Top 1000 Songwriting Instagram Influencers in Brazil in 2020


Discover Top Ranked Influencers by Type and Category of Influence in Brazil. We've profiled Brazil's top influencers by number of followers and category so you can see how they're ranked. You can filter the ranking by selecting the country and category you're looking for. The ranking data will be updated every month.

Top Instagram Influencers

Top Instagram Influencers Ranking in Brazil Find out the most influential Instagram accounts with details on their number of followers from Brazil. We’re currently tracking a total of 151 influencers in Brazil with between 1,000 and 10m followers.

# @Username Country Topics Followers Engagement Rate
101 ⚠Engelberth J. Hernández⚠
Music Singer Songwriting 32.5K 1.10%
102 Kentö
Singer Music Songwriting 32.2K 2.70%
103 clare
Music Singer Songwriting 32.1K 3.00%
104 Саксофонист Юрий Федоренко
Singer Music Songwriting Film, Music & Books 31.5K 4.90%
105 Belô Velloso
Singer Music Songwriting 31.3K 0.60%
106 D’Luk Live
Music Singer Songwriting 31.2K 0.10%
107 Marcus Yazbek🔹
Singer Songwriting Music 31K 1.90%
108 Danny El Exponente Musical
Music Producers Songwriting 30.8K 0.50%
109 GuitoShow
Singer Music Songwriting 30.6K 0%
110 Radnor & Lee
Music Songwriting Singer 30K 5.20%
111 Francesco Parrino
Music Singer Songwriting 28.8K 4.10%
112 M A R K U S®
Music Singer Songwriting 28.6K 1.30%
113 Chris Weaver Band
Songwriting Singer Music 28.2K 0.30%
114 O💕F💕E💕L🎹I🎤J🎶A 愛の人生
Singer Music Songwriting 27.8K 1.10%
115 Maicon Faria
Singer Music Songwriting 27.3K 0.10%
116 T.Maan Flo
Music Singer Songwriting 27.2K 0.10%
117 🇧🇷Charles Ben🇺🇸
Music Producers Songwriting 26.5K 3.30%
118 Nelson Bonito
Singer Music Songwriting 26.1K 3.40%
119 Amannda
Singer Music Songwriting Celebrities Film, Music & Books 25.9K 0.30%
120 Paulo Silva
Singer Music Songwriting Film, Music & Books Photography Celebrities 25.7K 1.10%
121 Nosila
Music Songwriting Musicians 25.5K 5.00%
122 Sarantos Melogia
Music Songwriting Singer 25.2K 0.10%
123 wizdomofficial6ix
Music Singer Songwriting 25.1K 4.60%
124 GRΞY™
Music Singer Songwriting 25K 5.10%
125 Chris D'costa
Singer Music Songwriting 23.2K 1.20%
126 E C H O M A T E R I Y A
Music Singer Songwriting Art Design Architecture 22.7K 0.20%
127 Ed Sheeran Brasil
Music Singer Songwriting 22.1K 6.60%
128 Luiz Marcell
Music Singer Songwriting Film, Music & Books Celebrities 21.3K 0.05%
129 RJ Naman
Music Singer Songwriting 20.4K 0.40%
130 O Ciclo Music
Music Singer Songwriting 20.4K 0%
131 Clydephilipp's🥁👳🏾‍♀️
Music Singer Songwriting 20.1K 5.20%
Music Songwriting Singer 19.7K 2.00%
133 Kasia Miernik
Singer Music Songwriting 19.4K 2.70%
134 P.M.E Management
Music Producers Songwriting Film, Music & Books Celebrities Humor Art 17.7K 1.90%
135 Zalon Thompson
Singer Songwriting Music 17.5K 2.40%
136 Bruno Rios
Soccer Singer Music Songwriting 17.5K 1.90%
Singer Music Songwriting 16.6K 2.20%
138 Laura Macrí
Music Singer Songwriting 16.6K 5.10%
139 Максим Паюк
Singer Music Songwriting 16.1K 1.00%
140 Caro Pierotto
Events Music Songwriting Singer 16.1K 1.70%
141 M A S C A R E N H A S
Music Singer Songwriting 15.5K 6.30%
142 Bobby Zepplin 🚀
Music Songwriting Producers 14.9K 0.50%
143 Victor Vianna
Music Singer Songwriting 13.3K 1.10%
144 Jusky
Singer Music Songwriting 10.5K 2.00%
145 Marlon Howe
Singer Music Songwriting 7K 14.40%
Music Producers Songwriting 5.7K 4.30%
147 Orion Music
Music DJ Songwriting 4.7K 0.60%
148 Skrt
Music Singer Songwriting 3.8K 0%
149 Paulo Jeveaux
Music Singer Songwriting 2.2K 1.70%
Music Singer Songwriting 2K 20.10%
Singer Music Songwriting 1.1K 6.20%