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Danish Artist working worldwide with art & illustration. Clients - ANNA SUI, NYLON, Vogue, Ace Hotel, ABRAMS Books, Sandberg Wallpaper, Gyldendal etc

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85.2% of lisagrue's followers are female and 14.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.20%. The average number of likes per post is 119 and the average number of comments is 5.

Lisagrue loves posting about Design, Interior Design.

Check lisagrue's audience demography. This analytics report shows lisagrue's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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85.2 %
14.8 %


  • Art & Design 78.96 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 73.82 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 55.06 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 49.76 %
  • Home & Garden 48.04 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 47.01 %
  • Technology & Science 38.83 %
  • Children & Family 34.98 %
  • Books and Literature 34.17 %
  • Movies and TV 32.43 %
  • Entertainment 32.40 %
  • Business & Careers 32.22 %


71 2

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Experiments with Botanical dyeing vol 2# It is such a rewarding activity to work with plant dyeing. You forget about the challenges we are going through right now. And you get a healthy grounding and a re-connecting to nature. Yesterday and today I have been experimenting to dye with daffodils. The color is pastel yellow, and very fresh and spring like. I colored a tablecloth for our virtual Easter lunch. And it is very charming eating a Easter lunch on a tablecloth, with a light color of daffodils. If you want to try a new hobby, you should buy @rebeccadesnos book about plant dyeing. In her book you will find much more details about plant dyeing. And if you buy the e-book it only cost 5 £ and the book is great company a Sunday evening like tonight. Otherwise read my post from the other day about plant dyeing , and start experimenting on your own like me. Daffodils gives a fresh pastel yellow spring color. Enjoy 💛

164 8

Giv foråret farve og positiv energi, køb mit print “Nature is your Friend” 50 x 70 cm, 200 kr. Tegnet og malet af mig, Lisa Grue. Kan kun købes i min online shop (link i bio)

346 9

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Think of 3 good discoveries from your Covid-19 quarantine you want to bring with you, when the world opens up again. ————————————————————— Our world has lately been turned upside down. And we have been forced to re-think our lives, the way we act, the things we takes for granted, our health, our family life, friendships, our work life, our values and much more. Some challenges has been extremely hard, and something has opened our eyes in a good way. Today I will focus on the positive things, because Difficult experiences often needs time, to turn into something good. So if you want to bring 3 good experiences with you from your quarantine, what should that be? 1.) Find a quiet place in your apartment, house, garden, nature etc. and set the alarm for at least 30 minutes. 2.) Think of 3 positive things from your quarantine so far. 3.) Try to imagine how you can bring the good experiences with you, when the world opens up. 4.) Do you need to change something to implement your new discoveries? 5.) Write your 3 discoveries down on a paper, notebook or in your phone. 6.) Send the universe a grateful thought, for your new experiences. Enjoy💛

102 5

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Experiment with plant dyeing. During the last couple of weeks I have experimenting with plant dyeing. In our kitchen and bathroom, I have had pots boiling with water and avocado- peels and stones. And bowls and buckets filled with textile in plant color soups, and soja milk. I have been coloring cotton textile for beddings. I am not an expert in plant dyeing, but I am curious in learning new skills. I follow @rebeccadesnos and I have bought one of her her books about plant dyeing. In her books you will find much more details about plant dyeing. But I you just eager to get started, this is how you can start your experiments. 1. Buy 4-6 avocado( make guacamole if you like this) 2. Buy a liter of soy milk. The soy milk will fix the color to the textile. 3. Clean the avocado- peel and stone. 4. Put them in a pot, together with 3 liters of water. And make it boil light for an hour. . 5. Leave the pot with the avocado and hot water until it has cooled down. 6. Find the textile you want to color. You can fx. make a table cloth, patches for a patchwork blanket or color some old t-shirts etc. 7. Fill a 1/10 of a bucket with soy milk and 9/10 with water. 8. Place the textile in the bucket with soy milk for 12 hours. 9. Make your avocado and water boil one more time for an hour, and cool down. If too much of the water has disappeared add some more water, before boiling second time. 10. Squeeze the textile from water/soy milk carefully. 11. Remove the avocado- peel and stone from your color soup. And put the color-soup in a bowl or bucket. 12. Put your textile in bucket with the color soup and leave it for 12-24 hours. Stir in the bucket once in a while. 13. After 12-24 hours take up your textile from the color soup and rinse it with water until there is no more color in your water. 14. Hang up your colored textile to make it dry. 15. Voila now you have made your own plant dyeing textile. If you read the book from @rebeccadesnos she will advice you much more detailed about the processes. If you need more inspiration to activities inspired by nature buy our book “Luk naturen ind hele året” link in bio. Enjoy 💚🌱

85 3

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Easter inspiration. Today I will inspire you to make this years Easter table extra beautiful, because this year we need some extra beauty. Be generous with your decoration, with flowers, with chocolate, with compliments and love. It can’t be too much. Spread love, joy, beauty and happiness. Enjoy💛🐣

