Top 1000 Events Instagram Influencers in South Africa in 2021


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in South Africa. We've profiled South Africa's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in South Africa Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from South Africa. We’re currently tracking a total of 107 influencers in South Africa with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
1 the lazy makoti
Events Modeling Food Music Celebrities Animals & Pets Cooking 406.7K 0.80%
2 N K U L I M 🇿🇦
Events Music DJ Entertainment Celebrities 321.7K 0.70%
3 L U N G I L E T H A B E T H E
Events Art Beauty Business 300.1K 3.10%
4 Kamo M.
Events Moms Actors 288.8K 2.60%
5 J Molley
Events Singer Music Entertainment 192.8K 4.20%
6 Dr Tumi
Events Music Singer Entertainment 187.6K 0.30%
7 Dis-Chem
Events Fashion Modeling Hair & Beauty Health & Fitness 186.2K 0.10%
8 Prophetess Mary Bushiri
Events Speaker Singer 184.8K 2.50%
9 Precious The Planner
Events Portraits Design 155.3K 0.50%
10 Creative Brides SA
Events Portraits 149.9K 0.70%
11 Black Excellence List®
Events Entrepreneur Business Music 146.4K 0.02%
12 Schalk Bezuidenhout
Events Fashion Modeling Lifestyle 133.1K 3.00%
13 Sun-EL Musician
Events Music Singer Entertainment 112.5K 4.20%
14 IGBWT | Out Now 📀⬇️❗️
Events Singer Entertainment Music Technology Humor 105.8K 5.90%
15 VAG Cafe
Events Cars Audi Cars & Motorcycles 100.4K 1.00%
16 Simphiwe Shembe
Events 96.6K 0.30%
17 Amanda
Events Celebrities Film, Music & Books Humor 93.7K 2.20%
18 H A U T E A F R I K A
Events Fashion Modeling Celebrities Health & Fitness 87.4K 1.30%
19 Avon South Africa
Events 83.9K 0.40%
20 S C A L O®
Events Fashion Portraits Celebrities Photography Travel 80.1K 1.70%
21 Londiwe Ngcobo
Events Design 77.4K 0.04%
22 House and Leisure
Events Design Interior Design Travel 77.2K 0.30%
23 Explore God
Events Entertainment Music Speaker 76.2K 0.30%
24 Lions Rugby Company
Events Sports 73K 1.00%
25 Hillsong South Africa
Events Fashion Modeling 71.3K 0.40%
26 East Coast Radio
Events DJ Music Producers 68.8K 0.30%
27 All About Fashion
Events Fashion Styling Modeling 63.5K 0%
28 mrs-lelo
Fashion Events Styling 62.1K 0.20%
Events Singer Music Entertainment 57.7K 0%
30 The Velvet Cake Co.
Food Events Fashion 57.3K 0.50%
31 The Wedding Butterfly🦋
Events Design 56.1K 0.10%
32 Kfm 94.5
Events Food Fashion 55.7K 0.20%
33 Design Indaba
Events Design Art Visualizations 52.4K 0.30%
34 Zone6venue
Events Music DJ Entertainment 51.6K 0.20%
35 Cindy Nell-Roberts
Events Art Beauty Fashion 51.4K 2.20%
36 Ziwelene Weddings
Events Portraits 51K 0.80%
37 South Africa
Events Photography Travel Adventure 50.2K 1.10%
38 Cynthia Gwebu
Events Beauty Art Fashion 49.3K 4.30%
39 Anel Botha
Fashion Fashion Design Events 45.6K 1.60%
40 👑KingB 💯
Events Modeling Fashion 45.5K 1.40%
41 KAMERS/Makers
Events Fashion 43.4K 0.40%
42 Dr. Praise
Events Singer Speaker Entertainment 42K 2.10%
43 Durban Tourism
Events Music DJ Producers 41.4K 0.30%
44 Champagne Season
Events Modeling Singer Music 41.3K 1.30%
45 vickycrease
Events Design Parties 39.1K 0.80%
