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Maker of wigs and BJDs Our mad little world, Dandelion Moon - Pro-artist - Commissions closed! ˗ˏˋ♡ˎˊ˗ Personal doll @happyshrib #frappzilla
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77.5% of frappzilla's followers are female and 22.5% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.50%. The average number of likes per post is 773 and the average number of comments is 51.

Frappzilla loves posting about Art, Beauty.

Check frappzilla's audience demography. This analytics report shows frappzilla's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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77.5 %
22.5 %


  • Travel & Tourism 73.19 %
  • Photography 65.93 %
  • Art & Design 62.93 %
  • Business & Careers 56.37 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 50.19 %
  • Technology & Science 47.99 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 47.36 %
  • Music 45.10 %
  • Sports 43.49 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.51 %
  • Entertainment 40.29 %
  • Cars & Motorbikes 37.64 %


656 52

There has been a large post under the 'doll preorder' tab on the website! It has a lot of information so please read carefully. Http:// Not long now!! Feel free to ask any questions in the comments or via DM Have a great weekend! #bjd #bjdmaking #doll #abjd #dandelionmoon #dandelionmoonlyra #dandelionmoondoll #frappzilla #balljointdoll #balljointeddoll #frappzilladoll #mamafrapp

640 53

We are so unbelievably close to the finish line. Over the weekend we will be doing the final countdown until they ship on Monday to the caster. I can't believe that all that hard work is almost done and all the emotions are starting to kick in. I'm super emotional about the whole thing. Nervous, excited and really proud of what we have done. I thought I'd share some of the hands now they're almost done. Some light cleanup and they'll be good to go. A couple are missing from the photos but they will be included. I'm especially fond of the clasping hands and I cannot wait until I can connect two full dolls together so they hold hands. Which one is your favourite? I've also dug around in the resin test box for the resins I could find any that would be close enough to the pantone we are considering. They aren't perfect matches but thought I'd share anyway. Also minifee cap in the middle haha. Only lyra and some headcaps to go!! Boxes are happening, eyes are being made, shoes in the pipeline. All systems are go!!! #bjd #abjd #balljointeddoll #dandelionmoon #bjdhands #dollhands #frappzilladoll #dandelionmoonalula

632 19

Just sharing some of the event wigs from the first half! The second half will start up again soon but we had some wigs to take care of first and wanted to get the dolls on their journey before we dive into round two. I dyed up many new colours today but I'll be doing some more tomorrow! We've got some super duper deep spooky greens and purples and tons of autumnal shades, roasted chestnut, pumpkin spice, rose gold, charcoal and more. I'll post up some images on stories in just a few. What else would you like to see in round 2?! I also wanted to mention that we will start listing premade wigs for our Dandelion Moon babies when the event resumes to try and make it less chaotic during the preorder. You're welcome for us to hold your wigs in advance until dolls are ready 💖 #bjd #abjd #dollwig #wigmaking #alpacawig #alpaca #soywig #minifeeria #frappzilla #dandelionmoonlyra #momonita #ateliermomoni #littlerebeldoll #minifee

632 42

Hello friends. I just wanted to check in with you all here as its been a wee bit since I officially posted. I tend to lurk in stories these days as you may have noticed. Here are a bunch of Lupi photos that I've posted in stories but not shared elsewhere. We are in the very final stages of sanding and our four little Auryns will be on their big old journey for casting. Once they arrive with the caster, we will have answers to many of your questions; The official prices, an estimated preorder date (likely to be at some point in October) and of course, skintones. We have already selected a few but waiting for instruction from the caster as to how many options we will be allowed. You're more than welcome to leave your suggestions in the comments and maybe I'll share some of the ones we are considering in stories later! Layaways will be available with a deposit. 💖 From all of the feedback forms that you have submitted through our site we may have to work through wigs in waves, starting as soon as the sample dolls arrive back. So if you're someone who doesn't want a layaway, make sure you're in the earliest wave of wigs. We may have to greatly limit the amount of styles and colours available for standard orders and have some premade, elaborate wigs and limited slots for more complex wig orders. We would love to hear the wigs you're thinking of for your dandelion moon baby! On top of all these exciting things, we are hoping that in the not too distant future as will be able to share our range of footwear that will be available as well as lyra's huge bunny ears! I've already been playing with box designs this week so please keep an eye on stories for all of our updates regarding the dolls and their preorder. There's a lot going on and it's quite hectic but we are so excited and loving every minute of it! Please feel free to ask anything in the comments 💖 Thank you so much for all of your continued support. Your enthusiasm is just the greatest motivation and Thank you for being with us on this journey that we never dreamed we would be able to make. #bjd #abjd #dolls #dollmaking #balljointeddoll #dandelionmoon #dandelionmoonlupi #lupi #bjdmaking #frappzilla

