Promote a good habit screentime for your kids today !

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Promote a good habit screentime for your kids today !

Deadline:30 Nov, 2020
22 Oct, 2020
Kooloptix is premium ANti Blue Light glasses customised for kids.

CMCO again‼️school close‼️With online learning, kids will be spending more time in front of screen! Start protecting their eyes 👀from harmful blue lights today with 👓Kooloptix Anti Blue Light Glasses✨
Our glasses is SUPER flexible and durable‼️ 😍You'll never have to worry bout your kiddos breaking their favorite pair of glasses again💪!
We are using premiums lens - CLEAR (without the yellowish tint) and yet effectively block harmful blue lights from screens & gadgets✨
- 25 - 45 years old
- Mums with kids age 3 to 12 yo
-Mummy bloggers or influencers in the Malaysia
- mums that concern that kids is having too much screentime
- High engagement rate

Are your kids staring at digital devices whole day? Are your kids having too long online classes ? Kooloptix Non Prescriptions Anti Blue Light Spectacles customized for Kids is what your kids need. Apply to review our products worth RM148 and above. At the moment we are doing a INtroductory price at RM108 to RM148 + RM48 Off, but we will be increasing our price back to normal price start 1st Nov.

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* Attached pic is our model for Toddler range. We will choose the right size for your kids age for your.