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Aisha O'Reilly Award-winning #Mommyblogger Host: The Whole Mama Show 🎙️ Professional Chatterbox Brand collabs: NO DMs 📍 S. Africa
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71.3% of aishaandlife's followers are female and 28.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.30%. The average number of likes per post is 745 and the average number of comments is 70.

17.39% of the followers that engaged with aishaandlife regularly are from United States, followed by South Africa at 15.94% and Kenya at 11.59%. In summary, the top 5 countries of aishaandlife's posts engager are coming from United States, South Africa, Kenya, United Kingdom, Netherlands.

Aishaandlife loves posting about Moms, Fashion.

Check aishaandlife's audience demography. This analytics report shows aishaandlife's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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71.3 %
28.7 %


  • Children & Family 80.26 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 65.63 %
  • Business & Careers 47.76 %
  • How-to & Style 46.85 %
  • Travel & Tourism 45.49 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.45 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 39.86 %
  • Entertainment 39.77 %
  • Art & Design 38.33 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 38.21 %


  • United States 17.39 %
  • South Africa 15.94 %
  • Kenya 11.59 %
  • United Kingdom 4.35 %
  • Netherlands 2.9 %


534 38

When you’re pregnant, everything is centered around the weeks. Which trimester you’re on, what kind of symptoms are normal, what fruit your baby is currently the size of. We count the weeks and plan around them, always hoping the baby will make it to full term to be fully developed, healthy and avoid any complications. Sometimes the babies are finally ready at 41 weeks, and others are born at 32. Thanks to modern medicine, premature babies have a higher chance of surviving these days. But they’re still at risk for major developmental conditions that can last throughout their lives. This week, Olerato is sharing her story of how her textbook pregnancy turned into the premature birth story she prayed would have a happy ending and how her daughter fought for her life. *Swipe for a preview* The Whole Mama Show Episode 5: You’re Not the Only Mama Who Had a NICU Baby is on iTunes/Apple Podcasts & Spotify. Links in bio lovelies 😘 Mama: @mommy_and_baby_approved _____ Let’s unpack: did you have a premature baby? How (if at all) can a mom prepare for a premature birth? _____ #thewholemama #wholemam #realmotherhood #blackmotherhood #blackmomsblog #honestmotherhood #realmoms #melaninmotherhood #prematurebaby #nicu #nicubaby #birthstories #wholemamatruth

459 51

It's been a busy few weeks so I was so excited to catch a quick break. I managed to get out of the house and scoff down a healthy meal, get some fresh air and catch up with friends. The special spring time menu ‘Fresh’ at Doppio Zero is one to try if you're looking for a light bite to eat. They have bowls for different tastes from around the world. My faves were the Japanese inspired scrambled eggs with salmon and Jamaican inspired jerk chicken with rice *swipe for more pics and check out my stories* There are seven freshly squeezed juices, one for each day of the week which also reminded me of how energy boosting green juices are. So that’s something I'm definitely bringing back into my diet. This and the sunshine walk I took in the morning was just what I needed 💁🏾‍♀️ What's your fave thing to eat when the sun’s out? _____ @doppiozerosa #hosted #DeliciouslyHealthy #DoppioFresh #spring #blogger #bloggerlife #healthyfood #goodfood #selfcare #metime #mama #browngirlbloggers #sunsout 📷 @justamamma

940 54

Instagram vs. (swipe) Reality 😂😂😂 At this point, I can’t not laugh 🤷🏾‍♀️ On a scale of exhausted - shattered, how tired are you?! ____ #theoreillyfam #boydad #newbaby #family #love #momlife #dadlife #newborn #mixedfamily #interracial #interracialcouple #mixedrace #interracialfamily #motherhood #fatherhood #parenthood #newdad #realparenting

628 96

I missed world mental health day this past Saturday because I was taking a mental health day. I was on the verge of another anxiety episode. I’ve been lacking restful sleep, I’m still feeling the after affects of birth, I’ve overloaded my plate and I was starting to feel it tipping over. I no longer say I suffer from anxiety because for me the word ‘suffer’ sounds like it’s unbeatable, like I’ll always succumb to it. I’ve lived with it for decades but I’m determined to learn how to deal with it better and not let it take over my life. So I’ve been more conscious in how anxiety manifests in me. Some things I’ve noted that help me: 👉🏾 Triggers - I’ve finally identified most of mine and try to work through them or avoid them if possible 👉🏾 Sleeping - many of us underestimate how much sleep contributes to our mental health. Even one bad night of sleep messes me up for days 👉🏾 Saying no - to anything that will take away energy and time from the things and people that are my priorities 👉🏾 Speaking up and asking for help - I’m still working on this (because I like to think I can do more than I can) but I’m getting better. My husband knows how bad I can get now if I don’t say something. So when I need help or just to tag out, I say so. Do you also ‘suffer’ from anxiety? What are some ways you handle it? _____ #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthday #mentalhealth #blackmentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #selfcare #anxiety #postpartum #reallife #realmom #realmotherhood #melaninmotherhood #browngirlbloggers #blackmotherhood #melaninmotherhood #honestmom

1,379 89

A lil’ dose of Kenzo to start off your week. The only upside to this weird weather situation is the cutie patootie outfits that make him look like a real life teddy bear before he grows out of them 😭😍 *swipe to watch* EDIT: Baba Kai wanted recognition for buying this outfit. Well done husband 👌🏾 ____ #2020baby #newborn #cutebaby #boymama #boymom #momoftwo #motherhood #newbaby #family #love #mixedbabies #africanmom #momlife #melaninmotherhood #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #mixedkids