46 Aston Martin South Africa
Events Cars Luxury 38.2K 0.60%
47 Heart Stuff
Events Fashion Boutique 35.4K 0.20%
48 BIG Concerts
Events Music DJ Singer 35K 0.10%
49 The Cake Duchess
Events Portraits 34.2K 0.60%
50 Parker Photography
Events Photography Modeling Fashion Celebrities 33.6K 0.30%
51 Kyle Cassim
Events Modeling Fashion Actors 32.8K 2.90%
52 Fitness|Herbalife Nutrition
Events Fitness Coaching Training 32.4K 0.20%
53 Between 10 and 5
Events Art Visualizations Painting 31.7K 0.10%
Parties Events 30.8K 0.30%
55 The Creamery
Events Food Recipes 30.1K 1.80%
56 Kwanda Photography
Events Portraits Photography 29.2K 1.90%
57 samke💄💄
Events Portraits Hair & Beauty Fashion DIY & Crafts Health & Fitness 28.3K 0.50%
58 Wedding Concepts SA
Events Portraits 27.9K 0.80%
59 Val de Vie Estate
Events Hotels Travel Luxury 27.7K 1.10%
60 I Heart Market
Events Design Fashion Food 27.7K 0.40%
61 travel and nature
Events Photography Travel Nature & Outdoors Architecture 27.5K 1.00%
Events Music 27.4K 0.50%
63 Nicole Naude
Events Fashion Travel Modeling Celebrities 26.7K 2.10%
64 Mehnaaz Basha
Events Parties Design Cooking 26.3K 1.30%
65 Mail & Guardian
Events Music Art 25.9K 0.10%
66 Invitations & Gifting
Events Portraits 24.9K 0.10%
67 Rooftop Lounge
Events Music DJ Producers 23.9K 0%
68 Cape Town Photographer
Events Photography Celebrities Film, Music & Books 22.2K 0%
69 K A T
Events Fashion Travel Lifestyle 22.2K 1.30%
Events Portraits Photography Film, Music & Books Celebrities 21.8K 1.70%
71 Casper Bosman
Events Portraits Design 21.5K 0.90%
72 Life Grand Cafe
Events Design Interior Design 20.9K 0.60%
73 A Images™
Events Photography Portraits 20.1K 0%
74 The Angelic Events
Events Parties Celebrities Design 18.2K 0.20%
75 The Bay Hotel - Events
Events Hotels 16.7K 0.40%
76 Zoom Running
Events Sports Training Coaching 16.3K 1.00%
77 Blaze Baker
Events Motorcycle Racing Riders 15.9K 5.10%
78 SA Weddings
Events Portraits 15.4K 0.30%
79 Fact Durban Rocks ®
Events Music DJ Producers 15.4K 0.70%
80 Pink Book Weddings
Events Portraits 14.7K 0.50%
Events Fashion Fashion Design Art 12.9K 0.80%
82 ★10th Annual CoolerBoxingday★
Events Music Modeling 9K 1.90%
83 The Sun Met
Events Music Singer 8.5K 4.40%
Events Singer Speaker Entertainment 8.4K 0.20%
85 Weiveld
Events 8.4K 1.20%
86 Tattoo Gold
Events Art Piercing 7.9K 1.20%
87 Platinum Lounge
Events Music Producers DJ 7.2K 0.70%
88 Eat 101
Events Food Restaurants 7.1K 0.90%
89 Cape Town | Travel
Events Travel Photography Adventure 6.9K 7.80%
Events Photography Travel 5.7K 0.06%
91 M I S S Y
Art Modeling Events Celebrities Fashion Hair & Beauty 5.5K 2.10%
92 Splendid Wedding Company
Events Design Portraits 5.5K 1.10%
93 Meat_lounge
Events Food 5.5K 0.10%
94 Lifestyle Home Garden
Events Design Decoration Interior Design 5.4K 1.20%
95 Kia Johnson
Events Fashion Modeling Actors 5.1K 2.70%
96 Maftown Heights
Events Music DJ Producers 4.8K 0.80%
97 F E A S T F O X
Events Food Restaurants 4.7K 1.10%
98 Najmie Films
Modeling Events Art 4.4K 9.50%
99 CT Photography
Events Modeling Music 4.3K 2.60%
100 Brand Collective
Events Fashion Styling 3.8K 0.40%