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46.2% of galleribobjerggaard's followers are female and 53.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 279 and the average number of comments is 6.

Galleribobjerggaard loves posting about Art, Visualizations, Painting.

Check galleribobjerggaard's audience demography. This analytics report shows galleribobjerggaard's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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46.2 %
53.8 %


  • Art & Design 85.17 %
  • Home & Garden 46.59 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 42.91 %
  • Entertainment 42.28 %
  • Photography 40.50 %
  • Business & Careers 39.96 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 38.48 %
  • Travel & Tourism 37.36 %
  • Luxury Goods 36.97 %
  • Books and Literature 36.46 %
  • Technology & Science 34.90 %


357 7

Anna Bjerger is our current online presentation. For more works and info go to our website link is in bio. Anna Bjerger, Untitled, 28x20 cm #annabjerger#onlinepresentation#galleribobjerggaard

379 7

Anna Bjerger, Tail, 60 x 50 cm #annabjerger#onlinepresentation#galleribobjerggaard#painting

260 4

In a forrest in Småland, Sweden the Swedish artist Anna Bjerger lives and works in what used to be a village school. Everyday starts with a walk with the dog Frankie in the forrest and then a full day in the studio. Entering the studio you are stepping into a very personal space. There in the corner you’ll see piles of books and magazines found at local fleamarkets. A fireplace keeps the studio warm surround by to comfy chairs. 200-300 tubes of paint laying on a tabletop, ready for use. Paintings which are being worked on and some which are finished leaning on the walls. Go to our online presentation at our website to read more about Anna Bjerger. Link in bio Bjerger will be open her solo exhibition Dark Light at @glholtegaard on April 30.

238 5

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard Online Presentation // Anna Bjerger Link in bio Image: Anna Bjerger, Quilted, 2020 #annabjerger#onlinepresentation#galleribobjerggaard

201 3

A look back to John Kørner’s solo exhibition ‘Altid Mange Problemer’ at @Kunsthalcharlottenborg in 2017. A site specific installation in the shape of a massive wawe with a build in dance floor on the top. For further information on John Kørner, please use link in bio. #johnkørner#onlinepresentation#sitespecific#installation#wawe#galleribobjerggaard

231 10

A peek into American / French painter Jules de Balincourt's studio in Bushwick N.Y. where the kittens seem to be enjoying the quarantine. Balincourt’s works are often compositions that invite the viewer to dream of remote places. The layers of bright color and dreamlike imagery offer us a possibilty to escape into an unknown world. But Balincourt does not paint travel pictures, the artist holds two opposing ideas in his mind at once, an estrangement from and affection for worldly things, which can be seen in his neo-romantic paintings. As the artist himself puts it : "I am interested in painting utopian scenes that play out in a dystopian place." Image: Jules de Balincourt, Little Big City, 2020, 61 x 51 cm #julesdebalincourt#galleribobjerggaard#studio#studiolife

330 4

John Kørner’s studio is located in a closed pizzeria in Copenhagen's South Harbor. From the outside, the building looks dilapidated, but behind the anonymous façade, in the deserted industrial area, you are met by an abundance of light and colors and intriguing details. This is where the artist John Kørner works. The oval 'problems' stand as sculptures on shelves while unfinished paintings cover the color-stained concrete floor. Don’t forget to view our online presentation of John Kørner, link in bio or go to our website #johnkørner#onlinepresentation#galleribobjerggaard#contemporaryart#painting#problems#studiolife#artiststudio#brask007

202 5

Galleri Bo Bjerggaard Online Presentation // John Kørner Links in bio. Image: John Kørner, Ocean Life, 2013

457 9

We hope you all are safe - we wish you a lovely weekend. Image: Anna Bjerger, Dawn, 2016, Oil on aluminium, 40x50 cm #annabjerger#galleribobjerggaard

132 3

Ivan Andersen has since the turn of the millennium been associated with the revitalised figurative painting in contemporary art. Andersen is concerned with the material aspects, the surface and the spatial displacements to which the canvas opens, all the while it often is the internet's layers of information, text and images that form the experiential basis for his motifs. In central Frederiksberg in a side street withdrawn from busy city life he has condensed material and subject matter in the three adjoining rooms of a large quiet basement studio, thus enabling him to immerse himself undisturbed in the many layers of his creative processes. Image: Ivan Andersen, Forringet billedkvalitet, mixed media, 160 x 210 cm #ivanandersen#galleribobjerggaard#painting#studiovisit

72 1

Austrian Eva Schlegel works from here studio in Vienna. At the moment she is working on several large scale projects; the dragonfly, which will go on top of Leopold Museum in Vienna, an installation at a Kunstverein with two mirror labyrinths. About the current situation Eva says: ’I am in the studio alone, and I also started drawing again, which I really enjoy. As long as the crisis lasts, keep the enemy at bay with calmness; for many people it is not so easy to control their aggressions (as a result of fear) for such an extensive time! As an artist, it’s easier – I have my studio space to myself, and now I once again have the time for experimenting with different media forms and ideas. When your time is usually regulated by timelines and deadlines, the current situation provides, once again, space for ideas, concepts and reading...which I am enjoying.’ Read more at Image: Eva Schlegel, untitled (ZG04), drawing, 27 x 28 cm #evaschlegel#studio#vienna#artist#galleribobjerggaard#alone#drawing#working

603 13

Tal R works from his studio in the center of Copenhagen, his studio is called Paradise. A print studio by that name was formerly based in the building which used to publish a communist newspaper. The studio was also well known among artists for printing cheap posters. ‘When I moved in here, I liked the concept of working in a Paradise, so I decided to keep the letters outside.’ For Tal R the studio is a very private space. The space is very intimate and filled with private collectibles from toys to ceramics, books, furniture, dogs and of course art. Image: Tal R, Pink Road Through Forest (december), 172 x 213 cm #studiovisit#talr#artist#pinkroad#paradise#painting#galleribobjerggaard


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