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South Africa

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South Africa

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.30%. The average number of likes per post is 1038 and the average number of comments is 49.

53.13% of the followers that engaged with jodiepetersenn regularly are from South Africa, followed by United States at 15.63% and United Kingdom at 3.13%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jodiepetersenn's posts engager are coming from South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Morocco, Uruguay.

Jodiepetersenn loves posting about Fashion.

Check jodiepetersenn's audience demography. This analytics report shows jodiepetersenn's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • South Africa 53.13 %
  • United States 15.63 %
  • United Kingdom 3.13 %
  • Morocco 3.13 %
  • Uruguay 3.13 %


981 48

How do you judge the brightness of a light when you’re the source?

875 56

Good news is coming your way!

739 31

This is the coat of my dreams. I would shamelessly wear this coat everyday if I could.

1,321 930

Today I’d like to give a shout-out to all the Kind AF on the daily! People like you make the world a better place. Call it spring would like to be apart of your “every step” to being kind. Stand a chance to win a KIND AF gift from me and @callitspring_sa . Tag 3 of the kindest people you know. Let’s spread kindness and love, it’s time for them to receive the kindness they give. Swipe to see the boots and bag up for grabs 😁 #GenerationSpring #KindAF 1. Save this post 2. Tag 3 friends that have been kind to you in the comments 3. For an extra entry post this on your story and tag me and @callitspring_sa Winner will be announced this Friday 19 March so get tagging ✨

695 24

All colour or all white? Can’t decide Thank you @halfandhalve for these great snaps! #kangolxhm @hm

1,144 33

My skin is not going to be happy about all this cheese but we move in the name of guilty pleasures 😅

669 39

Just chilling and you? By @jonathan_kope for @superbalist 🌸 Mua @zeniquegordon

736 35

In and out of time. Taken by @nic_snipes

1,101 31

💛 take care of you

1,141 67

What you know about twenny fine?😏

953 33

Last day of being 24✨ @shopflowersarenice

894 55

Dripped in @deuceonline 🔥 I’m so proud of us @itsjustinepetersen 🥺 Sisters doing it for themselves!

851 16

COMPETITION TIME🍾 #Alcoholfreeliving If you love alcohol-free living, even if its every now and then, like me and want to WIN A YEAR’s SUPPLY of Castle-Free and The Duchess Botanical Alcohol-Free Gin & Tonic ‘Brew & Botanical’ box then: 1. Go to @drinktheduchess and @castlefreesa and follow the competition instructions to win! Competition closes on 15 February 2021 so get tagging. T&Cs apply ✨ The Brew and botanical box is also Exclusively available in Checkers now as well as on the checkers Sixty60 app. While stocks last. So keep a look out✨

1,057 62

Soft life bikini @deuceonline ✨ available now

1,194 79

Birthday month energy 💜💚

1,224 42

I’m really loving my natural skin at the moment. Feeling comfortable without make up is truly a personal liberation of mine if I think of a time in my life when I dreaded being seen in public without it. Now I’m owning my skin! It’s not perfect, but it’s mine ✨💖

1,390 78

YESTERDAY Jeans by @cottonon_africa

2,986 27

HM X LEE classics Who said sustainable fashion had to be boring? Check out @hm first 100% fully sustainable and recycled Denim collection. I’m absolutely in love with this collection knowing it’s climate positive! #HmxMe #LeexHM #HMsouthafrica @hm #ad

881 37

Found the best spot in my room Wearing @vogueeyewear 😍

1,414 100

Beach please 😭🏝 Bikini by @deuceonline available now Shot by @lukekitchinphotography

907 23

Taking in all the energy the sun can give ✨ Hair by @kelvintakudzwa6

1,248 50

🏝 ayyee man, I guess all we can do now is reminisce “Soft life” bikinis on @deuceonline

910 34

Answering all your questions had be scrolling deep into my camera roll and came across these images from a shoot I did in 2019 with @alysubysi 💕

1,178 43

Stuck in this room for the next week. Cry with me #converse #converseallstar

1,184 28

These cute lil backless tops are my favorite at the moment

1,470 72

Oooh la la 💕

988 30

Maybe we lack nothing Shot by @nic_snipes ✨ #converseallstar

999 28

This swimsuit reminds me of my swimming gala days back in primary school. My favourite stroke was always breast-stroke. To all my swimmers, what was/is your favourite stroke? @lukekitchinphotography ✨

1,411 41

2021 will come with its own challenges and like 2020, it’ll have something to teach me.

1,098 12

Thrifted & customized this lil number ✨☺️

1,433 123

The resurgence of feminine energy I feel when I’m close to the ocean is electrifying. Captured by @lukekitchinphotography Hair by @kelvintakudzwa6 wearing @hm

1,175 11

Manifesting this baby for future me ✨ #converseallstars

763 36

Blue Monday? @lukekitchinphotography ✨

777 11

Carole baskin and Joe exotic are shaking

945 193

✨CBD GIVEAWAY TIME✨ This is for all my cbd lovers! As you know I’ve been trialing the cbd oil and gummies by @marysmuse for two weeks now and all I can say is where have you been all my life! I’m giving away a Mary’s muse hamper worth R1200 which includes 2X packs of R199 gummies(mango flavour) aswell as R799 CBD oil! HOW TO ENTER: 1) Like this post & Tag 3 friends who would benefit from CBD in the comments below 2) Follow me @jodiepetersenn and @marysmuse_za 3) Share this post to your story and tag me and Mary’s muse for an extra entry. I’ll be announcing the winner after 1 week (13 Dec 2020) 😁 #marysmuse @marysmuse_za #happinessiscontagious

942 46

Wind got my hair in the 3rd frame @dieselsa #dieseldenim #forsuccessfulliving

1,185 101

Hey December! @lukekitchinphotography ✨

810 29

Consider the change. see it from a different view Photo by @lukekitchinphotography Hair by @kelvintakudzwa6 ✨ Dress @hm

1,168 104

Watch your back! @lukekitchinphotography @glowbyzal.studios #hm #hmxme

972 25

Poolside 🌞

853 30

What means the world to you? #converseallstars

1,164 98

I rarely wear pink but when I do. Lashes & Nails by @reginabeautyandhair ✨💖

1,101 28

I want to experience a sunset like this again. Unreal

1,203 56

I’m going to continue to rep my own baby @deuceonline 🔥 Wearing the Royal blue bag and Mens trousers 🌴💙

1,506 46

A weekend to remember

990 19

Time away #converseallstars

720 10

“You stuck dodging the Devil the older you get. Youth grants grace, growth grants grit With that grit comes this known opposition, like addictions, evictions, convictions, lost visions, love riddled with truths hidden, world tripping“

1,236 64

Was brought here to bring colour to your day

1,006 51

God keeps reminding me that I have immeasurable potential. I have the creator of the universe on my team (you do too😉) so who are we not to be great? Who are we not to flourish? I’m choosing to move knowing my innate limitless potential! Xx ✨

717 25

🔥🌷 Taken by @taraamcauliffe

976 23

In my back yard 🏖 @guess #guessgang

1,003 61

Lilac dreams @guess #Guessgang

871 47

Green with envy or are you feeling blue?

1,005 42

Summer came to say hi to us for a minute 🥰 #converseallstars

1,422 70

Develop a style that suits you and pursue it


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