1,121 79

A little look at lyra! She hasn't been sanded so she's a little messy. Please excuse her! She has so many unique angles so I tried to capture her various expressions. She is a grumpy little girl I think. I hope you like her o v o I am hoping to magnetise her big old bunny ears in time for preorder. It's not the jointed bunny cap of dreams but until we can get that made it will work out nicely. 🐇 We posted in stories yesterday but just incase you don't see those, the preliminary preorder form (numbers for our caster) will be taken down soon! Please send yours in asap if you are interested 💖 Who is your favourite? Do you prefer human lyra or are you more of a fantasy ear enthusiast? Let us know!!! As always thank you so much for your shares and comments. I can't wait to experience the official preorder with you all. #lyra #dandelionmoonlyra #bjd #abjd #frappzilla #frappzilladolls #balljointeddoll #dollmaking

1,637 135

When I was a little girl, two of my most treasured movies were An American Tail and Fievel goes West. I would sit in front of the VCR and rewind the songs over and over and over. I thought Tanya was the prettiest mouse and I wanted to grow up to be just like her. When my parents divorced at 13, i disconnected from my family and was in a bit of a bad way but my mum and I communicated through her playing the piano while we sang 'Somewhere Out There' as a duet. Later on in life, when I was living in France and Spain, I would send my mum links to that song whenever I was homesick. Now that Ive been home over a year, ive recorded my own rendition of dreams to dream, which feels very suitable at the moment. Even all of these years later, those movies and those songs have forever played a special, sentimental role in my life. Back when I made Delphini and Lupi I also made a mouse, who I always wanted to release with them but I didn't love the finished result the first time. I made this version some time later (whilst singing all of the songs from the movies at the top of my lungs) but never printed her until yesterday when I requested we do so for my birthday. Her head came out a little small and while i appreciate not everyone loves a big old fantasy ear, she turned out to everything I wanted. For me she represents a lot of my childhood and overcoming uncomfortable and painful situations in life. She doesn't have an official name yet but @tikipeachtea Suggested Alula which means "The first leap" which feels so appropriate given we are about to dive into the first preorder and it feels like a leap of faith in so many ways. Also featuring a Lyra Edit. She probably wont be the final version of her as I will bring back more of her grumpiness but I wanted to document this version of her too. Are you familiar with the movies? Do you prefer the new or the old Lyra? I would love to hear yohr thoughts #bjd #anamericantail #abjd #fievelgoeswest #mouse #dandelionmoon #dandelionmoondoll #frappzilla #balljointeddoll #dollmaking #artdoll #artistdoll #3dprint #frappzilladolls

858 76

Hello and thank you so much for all of your recent support and enthusiasm towards the dolls, recent lore posts in stories and the event wigs. We really appreciate every single comment you send our way and hearing your excitement keeps us incredibly motivated. We put up a poll yesterday to try and get some ballpark figures for our caster so that we can answer some of the questions that we keep receiving. As the poll turned into a big ball of excited clicking leading to probably quite optimistic and unreliable results we were wondering if everyone interested in purchasing our dolls (in the first preorder) would mind filling out a quick form on our site (its just a few checkboxes and will take just a few moments.) We wanted to compile some information below for all of you interested in purchasing Lyra, Lupi and Delphini and will of course keep you updated as we learn more ourselves. >Layaway WILL be available with a sufficient down payment for deposit. Potentially 4 months. >Custom wigs WILL be available for full dolls but will need to be purchased at time of ordering so that we can make them while the dolls are being made. >Heads MAY be available but we need to get some accurate-ish numbers to determine whether this is really an option. It would only be available in one skintone for hybridisation as our skin tones are likely to be quite distinct. >At the moment we are looking at Early October as a potential preorder date. It will last a couple of weeks. >While we do not have official pricing at this time we are estimating them to be available anywhere between $475-600. We are hoping to keep them as affordable as possible though which is why we really need your help to get more accurate numbers so we can price them at the lower end of the scale if possible. (continued in comments)

