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Photographer 🇫🇮 Finland based 🙋🏼‍♀️ Forever curious traveler
Helsinki|Southern Finland

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.90%. The average number of likes per post is 188 and the average number of comments is 9.

18.46% of the followers that engaged with ektara regularly are from Finland, followed by Russian Federation at 10% and United States at 9.23%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ektara's posts engager are coming from Finland, Russian Federation, United States, United Kingdom, France.

Ektara loves posting about Architecture, Photography, Nature & Outdoors.

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  • Finland 18.46 %
  • Russian Federation 10 %
  • United States 9.23 %
  • United Kingdom 6.92 %
  • France 3.85 %


410 13

It’s still there – the crooked sauna! 🏠 I haven’t visited this spot for some years, and wasn’t sure if it was still up. Standing strong, woohoo! I love how it’s kind of saying: I don’t care if I’m a bit off, this is my way to do things, so shut up. 💙 Happy International Women’s Day my friends! Let’s do things our own way!

158 3

One more from Lapland. Oh heck maybe two. ❄️❄️❄️ I love the blue moment in the white forest. It becomes a blue forest, completely. Would you want to walk this light path among the silent, snow covered trees?

202 29

Going ice swimming. Yup. We Finns do this. Here’s my soulsista going for a dip, I did the same thing. ❄️😬 There has to be a hose pumping air to the water all the time to keep it moving, otherwise it would freeze solid in 10 minutes. Air -20 degrees, water +2 degrees. 💪🏼

264 4

The colours of polar night. When the sun doesn’t rise but stays below the horizon, you get this beautiful twilight with soft pastel colours. 💜 . #lumi #lappi #laplandfinland #ourlapland #visitingfinland #discoveringfinland #suomenluonto #lapinlumo #outdoorfinland #visitlapland #snowlife #snowlover #ourfinland #gofinland #yleluonto #luontoonfi #retkipaikka #suomiretki #munlappi

229 11

Sorry for the grainy shot, but sometimes it’s fun to be in front of the camera to say hello to all of you! 👋🏼Skiing in the forest, here I just took the skis off to get closer to the trees – I’m taking some closeups from the frozen tree trunks as inspiration for my next paintings.

602 12

View from my window right now. I’m back in my beloved Lapland, I have been waiting to dive into a PROPER winter! ❄️⛄️❄️⛄️❄️ As I live on the south coast of Finland, our winters there are really different from the beautiful white winters here. So, not a bad view, huh? There has been strong winds so snow has fallen from the trees, otherwise this scenery would be totally white. Okay, I’ll go skiing now, see ya later!

125 7

Morning on Halong Bay 🌊 Waking up to a scenery like this, aboard an old, charming boat, that is something I won’t forget. My morning started with tai chi on the deck, led by one of the boat crew members. The sun had just risen. After that, breakfast aboard, and the second cup of coffee I carried to the top deck and enjoyed it there. I urge myself to cease the days, and be present in these little precious moments. Vietnam Revisited series #vietnam🇻🇳 #halongbayvietnam #worldheritage #visitvietnam #vietnamtravel #vietnamtrip #việtnam #travelvietnam #instavietnam

134 8

Shopping for daily food – just think about it: How different do you feel about the food when you buy it like this? You get it straight from the producer, it’s fresh, it’s local, there’s human interaction, sometimes even delivered with smiles and humour. Compare that to food that sits on the shelves in plastic, for days. Just saying. 🥬🍅🍋😊 Vietnam food markets 2/3 From the series Vietnam Revisited

124 11

Vietnam food markets 1/3 I always enjoy visiting local food markets, they give you the sense of everyday life wherever you are traveling. In Vietnam everything was striking me as super colourful (my country is gray at the moment 🙄), both the produce and people. My background being in minimalistic Scandinavian style, I couldn’t get enough of all this colour fireworks! ... Damn, do I even dare to tell you that I’m wearing a gray robe as I’m writing this? 😬

93 6

So, we got first snow! And yup, I haven’t been out to shoot for ages. So just to give a sign of life 😬, I’m still here, and before my snowy pics I’ll upload a few more from Vietnam. 🇻🇳 This is from the breathtakingly beautiful Halong Bay, aboard a traditional wooden junk boat. We dropped the anchor and stayed overnight, one of the most memorable sunsets I’ve experienced, I have to say! . From the series Vietnam Revisited . #vietnam🇻🇳 #halongbay #visitvietnam #vietnamtravel #vietnamtrip #việtnam #travelvietnam #instavietnam #vietnamcharm

139 8

Vietnam revisited As the days are getting shorter and the darkness creeps closer here next to the polar circle (😁), I took a look at my photos from my trip to Vietnam last year. I still have so many in my roll, never posted even half of them. So, I might just make a dive into them, here’s one from the beautiful old city of Hội An.


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