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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.70%. The average number of likes per post is 43965 and the average number of comments is 651.

20.73% of the followers that engaged with emilyskyefit regularly are from United States, followed by Australia at 9.76% and United Kingdom at 7.32%. In summary, the top 5 countries of emilyskyefit's posts engager are coming from United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Canada.

Emilyskyefit loves posting about Health & Fitness, Cooking, Food & Drink.

Check emilyskyefit's audience demography. This analytics report shows emilyskyefit's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 20.73 %
  • Australia 9.76 %
  • United Kingdom 7.32 %
  • Italy 6.1 %
  • Canada 4.88 %


36,423 352

CAPTION THIS! 🤣 This is a face @_sammangan often pulls around me - not sure WHY! 😜🙈 This mama went shopping for some new clothes - I’m usually not into floral clothes but this dress is pretty cute I think! 😃🌸🌺💐 . . #weekendshopping #floraldress #floralvibes #yesorno #emilyskye #sammangan

46,116 548

My baby is gone!! 😭 So has my sleep haha! 🤣🙈 Some nights it takes hours to get Mia to sleep, other nights she goes to sleep easily. Some nights she sleeps 12 hours, other nights she sleeps 6 hours.. mum life hey! 😝 Some days I question myself & whether I am a “good enough” mother to Mia, other days I think “I’m killing this mothering stuff!” 🤣 All we can ever do is the best we can & accept that we are never going to be perfect at ANYTHING and give ourselves a break! So if you’re like me and had a super busy, tough week with very little sleep... take some DEEEEP BREATHS... next week is a new week haha! We’ve got this! 👊🏼 Sending love to you all! Remember, you’re stronger than you think you are! 🥰💕😘 . . #mumlife #nosleepclub #whatssleep #mumdaughter #21monthsold #almost2

31,140 376

Stronger than ever - Mentally & physically! I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a mother now (or maybe it’s my @womensbest BCAA Aminos giving me life 😜) but I have never been as strong as I am today. It blows my mind what my body can do and I’m so grateful for it. It not only grew and birthed a human but it continues to get stronger. I’m capable of doing more now than I was when I was in my 20s! My mind is also stronger than ever - I can push myself further out of my comfort zone than I’ve ever been able to do before. I’m also more accepting & loving of myself and I’m more in tune with my body than I’ve ever been. It’s just the best feeling! I believe weightlifting really does translate into many things in life and I’m so grateful I’m able to do it. 🙏🏼💪🏼 . I just wanted to remind you to focus and be grateful for what your body can DO rather than what it looks like. What an amazing machine it is! 😃🙌🏼 X Em . . #womensbest #emilyskye #strongerthanever #strongmentallyandphysically #strength #truestrength #strongmama #bicepflex

73,404 841

💃🏼 Off to dinner to celebrate the launch of my new podcast @youcanbyemilyskye 🎉 😃 . 🙏🏼 THANK YOU so much to everyone who’s supporting me with my podcast. To thank you I’m doing a giveaway!!😃 . 1ST PRIZE: 12 month subscription to my FIT Program + $500 worth of @james_cosmetics & makeup. 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 3 RUNNER UPS: 12 month subscription to my FIT Program + a beauty box with James Cosmetics & makeup. . ✨ TO ENTER: 1. Click the link in the @youcanbyemilyskye profile to open my podcast. . 2. RATE & REVIEW ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ . 3. Screen shot your review & direct message it to: @youcanbyemilyskye so I can see it & choose a winner. The most stand out reviews to me will win! ☺️ . Feel free to subscribe! I’ll be dropping an episode once a week on a range of different topics with special guests! ☺️ . Thank you! 🙏🏼 So many of your reviews have made me cry! 😭 It just shows that most of us struggle with the same issues. Don’t forget, you’re not alone, you’re worthy & amazing and remember “YOU CAN”.😃😘 . . #podcast #emilyskye #youcan #youcanpodcast #newpodcast #newepisode #podcastepisode #giveaway

