi

129 10

Morning tea with a view 😌 Going to spend one week in a paradise 🏖✨ #rasalkhaimah #arabemirates #travel

137 0

Wayyyyyy too big place for my taste but at least now I've experienced parts of it 🏙 #nyc #topoftheworld

143 5

Just rowing around in a boat and wondering those turtles 🐢 #nyc

64 2

🇸🇪 eftersom jag älskar Sverige

82 3

I want to get back to that promised land of unicorns🦄✨ #crete

98 0

Just wondering how cool history this place has 🤔 #visitparis #palaisroyal

89 0

I have no eye for an art but I think this looks cool though I don't know what it is 🤷🏼‍♀️ #paris #louvre #pariisi #kulttuurimuija

130 5

This day was full of love and laughter and one of the best days of my life in so many ways when two of my longest friends finally said "I do" after 8 years together! ❤️ I feel so lucky and privileged to be able to call all these amazing people as my friends ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤 #wedding #haukkikset18 #friendsforever

91 2

Just chilling here with Mini me and waiting that ice cream truck to arrive 🍦 #ig_kids #lindex

113 9

In collaboration with Maybelline 💋 The autumn is finally here and for me it means really early mornings and long days while I'm struggling with the schedules 😅 Going to school 8-16 everyday, single parenting, having kid's hobby 2x a week, trying to be a good friend but also take care of my long distance relationship without forgetting the fact that I also need some time for myself 💁🏼‍♀️ I get inspired by my friends and all the sensational women around me — especially the one's who do great job as moms and friends but also works hard to achieve their goals and dreams in life ✨ Few people I truly admire; @jeggati @iirislii @kiamikaaela @bigmamaslaura @mitrahanninen 💋 Who are the sensational people in your life? #sponsoroitu #SensationalYou #momlife @maybelline

129 0


157 0

Endless love 💕

113 4

Having a family vacation in Crete and it has been a blast 😍🆘👣

138 2

This kid is a gift from the universe and she lights up my world like no other 💕 #ig_kids #daughter #loveofmylife #tothemoonandback

90 0

The airport lattes 💙

144 5

Okay B, I love you ❤️

144 0

What an awesome day and night we had! 😍 #alwaysskinnydipping #bacheloretteparty #haukkikset18 #polttarit / @patriciaholtta @kiamikaaela + komppania

77 1

That kid is all about them ponies and that’s the cutest thing I know 🦄💕 #mylittlepony #tothemoonandback

105 1

Painted nails, jumpsuits and delicious local strawberries — that’s what my summer is all about 🍓 #ruusulantila #summer

74 0

Midsummer and it’s only +14 degrees hahaha 😅 Doesn’t stop that little girl from wearing her skirt under the outdoor clothing though😋👍🏻 #midsummer #ig_kids #princess

80 5

He took me to a fancy dinner with a view 🏙 We had so amazing experience in the 30th floor restaurant called Horisont 🥂 The food was absolutely fantastic and I even got a stool for my bag so I didn’t have to keep it on the floor 💁🏼‍♀️👜 #visittallinn #tallinn #dinnerwithaview

96 0

He surprised me with this beautiful handmade round rattan bag 😍

84 0

We finally found our dresses👗 #haukkikset18 #bridesmaids #kolmenkopla


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