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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 0.50%. The average number of likes per post is 30 and the average number of comments is 2.

15.31% of the followers that engaged with capeaesthetics regularly are from South Africa, followed by United States at 15.31% and United Kingdom at 9.18%. In summary, the top 5 countries of capeaesthetics's posts engager are coming from South Africa, United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Canada.

Capeaesthetics loves posting about Hair & Beauty.

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  • South Africa 15.31 %
  • United States 15.31 %
  • United Kingdom 9.18 %
  • Australia 8.16 %
  • Canada 5.1 %


25 0

We are out of office and we hope you are too! Now is the time to relax and lean in to your home care - whatever it is you want to change about your skin can be done in 2021! As South Africans, Christmas holidays inevitably mean spending a little more time in the sun, and we implore you to be conscious of what the consequences of being irresponsible in terms of sun exposure can mean long term: at best premature aging and pigmentation, at worst cancers, some of which are life threatening. Our tips for enjoying the great outdoors while staying safe: 🔆 Generously apply a high factor SPF to all sun-exposed areas as often as every 2hours 🔆 Wear a wide-brimmed, UPF rated hat as much as possible 🔆 Cover sun-exposed areas in light cool clothing as much as possible (your shoulders and arms get PLENTY of sun, even if you do this!) 🔆 Seek shade as much as possible 🔆 Consider taking oral sun-specific antioxidants and applying topical antioxidants (but these DO NOT replace SPF) Stay safe and keep your distance out there, beauties! ✨☀️✨

27 0

Wishing a very merry and safe Christmas to all our followers who celebrate, and especially to all our loyal patients who have given us much to be grateful for this year. We hope that, despite this Christmas being undoubtably different, you feel loved and appreciated! We are all taking a break and putting our feet up after an incredibly rough year, but you can make online bookings for skin treatments via our link in our bio, and all WhatsApp’s and emails will be responded to as soon as we are back up and running! You can also DM for VERY last minute vouchers (naughty!!!) ✨🎄✨

63 3

Forward this to anyone who needs a gentle nudge/strong push in the right direction! Today is the last day for in-clinic product collections! e-Vouchers can be arranged up to the very last minute via DM. We hope you are all settling in for a different but magical Christmas! ✨🤶🏽✨

20 0

Our doors are still open today and tomorrow for last minute purchases of vouchers and products! Taking a trip to our office in the Claremont Medical Village is a bit of any eye opener at the moment, we know...but in times like these keeping your eyes open is the best way to stay safe! We follow incredibly strict protocols and are convinced our office is an incredibly safe place to be, however we do offer free delivery to your door on product orders over R700 for those who are staying home and staying safe right now! Tomorrow is our last day for 2020, so make sure you’ve got enough sunscreen and products (but especially sunscreen) to last you until 4 January! ✨🎄✨

35 5

Did you know that the aim of the majority of our treatments is to make you look like you don’t need them at all? Unfortunately it’s not a great marketing strategy for us...but for our patients it means looking the way they feel, which on the whole is not grumpy and stressed and weathered and wrinkled, despite what 2020 has served us! The magic of B-tox is that it is dose-dependent, and so while a certain amount of it will certainly paralyze muscles, a lesser amount will moderate movement so that it is still possible to move and create some lines and ripples on animation, but at rest your face is mostly line-free like it was in your 20s! The decision to embark on a B-tox journey is always a personal one, but don’t let the fear of looking strange sway your decision - if your expression lines and wrinkles are bothering you we can almost guarantee you will be blown away by what B-tox can do for them! (We are fully booked for 2020, but bookings are open for 2021 and a Cape Aesthetics voucher is redeemable against all products and treatments!) ✨💉✨

25 0

The COVID cancellations are rolling in and although we have adhered to strict protocols throughout this pandemic we thought now much be a good time to remind you all about what those protocols are, as well as to keep yourselves safe! We are 2 weeks away from Christmas so if you are exposed now you’ll basically miss it...keep that in mind when you’re going about your business! Our measures are as follows: 😷 All our patients receive a whatsapp/sms reminder before their appointment and are asked to reschedule if they or someone they have had contact with feels unwell 😷 Anyone entering our premises is to wear a mask without exception 😷 Sanitizing stations outside our front door, at reception, and at all points of contact with our staff 😷 An online or hard copy questionnaire and declaration of wellness with a temperature check is completed by everyone entering our offices, including staff, each time they enter 😷 Rigorous sanitizing protocols for all touched surfaces between each patient, as well as soap-and-water hand washing by staff 😷 Appointments are as “distanced” as possible - of course our business requires touching, however we wear shields, masks and gloves, and reduce contact time where appropriate 😷 Contactless payment options available And that’s it in a nutshell...if you have any recommendations feel free to reach out! We sincerely wish you all a happy and healthy festive season! Stay vigilant and safe, ok? ✨🦠✨

14 0

Searching for the perfect gift and coming up blank? We still have a few of our Cape Aesthetics Gift Boxes left (as well as precious few of some of the Lamelle Festive Promo boxes) Our Cape Aesthetics Gift Box is ideal for men and women, whether you’re new to this skincare thing or a veteran who knows the molecular weight of the hyaluronic acid in your night serum! It contains: 🪄ZO Exfoliating Cleanser 60ml 🪄Heliocare Gel Oil Free 50 🪄Lamelle Correctives HA+ 🪄SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight 🪄Lamelle Serra Body Lotion All for only R2400 (you save R670) Get in touch to claim yours and secure your spot as the best gifter this year! ✨🤶🏽✨

