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We love good food❤️ ✖️#HelsinkiRestaurants ✖️#breakfasthelsinki ✖️#brunchhelsinki ✖️#lunchhelsinki ✖️#dinnerhelsinki 📮:
Helsinki|Southern Finland

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 318 and the average number of comments is 5.

30.77% of the followers that engaged with helsinkirestaurants regularly are from Finland, followed by United States at 8.55% and Australia at 5.13%. In summary, the top 5 countries of helsinkirestaurants's posts engager are coming from Finland, United States, Australia, Russian Federation, Kenya.

Helsinkirestaurants loves posting about Food & Drink, Nature & Outdoors, Travel, Cooking.

Check helsinkirestaurants's audience demography. This analytics report shows helsinkirestaurants's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Finland 30.77 %
  • United States 8.55 %
  • Australia 5.13 %
  • Russian Federation 5.13 %
  • Kenya 4.27 %


310 0

Friday & restaurants are finally open again🥳 Delicious 🥯 from new @yeastieboi_hki ❤️ 📷: @joonasco ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #brunchhelsinki #dinnerhelsinki #lunchhelsinki #breakfasthelsinki #myhelsinki #veganhelsinki #vegaaninen #bagel #bagelsandwich #bagels #bagelporn #brunssi #brunchtime #perjantai

193 7

Ad @saga_suomi 🌲 The best part of a day spent outdoors is the breaks under the sun and we always take our coffee gear with us! This time we snacked on grilled cheese sandwiches and fresh brew. It’s super handy to pack your sandwiches in bakery paper and it’s more ecological than foil or a plastic bag or wrap, you can even recycle it with bio!♻️ Ps. #paperitkunnossa -hashtagin takaa löytyy lisää käyttövinkkejä SAGA-leivinpapereille! ✖️#helsinkirestaurants ✖️#helsinkirestaurantsroadtrip @saga_suomi @boksiapp . . #outdoors #outdoorfinland #outdooradventures #outdoorcooking #retki #retkipäivä #retkiruoka #retkieväät #retkellä #retkeily #eväsretki #evästauko #visitylläs

206 6

Finland is such a beautiful country🤍 We have been enjoying remote life in Lapland and freeriding in the wilderness is definitely one of the best ways to practice social distancing! 📷: @joonasco 😘 ✖️#helsinkirestaurantsroadtrip #pallastunturi #pallas #laplandfinland #visitlapland #visitfinland #ourfinland

312 4

OMG this tosca-plum cake from small little cafe called @cafeblanka 🍑 Remember to support your favorite local restaurants & small business owners with takeaway❤️ ✖️#helsinkirestaurants ✖️#supportyourlocal #myhelsinki #helsinki #takeawayfood #woltapp #foodora #caketime #saturday #meilahti #saturdaybrunch #saturdaybreakfast #lauantai #tuepaikallista #tuepaikallistayrittäjää #toscakakku #toscacake

131 1

In collaboration with @paulunssuomi - there really is magic in sunny spring mornings🧡 Breakfast is definitely my favorite meal of the day! I absolutely adore these sunny mornings with the family, we love to start our days with a delicious and beautiful breakfast🥰 One of my favorite breakfast dishes is a yogurt bowl with granola. Perfectly quick for the weekdays, and you can always add some fresh berries and a few croissants for the weekend!🥐 #paulunssuomi #paulunshetki @boksiapp ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #myhelsinki #aamupala #aamiainen #maanantai #breakfastideas #breakfastbowl #breakfastlover

246 3

Remember to support your local restaurants❤️ Today during my walk I decided to pick up some sweets as a suprise for me and my hubby. He was happy, I was happy and @legrenierhelsinki was happy😘 It was a win-win-win situation! ✖️#helsinkirestaurants ✖️#legrenierhelsinki #myhelsinki #meilahti #helsinki #korvapuusti #cinnamonbuns #cinnamonbun #korvapuustit #pulla #pullapäivä #pullaa

146 0

In collaboration w/ @fafaspita ❤️ Did you know that Fafa’s is 100% carbon neutral?😍 Fafa’s has recently released their very own delivery service and now they have FREE delivery until 7.3! We tested the Fafa’s Delivery service and it was super handy! You can place your order through their webpage and they deliver the food behind your door when you want it. We made our lunch order yesterday and received the food at exactly 14:00 as planned! We had the vegan Meze platter, goat cheese salad, halloumi & sweet potato fries with tsatsiki and fried cauliflower with a tahini dip. All so good and comforting during these exceptional times❤️ #fafas #fafasdelivery #fafaspita #carbonneutral #helsinkirestaurants #lunchhelsinki #dinnerhelsinki #myhelsinki

