Boost your Immune System - Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids + Zinc

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Boost your Immune System - Vitamin C + Bioflavonoids + Zinc

Deadline:30 Oct, 2021
15 Sep, 2021
Everly Vitamin GEN C 1000MG PLUS contains 1000mg Vitamin C, 50mg Bioflavonoids, 15mg Zinc to support healthy immune functions of a human body.

The Product:
- It is manufactured by Recognised & Approved Manufacturers with certifications
- It is made affordable even with high quality ingredients and in high dosages
- Approved by KKM & NPRA for safety and quality of consumption
- Made in New Zealand (Country with excellence in healthcare standards)

The Company:
Everly Vitamin is a brand name by Everly Health Sdn. Bhd. that focuses on balanced supplements to improve and enhance ones’ well-being. The company believes that nutritional supplements should be accessible and affordable to everyone. It has been the primary objective of the company to bring valuable and beneficial health supplements to consumers without compromising the quality of ingredients in each product.

By having a manufacturer-to-consumer approach, it cuts down the need for self listing, hence removing middleman costs that would bloat the bottomline price of the final product. With that, the founders envision and believe the products are now well positioned to reach as many people possible for way affordable price.

Everly Vitamin adheres to all necessary health requirements, safety and compliance for supplements. All Everly Vitamin products are registered under the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency (NPRA) of Malaysian Ministry of Health Malaysia (KKM).
- Above 21 years old (that has some disposable income for supplements)
- Min. 10,000 followers on IG with high engagement rate, more than 3% preferred
- Public account
- Health & Fitness related
- Advocates / Encourages a healthy lifestyle

- Call to Action: Buy Product with Discount Code
- 1 IG Post - lifestyle shot with product placement/explainer of why GEN C 1000Mg Plus is your choice of Vitamin
- 1 IG Video - highlight some key differentiation of product ingredients + why having NPRA (MAL approval) is important to look out for in supplement products. Meaning cheap is not always good, qualify product manufacturing and standards before purchase. Video meant to be educational.
- Invoke interactivity with the audience as much as possible to bring brand awareness & trust
- Campaign may last longer than stipulated date