110 2

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Cook beautiful Easter eggs with nature pattern. 1. Find some leafs in your garden or in a park. 2. Find an old clean nylon stocking in your closet, you get the best result if it is not too thick. 3. Find some white eggs in your refrigerator. 4. Place the leafs on the eggs and use the nylon stocking to fix the leafs on the egg. 5. Tire a string around the nylon stocking and egg. 6. Peel some red onion in a pot. 7. Cook the onion peel together with the eggs with the nylon stockings and the leafs. 8. Cook the eggs 9-10 minutes. 9. Unwrap the eggs from the stocking and leafs. 10. Now you have some beautiful Easter eggs with nature pattern for breakfast, lunch or just as Easter decoration. If you need more inspiration to activities inspired by nature buy our book “Luk naturen ind hele året” link in bio. Enjoy 💚🌱

89 5

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-crisis”. Chill out with some organic candy, your favorite Magazine, some uplifting nail polish and an inspiring movie. ————————————————————— Today, my energy is a bit low. So I have decided to chill out with positive treats. If you need this today too. Follow me. 1. Go to your local supermarket and buy some organic candy, dried fruit or popcorn. 2. Buy an inspiring magazine, or go home and look in your bookcase for a book or magazine you haven’t had time to read before. 3. Find an uplifting nail polish (if you like this) and give your nails some color. 4. Make some popcorn and find a beautiful bowl for your candy. 5. Read your magazine or book. 6. Find a positive movie that will give you some good energy. —————————————————————Here is a list of positive inspiring movies/ Series: A. The biggest little farm. B. Fantastic Mr. Fox C. Howls moving castle. D. Room with a view. E. Så meget godt i vente/ Good things await. ( kan findes på Filmcentralen/for alle) F. Chefs Table. (Series on Netflix) G. The chef show (Series on Netflix) H. Bonusfamilien ( Series on Netflix) I. Bored to death ( series on HBO Nordic ) ————————————————————-Enjoy your evening and try to avoid news about the covid-19 crisis for the rest of the day❤️ Feel free to leave a message if you have some good uplifting and positive movies or series / books or magazines. Would love to be inspired by you. 👌🏻

103 2

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Re-plant your spouts to larger pots. 24 days ago I made a post here at Instagram as a positive break from the Covid-19 crisis. It was a post about planting seeds. Today all my seeds have turned into small plants and sprouts. And now is the time to re-plant them to larger pots. If you also planted some seeds around 24 days ago, now is the time to re-plant, so your plants can grow larger indoors, before they will be planted outside. And if you have not started to plant seeds. You still have time to get started. I will repeat the post from the past, for all of you who wants to grow some plants. Buy some soil and seeds, if you have something at home, use that. If you already have some old sprouting boxes at home use these. You can also use old egg boxes, or any kind of old packaging to plant your seeds in. To be around green sprouts gives a feeling of hope and joy. And both you and kids can find happiness in following how the seeds turn to small plants. If you do not have any experiencing in gardening start with seeds such as sunflower, tomato, and herbs. Enjoy. Please ask if you have questions. #luknaturenindheleåret If you need more inspiration to activities inspired by nature buy our book “Luk naturen ind hele året” link in bio. Enjoy 💚🌱

116 3

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Set a Easter table. I know there is some time before it is Easter. But there is no harm in starting to prepare a Easter lunch. We are all aware that Easter will be a bit different than we are use to. But let us try to make it a memorable Easter anyway. I am setting my Easter table with love even if it will be just my husband, our son Mika, me and our dog Mester. But I have invited both my father-in-law and my mother to join us on Skype. And I will order some food online to their home and send them a recipe too. And ask them to dress up, and set their table the best they can. It will not be there same, that is for sure, but we will try our best to laugh of this Easter set-up. I will invite in Nature to our Easter table and decorate with chocolate eggs, sprouts, spring flowers and green branches. Take a look and be inspired to set up your own Easter table. If you need more inspiration to activities inspired by nature buy our book “Luk naturen ind hele året” link in bio. Enjoy❤️ And remember to laugh if you can.

191 13

Tonight at 18.30 I will be featured at @tv2.lorry talking about flower pressing. Leave a message if you know somebody who would be happy to get this flower collage. I will pick out a person Sunday evening and send the collage on Monday. The pressed flowers is (in Danish) Forglem-mig-ej, Anemoner og liljekonvaller. 🌞

158 6

Today’s positive “break from the Covid-19 crisis”. Making a colorful medicine wheel/ Mandela, and asking the higher spirits for a better health. I do not know that much about the native Americans medicine wheel, but I think they are really beautiful. And they give me a positive vibe. If you also want to make one. Go for at walk and collect branches, flowers and all kind of beautiful elements from nature. Make a circle with your nature elements, and think of love, happiness and what being healthy means for you and your family. Send some positive energy into the universe, and to the people who need some extra attention. Today I send some extra love to my father-in-law and my mother, because they sit alone in their home in this covid-19 crisis. If you need more inspiration to activities inspired by nature buy our book “Luk naturen ind hele året” link in bio. Enjoy❤️ And send out some love, we are all connected.


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