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Wendy Euler (EYE-ler) Age Activist. 50 is the new 50. Make the rest the best. 🇺🇸 | 🇦🇺 Email TWO MANAGEMENT for business opps
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74.0% of goodbyecroptop's followers are female and 26.0% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 1404 and the average number of comments is 105.

Goodbyecroptop loves posting about Fashion, Styling, Lifestyle.

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Two great (and incredibly talented) minds joined forces to create an exceptionally beautiful line of clothing. Congratulations @petraflannery + @alc_ltd This skirt (slide for more detail) is my first addition (but not the last) from your exquisite collaboration. Available exclusively @netaporter ❤️✨ I have recently scaled (my closet) way, way back and I’m only adding pieces that are versatile and go a long way in every realm... dollars, seasons and overall versatility. Yes, this piece is an investment BUT I’ll wear this four seasons AND for many years ahead. Cost Per Wear is already heading down. I’ll style it with sweaters and boots in the winter and tank tops and flip flops in the summer. Buy once. Buy well. Buy smart. And there are many options out there... price points, fabrics, etc whatever works for you. But one or two good, long skirts in basic colors are always worth having in the wardrobe. Happy weekend everyone ✨

498 32

RECREATION ✨ REINVENTION✨RESILIENCE✨ These are the pillars of the Goodbye Crop Top podcast and THIS WOMAN...THIS HUMAN SUNSHINE, Lauren Roxburgh, embodies the three Rs like nobody’s business. The Goodbye Crop Top podcast airs this Thursday, October 1 and I’m thrilled to announce my first guest, my dear friend and North Star @loroxburgh. Lo’s life is beautiful, rich, full of love and light BUT it wasn’t an easy road. Join me Thursday when I talk to Lo about turning her ship around and persevering to REINVENT herself. We talk life, death, love, loss and all things fascia relief and movement medicine. Lo’s programs- foam rolling -rebounding- and healthy living from the inside out- have truly been life changing for me. I just had to share her with you. Thank you, @goodbyecroptop community. Your love and support have been endless and most appreciated. It’s not easy to put myself out there! BUT! Nothing has ever energized me as much as writing, editing and recording these podcasts (with an amazing little team—I’m nothing without them) over the past couple months. There’s passion here. Fear is here, too, but it’s only fuel. A perfect combination. I’ve got a roster of incredible people coming your way, a mix of very well-known folks and—equally important to me—some lesser-knowns. All have stories that will resonate and inspire.’ll even hear my love story. It’s a good one. But this week... it’s all about this earth angel @loroxburgh. Tune in this Thursday via Spotify, Stitcher or iTunes. Links in bio. Here we go 🚀

1,219 323

Nothing like another ✨GIVEAWAY✨ to send us into the weekend! Have partnered with my girls @abejasboutique to give one lucky winner this awesome bag (slide for more) Works well for every day, for travel, for moms, you name it! And the metallic flare adds an awesome sparkle to any outfit! To qualify simply follow me @goodbyecroptop follow @abejasboutique tag two friends below and let us know how you would use this amazing bag ✨✨ Winner announced one week from today! Have a great weekend and good luck everyone 🌈❤️

1,900 94

HELL YES!!! Only ONE WEEK until the first episode of the Goodbye Crop Top podcast drops. Say that three times as fast as you can. 🤪 You can subscribe now on Apple , Stitcher or Spotify via links in my bio. The conversations, the stories, the laughs and the tears...all coming your way! My goal? That anyone and everyone who listens leaves just a little better, a little brighter and a little more inspired to follow your damn dreams.  Not only will we inspire all of you in midlife but, young'uns, we will give you something to look forward to, not dread.  Who’s down for RECREATING, REINVENTING and finding RESILIENCE inside of you to weather what comes your way? I know am! I’m learning and growing one conversation at a time and can’t wait to share everyONE and every WORD with you. 50 is the new bad ass people. Can’t wait to see what 60 brings 💪🏻 ✨❤️

6,019 49

Thank you RBG ❤️

1,215 257

FRIDAY ✨ GIVEAWAY BE A RAINBOW IN SOMEONE ELSES CLOUD. 🌈 Maya Angelou #alignedtribe @loroxburgh I’ve partnered with a designer I LOVE ❤️ @alixofbohemia for an amazing $400 gift card giveaway! Use it for this @alixofbohemia top I’m wearing OR choose whatever you’d like! To qualify, please follow @goodbyecroptop and @alixofbohemia tag two friends below who you think might be interested and as the one and only Maya Angelou said -and my friend @loroxburgh recently reminded me-be a rainbow in someone’s cloud today. ✨✨ Open to residents worldwide. Must be 18 years old to enter. Winner will be announced Friday, September 25th. Good luck everyone 🍀🌈✨

548 16

LOVE ❤️ is ACTION To me, love is action. Our country is burning, literally and figuratively. People are displaced—literally and figuratively. It’s a lot to hold at once. My head spins. My heart aches. And I am a person who can easily become paralyzed by going deep. I imagine many of you are the same. The only way I know how to cope and find some sense of balance is to step into action. Taking action can look like a lot of different things... And no action is too small. Right now, as fires blaze and destroy the west, I’m so incredibly inspired by my dear friend @thelucbrinker who is in ACTION. He traveled from Los Angeles to his home state of Oregon to offer help in a big way (slide for more detail). Most of us can’t physically go to help, but there are things we can do. If you’re looking for an easy way to take action today, you can find a link in my bio to help those in desperate need via @globalempowermentmission Even one dollar helps. Thank you @thelucbrinker for setting up your family fundraiser and for walking the talk. We must take care of each other. We must be kind. We must act. A collection of small actions equals big change ✨❤️

3,216 99

One thing I’ve come to realize- on every level- less is definitely more and good basics last forever. A black cashmere turtle neck (also off white) and good denim are some of my go tos ...and these suede loafers are SO comfortable and versatile (slide for more). All items are available at @jcrew— I’ve been a fan of their basics for many years and !BONUS! They are having an awesome sale. ✨✨ #jcrewalways #sponsored

1,942 122

Happy Friday ✨ Just some suggestions and things on my mind this week and in these crazy times. Pick up Michael Singers “The Untethered Soul” and read it at least once. Sign petitions, donate and advocate for racial justice. If you don’t know where to start @naacp is a good option. VOTE 🗳 I’m currently listening to @tearsforfearsmusic on repeat. Mad World, Woman in Chains, Shout... all of it. And I’m realizing how relevant their music was “back then” AND now. I also find it helpful to shower and get dressed in something that I love and makes me feel good. This @alixofbohemia top gives me all the feels. ❤️ And always ... BE LOVE ❤️


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