16 1

Did you know we offer emailable gift vouchers? All you need to do is send us the amount you want to gift, your email address and the name of the recipient. You will then get an invoice, and upon receipt of proof of payment we will email you a customized voucher! Our vouchers can be redeemed against any of our treatments (medical and non-medical) and products, and delivery on product orders over R700 is FREE! Skip the hassle of tracking your takealot orders this festive season and give your loved ones something they REALLY want! ✨🎁✨

33 1

Bringing you a PRO TIP this December Monday: DON’T FORGET YOUR TEMPLES! We see this all. the. time! On #GRWM videos, sometimes in our own mirrors, and worst of all on our patient’s faces when they come in complaining about their pigmentation. It’s so easy for this to happen - you apply a blob of product (especially sunscreen) to your forehead, and one on each cheek, and rub it around, sort of assuming that both of them covered your temples when actually neither properly did! Then you get in your car and drive somewhere with the sun shining DIRECTLY onto your temple, and voila! A brown patch... If you’re a pigmentation sufferer or someone who is doing your best for your skin’s general health, take that extra 2 seconds and make sure you’re applying your products to your temples, ok? ESPECIALLY SUNSCREEN! ✨🧴✨

57 13

Yet another amazing Mooimaak reveal! Antoinette had suffered normal volume loss associated with aging, but also complained that because of a scar on her forehead from a childhood injury, people always thought she was angry, when the truth couldn’t have been less so! A lovely, bubbly and motivated patient, Dr Cara had a wonderful time treating her! The focus of her injectable treatments was to keep her looking age-appropriate and "like herself", but to soften the lines on her face that made her look angry or sad, as well as to re-inflate the deflated areas to restore some youthfulness and match her personality to her looks! Dr Cara addressed Antoinette's forehead scar with a technique that uses a needle to separate the scar tissue from the underlying tissue to "release" the scar and stop it from being pulled inwards and causing an indentation. She then used filler to plump the skin underneath the scar, making it less visible. She also placed filler in her cheeks, tear troughs, lips, nasolabial folds, marionette lines and along her jawline to give her features a youthful contour. In total, Antoinette had 12ml of filler injected. Next Dr Cara used Botulinum Toxin to smooth wrinkles caused by facial movement in her forehead, frown, around her eyes, and to stop the corners of her mouth from pulling downward. She had a total of 58u of B-tox injected. These treatments, coupled with the skin treatments done by Laserderm have erased years of strife from Antoinette's face and allowed her happy, bubbly personaility to shine through! These photos show: 1. Before & After, with full glam by @dandmagency @hair_reloaded_by_lameez 2. & 3. B&A Antoinette’s first of 3 treatments with Dr Cara 4. Focus on the mouth area, with improvement to lip volume and marionette lines 5. Focus on eye area showing her scar improvement as well as softening of wrinkles around the eyes (with brow tattooing by @powderpuff_pmu) 6. No make-up B&A 7. A selfie of Dr Cara & Antoinette 8. Antoinette’s beautiful smile with dental work by @jjs_dentistry and lip filler by Dr Cara What do you think? ✨💃🏻✨

15 0

If you’re planning to wait until the last moment to get your treatments in...don’t! We are filling up fast and as hard as we try to accommodate everyone and “squeeze people in”, there are only so many hours in a day! Dr Cara’s last day at the office is 17 December 2020, and she will return to work on 11 January 2021. Sally’s last day for 2020 is 23 December, and she will be back to treat you on 6 January 2021! Our product deliveries will also be taking a break between 24 December to 4 January, and our phone lines will not be manned during this time! We hope to see you soon! If not, have a wonderful festive season and we will see you on the other side! 😘 ✨📖✨

42 2

Are you one of the lucky few who got knocked up while the rest of us got locked down? If so CONGRATULATIONS! And welcome to the confusing world of “what’s allowed in pregnancy?” Unfortunately having a baby on board does mean you’ll need to give many of our treatments a miss - since the treatments we offer are medical and intense we find there often is just not enough data to conclusively prove your pregnancy will be 100% unaffected by them and so we would rather see you again afterward! In the meantime, there are a vast number of changes your body will undergo during this magical period, and your skin will join the party! At the very least your stomach skin will grow and stretch to accommodate your mini, and to add to that, your changing hormones will make you more prone to pigmentation, acne/breakouts, stretch marks and even unwanted hair growth. Our answer to all of this is rigorous and religious home care while the babe is on board, and then if you’re left with a situation you’re less than charmed with, straight to our office as soon as you emerge from the new-mom haze! This Friday at 5pm Sally will be joining some of our favourite moms-to-be, @alldolledup_sa to chat about pregnancy skincare and share some tips and truths on what to expect for your skin when you’re expecting! As ever, if you’re confused about what you can and can’t use, we are here to help, and our Virtual Consults are a great way to get all the info you need with none of the stress of leaving the house! Get in touch...and good luck! ✨🤰✨


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