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🇫🇮 Nordic lifestyle ❤️ Motivator 🥇American Advertising Award-winning marketing strategist 💡@presnal5com 🌍 @skimbaco
Helsinki|Southern Finland

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 120 and the average number of comments is 5.

25.71% of the followers that engaged with katjapresnal regularly are from United States, followed by Finland at 17.86% and Canada at 6.43%. In summary, the top 5 countries of katjapresnal's posts engager are coming from United States, Finland, Canada, France, Italy.

Katjapresnal loves posting about Travel, Nature & Outdoors, Architecture, Photography.

Check katjapresnal's audience demography. This analytics report shows katjapresnal's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 25.71 %
  • Finland 17.86 %
  • Canada 6.43 %
  • France 5 %
  • Italy 5 %


126 1

Morning coffee by the shore, watching the sailing club to go out. #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #espoo #espoonrantaraitti #finland #ourfinland #sailing #igtravelthursday

107 2

Great end of summer memories from @allasseapool. It’s an unique spa experience right downtown Helsinki. From sauna to swimming. Honestly, I’ve never swam there, but I’ve attended events and business meetings 😅 Beats corporate meeting rooms. ❤️ #myhelsinki #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #allasseapool #helsinki #finland

108 4

@woodiodesign is one of the many interesting Finnish design companies using new type of materials. Or should I say - old materials in new ways. Woodio makes sinks and other bathroom fixtures out of wood chips. I think it takes time to get used to seeing bathroom fixtures out of new materials, but I really like it. #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #finnishdesign #habitare2019

128 4

Thank you for all of the comments and private messages regarding my last post 🤗 And it’s nice to know we are still all here, despite Instagram’s algorithm trying to keep us apart... So what happens when you start over? There are so many moving parts in life, that the change period can take weeks, months, years. So of course, I admit, the life in Sweden was still better than what we faced next. We went from living in a mansion in Sweden to living in Resident Inn by Marriott hotel suite in upstate New York for almost three months. The following seven months in our new house were not much better. You just need to take one step at the time, and unfortunately things often have to get worse before they get better. You just need to accept it as a part of the process. Often we expect others to change, things to change, situation to be more fair, easier or luckier to us. Stop that. Focus on changing yourself, how you think, how you react, and focus on things you can change. Then everything will change. Do you agree? #motivation #enjoylife #livinglifetothefullest #skimbaco #entrepreneurlife

256 39

Oh Facebook memories. Five years ago we lived in this house in Sweden, I traveled around the world for living, ran my own business, got a brand new car every six months, and it was the worst time of my life. I’m still not ready to tell why, but don’t ever think you know everything what is going on in someone’s life. Especially when just judging it from their social media accounts. Also, living in a mansion, driving a new Mercedes Benz, or flying to Bali for a hotel opening mean nothing to me in the big scheme of things. Many think my life changed for worse, and we somehow failed because those are not part of our life now. We’ve dramatically changed many things in our life, including stopping our nomadic life, and moving permanently to Finland. And it was because we chose the things that truly matter in life for us. Thank you for all those who remember my good morning photos from Sweden, and were there to keep a smile on my face. More memories from Sweden at #skimbacosweden #skimbaco #lifestyleblogger #motivationalmoments #livelifetothefullest #enjoylife

93 0

More @helsinkidesignweek at @erottaja2helsinki. #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #myhelsinki #hdw2019 #helsinkidesignweek #helsinkidesignweek2019

127 0

More from @helsinkidesignweek at Erottaja 2. @asunlehti & @marimekko - beautifully done @ullakoskinen & team. I especially loved how the fabrics were displayed and loved the most the one with different prints on each side (of course spent so much time touching it that didn’t take many photos!). Now my wish for @marimekko is a duvet with different print on each side 😍 #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #marimekko #helsinkidesignweek #hdw2019 #myhelsinki #boldbynature #finland