464 6

Blueberry-white chocolate-liqourice-lemon and chocolate-rasberry buns from @chjoko 🍫Brave and interesting, yet really delicious! I recommend to try especially the blueberry-white chocolate version as it has a lot of taste and several great flavors👌 ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #laskiaispulla #chjoko #laskiainen #myhelsinki #helsinkisecret #ourfinland

364 4

You recommended @helsinkihomemade ❤️ and there’s a reason! *Buns gifted JAM🍒 Filled with cherries! Delicate and delicious, with a very fluffy bun. Pick this if your not too keen about sweet jams! ALMOND🥜 LOVED IT! So beautiful and my favorite almond bun so far😍 Tastes very fresh, and has none of that classic bitter almond flavor - Give it a try! SPECIAL: Baguette🥖 Couldn’t leave a French bakery without their famous baguette! Very crispy crust with a soft inside, would recommend! About @helsinkihomemade Smallest bakery in town - 17m2 with bread & sweets coming fresh from the oven all day! They also have good selection of French delicacies and jams. 📷: @joonasco ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #helsinkihomemade #laskiaispulla #myhelsinki #semla #töölö #laskiaispullat

467 14

Next up: @storyrestaurans a la @markushurskainen💗 *Buns gifted JAM🍓 YUM this tastes like real rasberries! The jam is made specifically for these buns and it’s not too sweet. Super fluffy cream! The BUN is so soft and rich with cardemom😍 Made in sour dough! ALMOND🥜 Caramellised almond paste is a genius idea from @markushurskainen! After this a traditional almond paste feels a bit lame✌️ The paste is also extremely creamy and soft! Looks like caramel but tastes like almond👌 BUN🧑‍🍳 Best bun ever! Buns are made with sourdough and are baked fresh every morning😍 SPECIAL: Buns go well with their famous lohikado salad (last picture). After this fresh salad you are ready to eat the sweets✌️ About Story Café restaurant Story has three restaurants in Helsinki: Old market hall, Kamppi & Tripla. @Markushurskainen is the head of the kitchen team and baking their buns & breads! Also known for the viral vodka pasta! Ps. @storyrestaurants also delivers buns & food to your door in Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa & Kauniainen! Check their Delivery website: 📷: @joonasco ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #storyrestaurants #myhelsinki #laskiaispulla

463 6

Bun tasting continues: @stgeorgebakery ❤️ *Buns gifted JAM🍓 Just perfect! I’m quite sure that this jam is made specifically for these buns as it’s not too sweet and goes perfect with the cream & the cardamom in the bun. The cream is fluffy instead of overly heavy and I like really like the texture! ALMOND🥜 Perfect for all the almond flavor lovers out there! The paste is thick and creamy and it has crunchy almond pieces in it. The almond version had less cream than the jam one, so try to pick the one with more cream as it makes the overal texture lighter✌️ SPECIAL: Cinnamon bun Couldn’t leave without their top-ranked cinnamon bun! Tons of taste and really good layering❤️ BUN🧑‍🍳 Super delicious! All buns use sourdough and are baked fresh every morning😍 Feels like home! About St George Bakery Stylish bakery cafe, located in the St George hotel, serving sweet delights, breakfast & lunch since 2018. 📷: @joonasco ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #stgeorgebakery #myhelsinki #laskiaispulla

572 6

The tasting continues: @cafeesplanad buns are known for their size, but how’s the taste? *Buns gifted JAM🍓 This super sweet strawberry filling was my husband’s favorite! A bit too sweet for my taste but it goes really well with the bun and cream! 😋 ALMOND🥜 My favorite out of these three! Traditional almond paste for that classic combo of flavor and sweetness, their paste is also perfectly soft👌 Nutella🍫 Go crazy and try it with Nutella! I recommend to share this with a friend, or go solo if you really love chocolate. VEGAN💚 YES! Both the almond & jam versions are available as vegan. BUN🧑‍🍳 So good! Taste and texture take us back to grandmoms kitchen and those home made treats! 😍 About: Café Esplanad Traditional cafe & bakery located right in the middle of Esplanad. ✖️#helsinkirestaurants #laskiaispulla #cafeesplanad #myhelsinki #laskiainen #tammikuu #ourfinland #thisisfinland


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