725 19

Y’all are sleeeeeeeping on my giveaway! There’s only one day left for you to try and win one of my BIGGEST prizes - a treat day on 4th Avenue Parkhurst for you and a friend worth almost R8,000! I’d enter, but that wouldn’t be fair and I also already experienced it. Spoiler: it was AMAZING. It’s not too good to be true and there’s no catch. I love y’all and I just want one of you to get some much needed time off, and support some great local businesses. Check out what’s in store in my story highlights and enter accordingly 💁🏾‍♀️ *swipe to see which photo to look for on my feed to enter* Btw how pretty is this bike?! _____ #parkhurst #4thavenue #buylocal #supportlocal #supportlocalbusiness #johannesburg #browngirlbloggers #mommyblogger #blogger #bloggerlife #pampering #metime #girlsdayout #momsdayoff 📷 @mommy_and_baby_approved

362 32

*TRIGGER WARNING* We don’t really associate something as joyful as having a baby to something as dark as depression. But according to the WHO, almost 1 in 5 new moms develop a mental health disorder, the most common being postpartum depression. Depression, as with a lot of mental health issues, is an especially touchy topic in many Black families. Speaking up, or looking for professional help can be discouraged. And even when that happens, many can’t afford treatment. As a result, millions of women are suffering in silence and their ability to be present mothers is limited. I had an emotional and powerful conversation with Thando in this week’s episode of my podcast. She’s telling her whole mama truth about how she suffered from postpartum depression after her first child and how she overcame it to become a better mom to her tribe. *Swipe for a preview* The Whole Mama Show Episode 4: You’re Not the Only Mama Who Had Postpartum Depression is on iTunes/Apple Podcasts & Spotify. Links in bio lovelies 😘 Mama: @modernzulumom _____ Let’s unpack: how can we better support new moms after birth? _____ #thewholemama #wholemama #postpartumdepression #postpartum #postnataldepression #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #depression #realmotherhood #blackmotherhood #blackmomsblog #honestmotherhood #realmoms #melaninmotherhood #worldmentalhealthday #maternalhealth

826 64

I get this often: “I’m not a mom but I enjoy your content.” I know that while the majority of you are moms or moms to be, many of you aren’t. Here’s the thing: I write, talk and share my honest journey in motherhood for you too. Yes, YOU. Because you are a sister, a friend, an employer of a mother. I do it for the husbands, partners and brothers of a mother. So, you don’t have to be a mom to make use of what I share. I just hope that it helps you to better support the mothers in your life. When they say it takes a village to raise a child, YOU are that village 🙌🏾 And part of my goal is to make it a more aware village, one that understands mamas’ challenges, so we can raise these children better 💪🏾 Non-mamas: what has surprised you the most about mama life? Mamas: How can your village better support you? _____ #ittakesavillage #sisterhood #momlife #realmotherhood #birth #pregnancy #mommyblogger #honestmotherhood #blackmom #blackmomsblog #melaninmotherhood #motherhood #africanmom #blackmotherhood #beingawoman

1,104 195

Instafam, I’ve been awarded the South African Parenting Blog Award Best Blog 2020 Runner Up! It’s still a bit weird for me to announce accolades and achievements. But as I get older I realize it’s important for me to share and celebrate my wins and not just talk about my struggles. That which we give energy to will flourish 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 There are SO many amazing writers, bloggers, creatives, mothers and fathers bearing their souls and sharing their parenting journeys along with me. So, to even make it into the top ten is pretty insane 🤯 Congratulations to all of the other winners, I’m in great company 🙏🏾 Here are just some of them who also won: @mammachefjozi @traxgport @thedailyreev Thank you so much to the judges for recognizing our work: @sonyanaude @afrodaddyct @elanaafrika @sindivanzyl. Thank you to @samomblogs for all that you do for our community ❤️ And of course, thank you Instafam! I write and share because you read my story in this ever evolving journey of motherhood 🙏🏾 —— #sapbawards #mommyblogger #motherhood #momlife #happiness #blessed #blogger #blackmomsblog #africanmom #creative #melaninmotherhood 📷 @instahubbyza

313 81

I just want to know why these rugrats think it’s ok to barge in on Mommy on the loo and NEVER dare disturb Daddy when he’s doing his business🤔 Look at him. What is this?! I fantasize about the day I’ll do this in peace and not in a rush to tend to a wailing baby, or worry about my older kid doing gymnastics around said baby in my absence and, most importantly, ALONE! How do you keep them out?! _____ #noprivacy #realmotherhood #momlife #realmomlife #helpamommaout #motherhood #boymom #momlife #melaninmotherhood #raisingboys #honestmotherhood #realmotherhood #realmomlife #momsofinstagram #motherhoodunplugged

1,242 103

How far do you display PDA in front of people? In front of your kids? I grew up in a house where physical affection wasn’t practiced, especially seeing it from my parents. Kev and I are affectionate people and would like our kids to know it’s healthy and normal. Kai’s at that stage where he finds kissing the grossest thing on earth...yet he doesn’t hold back from smooching his brother 🤔 What’s the line for you and your partner and did you grow up with parents who couldn’t keep their hands off each other? _____ #pda #love #husband #wife #parents #theoreillyfam #newparents #parenthood #marriage #mixedracemarriage #interracial #interracialcouple #mixedrace #interracialmarriage #family #love

627 91

Caption this 😂😂 Side note: I’ve never done one of these but I came across this in my camera roll and it CRACKED me up, so I just had to! _____ #2020baby #seriousbaby #twomonths #boymama #boymom #momoftwo #melaninmotherhood #blackmoms #blackmomsblog #motherhood #newbaby #family #love #momlife#mixedkids #mixedbabies #africanmom


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