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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 6.90%. The average number of likes per post is 62 and the average number of comments is 6.

40.22% of the followers that engaged with finnische_muschikanten regularly are from Germany, followed by Finland at 22.83% and Austria at 4.35%. In summary, the top 5 countries of finnische_muschikanten's posts engager are coming from Germany, Finland, Austria, France, Canada.

Finnische_muschikanten loves posting about Film, Music & Books, Animals & Pets.

Check finnische_muschikanten's audience demography. This analytics report shows finnische_muschikanten's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Germany 40.22 %
  • Finland 22.83 %
  • Austria 4.35 %
  • France 3.26 %
  • Canada 3.26 %


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Moi Finnis 💙 I just realized I haven't updated you about the shirt for a long time so well, as you can see there are 3 new signatures. First one from Samu Haber some time ago and 2nd and 3rd one from Jare and Ville Galle from JVG today. Probably everyone of you knows Samu but what about JVG? Have you ever heard of them? If not, it's a Finnish rap duo from Helsinki and I'll tell you a little bit more about them in the next post. Stay tuned! ---------------------------------- Nach ewigen Zeiten mal wieder ein Update vom FMOT-Shirt. Es gibt 3 neue Unterschriften, ein mal von Samu Haber (Sunrise Avenue) und dann ganz aktuell von heute Jare und Ville Galle von JVG. Nach dem ihr Samu ja schon alle kennt, JVG ist ein Finnischen Rap-Duo aus Helsinki. Die beiden sind hier ziemlich angesagt und ich muss sagen mir gefällt die Musik sehr, auch wenn sie in Finnisch ist (und auch erst nach ein paar mal anhören). Die Jungs sind total nett und ich werde sie euch unter dem nächsten post etwas genau vorstellen also bleibt gespannt! 😊 #finnischemuschikanten #finnischemuschikantenontourshirt #samuhaber #hapahaber #jvg #jarebrand #villegalle

37 1

Surprise, surprise! Who's interested? 😍🎉 @Regrann from @waketnations - JOIN US TO PARTY LIKE SOME CRAZY BADASS MONSTERS! More information will be provided in January by SHD-Events. Tickets will be on sale on January 17! #wakethenations #concert #germany #march #finnish #rockers #Regrann

31 1

Hei Finnis 💙 Ich wünsche euch einen schönen 2. Advent mit dieser tollen Verlosung. #niilaadventscalendar

72 25

Hei Finnis 💙 ❗INFO❗ As you might have seen, it's getting calm around this page and there is a reason for that. I'll explain it and I hope you can understand me with that: Most of you probably know that I'm in Finland as an exchange student. I want to enjoy my year as much as possible and see as many things as I can get. There is not that much time to sit in front of my phone and write some post. I'm also getting "older" and out of the freaking fangirl phase like I was in with 14 years. I still like the music of the bands I support but also as closer as I meet them as weirder it feels to post some fan stuff about them. It doesn't mean that I'll stop that page because I thought about that for a long time. I decided to keep the page because I have too many good memories with it and I'll also keep on posting but only some news like new tourdates, album releases or concert reports. So I think that's pretty much all I wanted to say and I still hope you accept my decision. It's totally okay if you unfollow or whatever because I post for fun and because I want to support the musicians not in hope to become fame or get as much likes as possible 😉 However, thanks for your attention to those who read until here. If you want to get some more updates about my exchange year and my life in Finland you're always welcome to follow my private page @noa_estella and my Blog page @noa_meets_finland Anyone who want a translation into German? #finnischemuschikanten

59 1

And as it wouldn't be enough, we also got some new tourdates for Niila in 2017. 🎉 what do you think? So many great news 🤗 #niila #gratitude #grtitudetour #gratitudetour2017 #finnischemuschikanten (c) Contra Promotion

44 0

Hei Finnis 💙 Sorry for being so late but Fanclub work first. As you might got already, My First Band released their new song called "Paradise" together with a great message. They are part of a new music competiton show called "UMK" in Finland. The winner of this show is going to represent Finland at the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiew/Ukraine and My FirstBand Band made it to the Top10 who are going to be in the show. Let's support them all together! All the informations/links you need you can find on the My First Band and My First Band Fanclub Facebook page. #myfirstband #umk17 #mfb2017 #paradise #finnischemuschikanten

47 1


97 11

Hei Finnis 💙 The weekend is over and the "10 years edeition" finally made it to Finland. Did you order it? If yes, how do you like the it? Have a great start in the new week! 🤗 ------------------------- So schnell wie Dad Wochenende gekommen ist, ist es auch wieder vorbei. Die "10 years edeition" hat es jetzt auch endlich bis nach Finnland geschafft 🎉 Wie findet ihr sie, falls ihr sie schon gekauft habt? Ich wünsche euch allen einen guten Start in die neue Woche! 🤗 #sunrise #avenue #sunriseavenue #sunave #s4ve #10yearsedition #samuhaber #hapahaber #rikurajamaa #rickriku #samiosala #raulruutu #raulhasnoinsta #osmoikonen #finnischemuschikanten

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After a few days I'm back. It's been days of so many nice happenings which I can tell you maybe in a few days/weeks. Let's see. Anyways, with this picture of a happy Haber (after IFK won the game) I wish you a great and relaxing weekend! 💙 ----------------------------- Sorry, dass ich mich jetzt ein paar Tage nicht gemeldet habe. Es sind so tolle Sachen passiert, von denen ich euch hoffentlich in näherer Zukunft berichten kann. Bis dahin hoffe ich trotzdem immer wieder mal Zeit für neue Posts zu finden, aber wir werden sehen. 😉 Jetzt wünsche ich euch ein tolles und entspanntes Wochenende mit diesem glücklichen Haber, nach dem der IFK mal wieder gewonnen hat 💪🎉💙 #samu #aleksi #haber #samualeksihaber #samuhaber #hapahaber #icehockey #ifkhelsinki #ifk #hifk #nordis #happyhaber

74 4

Hei Finnis 💙 Take out your calendars and mark the date 11.11.2016 to don't miss the new music video of "Prisoner In Paradise" from Sunrise Avenue. You can already see a short making of video on the Facebook page of Sunrise Avenue. I'm really looking forward to see the result of Samus diving 😄💦 -------------------------------- Merkt euch den 11.11.2016, da soll das neue Musivideo zu "Prisoner In Paradise" von Sunrise Avenue raus kommen. Ich bin wirklich mal gespannt auf das Ergebnis, nach dem man Samu in dem kurzen making of Video auf Facebook so fleißig tauchen sieht 😄💦 #sunriseavenue #samuhaber #hapahaber #rikurajamaa #rickriku #samiosala #raulruutu #raulhasnoinsta #prisonerinparadise #musicvideo #finnischemuschikanten


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