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Free Gift for REVIEW

Deadline:31 Oct, 2021
23 Sep, 2021
About GreenFinger
- Careful selection of natural raw materials: The natural elements that infant skin needs to stay healthy are carefully selected.
- Extraction of ingredients: We extract ingredients proven to be effective at strengthening infant skin.
- Safety tested: Thorough certification and testing ensure that your baby’s skin is cared for and strengthened from the inside.


Our Product Line:
- Chokchok (For Babies from 12-36months): We choose freshly picked olives from Spain to make our super moisturizing nature moisturiser that infuses the skin with moisture
- Panthedin (For Newborns): Strengthen skin from the beginning. A good decision, Panthedin.
- Mykids (For Kids from 4-10 years old): Richly moisturizing with a sweet, refreshing green fruit scent
- 22 - 40 years old
- Mummy bloggers or influencers in Malaysia
- Health-conscious
- High engagement rate

What skin symptom has happened to your child or you may concern? For newborns and growing children, Enhance your baby’s skin health with GREENFINGER!

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