709 35

Im sure most of you waiting for wigs saw the post in stories that Alex and I have been taken down with some sort of unpleasant bug. Wigs will resume as soon as we feel better. I'm so sorry for the inconvenience. I wanted to show you some more of delphini who has frequently been posted in stories but not so much here. I posted tiny delphini the other day with some wigs but this is her larger version (38cm) we posted some about the body in stories for anyone interested. Hopefully we will be back to posting tomorrow or in a couple of days! We will reply to messages when we can. Make sure you're staying hydrated in this heat🔥 #bjd #abjd #dandelionmoondelphini #doll #alpacawig #dollmaking #wigmaking #frappzilla #frappzilladolls #artistdoll

865 44

The new updated asymmetrical. Cut in whisper of pastels. This wig already sold but many people messaged me about this wig. I will have more wigs in this style and others in this colour in the event but probably not this exact combination! And of course more lupi because I really super duper love lupi in shorter styles so you can see the ears better. The smokey amethyst and the icy grey are both new colours. It's difficult to capture in photos but they have unique casts that are very pretty. I wanted to give a small update on our plans for the next couple of weeks regarding the event. First of all the current uploads will be going on for the next few days. After this we will close our doors for a few days to move our workroom to a larger space (yay!) and then resume the event. During our downtime we will be dyeing lots of new colours and restocking so we would love to hear what you want to see as always. I hope you all have a wonderful week! We would love to hear your feedback with the colours you'd like us to dye! #bjd #abjd #minifee #mnfria #dandelionmoonlupi #lupi #frappzilla #frappzilladolls #doll #soywig #balljointeddoll #rainbowhair

742 57

Lupi and tiny delphini appreciation day! I just wanted to share some more of the sold wigs on our little Lupi! You'll notice that lupi's flower ears change to match the wigs! While delphini is probably my favorite of the trio, I think I have the most creative fun with Lupi! We also had a pukipuki wig that I didn't realise would fit tiny delphini so I wanted to share this too! Tinies in this size can wear pukifee clothes but they are a little baggy. We had many people asking if the dolls can have custom wigs ordered for them. They absolutely will come with the option of custom wigs and matching eyes. I'd love to hear who your favourite is and why! Enjoy the rest of your weekends!

653 13

Random lyra spam. The lovely @starsonthewindowsill asked to see lyra on the body. This is her original head which is a teeny bit big and will be resized and eye fixed altered soon. She's managing to wear minifee tights and a yosd t-shirt in this for sizing reference. Apologies for today's wig upload issues. I am having some technical difficulties in adding new wigs and the site keeps timing out. I'm still trying though! The wig pictured here is a revamp of our pixie cut. More layers and wispier fringe. I will rename it so people don't get confused with alternate haircuts with the same name! Any suggestions? Maybe tomorrow we will see lupi ❤️ #bjdmaking #bjd #dandelionmoonlyra #frappzilladoll #abjd #dollmaking #resindoll #balljointeddoll #frappzillawig #frappzilla #soywig #doll

852 45

Hello instagram It's been a while since we posted here as we seem to be more active in stories these days. I just wanted to wish you all a lovely weekend and share some recent wigs with you that are part of our ongoing event. I know 2020 has not been easy for anyone but I hope that we can all move into the second half of it having grown from our discomfort. Onwards and upwards! #bjd #abjd #doll #minifee #mnfria #littlerebeldoll #pukifee #minifeevent #momonita #ateliermomoni #balljointeddoll


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