112 2

@helsinkidesignweek at Erottaja 2. I highly recommend it! #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #helsinki #helsinkidesignweek #finnishdesign #myhelsinki #designfromfinland #design

119 2

I’m a big believer of lifelong learning. I read about something new every day, and always try to get better at what I do, and find new ways to do things. I don’t love books anymore - the sad part about nomadic living and moving often is that books weigh a lot, weight costs a lot, and the book boxes just got too much to handle. Our kids still have books, I just don’t have mine anymore. I know you’re supposed to say you love books - and I used to, I really did. But I what can I say, honestly online learning works for me. Two years ago I worked in a company where I had to learn about space - a year later I spoke as an expert about space tourism in a big conference. Yes, I learned a lot from my coworkers, and the NASA astronaut I met, but most of my space industry knowledge I acquired by doing online research. If you want to learn something, remember that there are many ways to learn. Don’t limit yourself thinking there is only one way. The library: The National Library of Finland. #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #myhelsinki #helsinki #library #lifelonglearning

157 19

When they say something can’t be done, don’t believe them. The biggest naysayers are those who have never tried, and who are so afraid of failure they never will. This is a picture of me and kids in 2003. Matt and I had already lived in multiple countries and states together, and our family just kept growing. Frank dog was from Alabama, Isabella was born in Finland, Gabriella was born in Germany, and 13 months later we had Kristian in New York. I loved being Matt’s wife and having a family, and loved our nomadic lifestyle and seeing the world. Picture is taken in the first house we ever bought, a Victorian style house built in 1907, which we renovated. Sometimes Matt would go for work trip, and come back home and find a dining room painted in a new color. What can I say - I liked to stay busy. In 2003 besides being a stay-at-home-mom (of 3 kids 3 and under), renovating a 100-year-old house, I also took college online courses, and wrote my first business plan. I still felt I wasn’t enough, because I didn’t go to work (despite working non-stop, and not gotten a full night sleep for three years). I realized I needed something for ME. My mother blamed me and my siblings for ruining her career choices, and I never wanted to become bitter old woman because I had chosen to have kids while moving around the world - leaving very little time for work. I also wanted to teach our kids that you can make your own path in life - that’s what I would wish for them. I decided that I was going to do it all. Why the hell not?! I realized there was internet - I was already taking business classes online, maybe I could have a business online too...? Fast forward one more move to Lakewood, Ohio, 2004, and my online business career officially started. I chose it all: crazy nomadic life, being a work-at-home-mom and a business owner/career woman. I made my limitations (nomadic with 3 kids) my strength. Only if I had known in 2003 that my dreams were way too small, and all of them and much more was going to come true. #skimbaco #bossmom #momboss #entrepreneurlife #mompreneur #mompreneurlife #nomadiclife

101 6

What does success look like to you? I’m my experience we tend to dream big, without even thinking the reality of that dream coming true. Like we might want more money - but might not be ready to do all the work required to make more money (not just talking “hard work” here, more like: going through years of education, giving up other things in order just to get into the position of starting to work hard to make more money). I truly believe in the saying of “be careful what you wish for.” Too often we look at other people’s success and think we want the same, but when we get it, we might realize it wasn’t for us at all. Often we also don’t really plan for the success. We sort of just “hope it happens”. Take your dreams and plans seriously, and imagine each aspect of your “success” to make sure that’s what you want, and then reverse engineer it and plan one step at the time how to get there. Then focus, focus, focus, and take one small step at the time towards your goal. In all honestly, the path will not be the hardest to figure out. The hardest part is knowing what do you really want and have the passion & guts to pursue it. #skimbaco #motivation #nordiclifestyle #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #entrepreneurlife #owner #founder

111 1

Magic of Helsinki: boats, boats, boats. #skimbaco #skimbacofinland #myhelsinki #colorfulhelsinki #helsinki #finland #igtravelthursday #visitfinland #boatsboatsboats


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