51,619 1,500

I’m off to China in the morning. I managed to capture a moment when Mia wasn’t chucking one of her frequent tantrums. 🤣🙈 I feel like she just chucks them all day long now... the terrible twos came early for us! 😬 I’m currently trying to get Mia to sleep & have been trying for 4 hours now! 😩🙄 I’m upset to leave Mia even though it’s only for a few days but it will help with the breastfeeding weaning I think! 🙏🏼☺️ By the way, to everyone telling me to shave Mia’s head to make her hair grow faster - please explain the science behind it! How does cutting hair above the scalp affect the hair follicle? 🤔 It’s a very interesting theory! 😜 . #chinabound #mamasgirl #mamaanddaughter #21monthsold #emilyskye

50,664 709

When I was younger I was teased & called “twig” & “stick creature” for being thin... I wasn’t happy with myself in many ways & was really insecure. Something I always wanted to change (physically speaking) was my hips, legs & butt - I wanted them bigger and more “shapely”. I believe what’s on the inside matters most of course, and the main reason I workout is because of the way it makes me feel. And being healthy will always be my priority BUT I also like to look good & there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to look good! . For some reason in today’s culture caring about your appearance makes you seem “shallow”. I 100% believe that when you look good you feel more confident in yourself & that makes you a MUCH happier person. As long as you don’t sacrifice your health to look a certain way & always try to be YOUR best not someone else’s then there is everything RIGHT with that!! . Don’t let people make you feel bad for wanting to make positive changes to become the best you can be physically & mentally. Usually the people who criticise you for working hard on yourself are the ones who gave up on themselves - which I think is so sad. 😥 They dont believe in themselves or it gets too hard and they throw in the towel. 😔 Most people have the ability to make positive changes, it just takes getting uncomfortable, hard work & commitment. . Since having my daughter Mia & gaining over 23kg during my pregnancy I’ve found it really hard to lose what I gained & to get fit again & I’ve worked harder than ever. It took at least a year to feel close to the fitness level I was at prior to becoming pregnant. Now at almost 21 months postpartum I am the strongest I have ever been in my life - physically speaking AND mentally! I am also the happiest I have ever been with my body. I used to be so critical of my myself & my body but I am SO much better at loving and accepting myself now! I’m still a work in progress but I’m getting there & I’m proud of myself & how hard I’ve worked! ☺️#progressnotperfection . Make yourself a priority without feeling guilty for doing so & learn to love yourself whether you’re at your best or not!😘 .

63,947 785

Getting a nice pic with a toddler is almost impossible! How do people do it? 🙈 Mia was scrambling to get out of my arms.... and in the last pic she like “you’re not wanted in this pic Mama” & back hands me in the face! 🤣🙈 #mumlife #toddlerlife #littleratbag #20monthsold

79,576 1,405

I’m the cover girl for the new issue of @womenshealthuk 😱😃🙌🏼 Thank you so so much to @clairesanderson and the whole Women’s Health team for having me as your covergirl, it is such an incredible honour. 🙏🏼 In my feature I talk about everything from growing up lost & insecure and working through mental health issues to going through baby blues and how I got fit again after having Mia. ☺️ . I wish I could show my teenage self this cover and say “hang in there Em, life’s full of struggles & sometimes it may seem unbearable but you’ll pull through. You’ll not only become an incredibly strong (and happy) woman who truly knows your worth but you’ll be able help others realise they’re capable and worthy too.” 💜☺️ . When I first got fit and healthy a decade ago it changed my life in so many ways and I made it my mission to reach as many people as I could and hopefully inspire them to make themselves and their mental & physical health a priority. When I exercise I feel strong & capable of anything and as silly as it may sound it makes me feel like superwoman. 💪🏼 The effect exercise has on my mental state is amazing! 😃 I want everyone to feel like this! We all deserve to feel our best! ☺️ . 🙏🏼 Thank you all so much for your support, I know some of you have been here for years and I really appreciate you and wish I could give you all a big hug - maybe one day! 😃 ... Oh and take it from me, no matter how bad things may seem at the time they can get better and living your dreams is most definitely possible - so go get it!! 🤗💕 . . . #womenshealth #womenshealthmag #womenshealthuk #livingmydreams #emilyskye #mentalhealth #physicalhealth #healthandfitness #postpartum #10monthspostpartum


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