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🎓MHRM 📍Brooklyn Born 🪴Plant Obsessed 🐈‍⬛Cat Mom of Two🐈‍⬛ Lifestyle•Beauty•Fun Biz @serenebodyscents 👇🏾My Blog, Ebooks, & Vids
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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 3.00%. The average number of likes per post is 329 and the average number of comments is 37.

Naturallynellzy loves posting about Fashion, Travel, Photography, Humor, Food & Drink, Hair & Beauty, Animals & Pets, Cooking.

Check naturallynellzy's audience demography. This analytics report shows naturallynellzy's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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102 17

Low key annoyed because I just realized that Instagram completely deleted all the reels that were saved to my drafts🙃 I really have a love/hate relationship with this platform because it deadass took me a longgggggggggg time to get those shots, but what can a gal do… (Edit from my camera moving forward📷) Anywho, here’s a photo of me and the kiddies from self-care Sunday. Brb while I go cry in a corner over my lost work🥲 How’s your Monday going?

146 14

“People Start To Heal The Moment They Feel Heard” I revealed that I’ve been in therapy for about a month and a half now, and it has really improved my mental health and quality of life.  That’s why I’m sharing 5 Signs It’s Time To Seek Out Therapy over on (Link in Bio & Stories) I wanted to give you guys my personal experience of seeking out therapy while sharing affordable and quality options for help with mental health.  How are you feeling today? Are you in a good place mentally?

156 16

Explore More, Worry Less✨ Last weekend I decided to visit the Celestial exhibit at @artechouse , and I’m so happy I chose to go. I was worried about going alone, but then I remembered that I’m dope AF, and I’m good with my own company. The exhibit was fascinating, and I enjoyed the music and the digital display of art. The vibe was equally chill, and I had many opportunities to capture some great photos and videos. (Reel coming soon) UPDATE: I am no longer worried about taking my photos in public. I actually welcome the challenge each time I go exploring, and I think these shots came out pretty well😌 What do you guys think? . . . . . . #artechouse #artechousenyc #explorerbabes #soloadventure #solotripping #trippyvibes #celestialart #digitalart #lifestyler #lifestylephoto #lifestyleblogging #chattycaptioncommunity #bluemood #takenoniphone

106 26

Plant Lady Is The New Cat Lady🌿 . . . . . . #plantladyisthenewcatlady #plantshelfie #plantcollection #plantmama #plantsathome #plantstyle #plantselfie #plantsofig #plantsgram #plantloversofinstagram

270 24

Happy Valentine's Day❤️

114 15

If Cheers To The Freakin Weekend Were A Photo🎉 This week has been pretty crazy, so it's safe to say that I'm looking forward to the weekend. This week I had to deal with National Grid disturbing my peace with heavy construction at 8AM👷‍♂️, my heat going out in the middle of a snowstorm (perfect timing, right?)🥶, and a lack of sleep due to my trash sleep schedule🥱. Friday Update: National Grid completed their construction, it's nice and toasty in my apartment again, and I slept until 6AM, which is REALLY good considering that I always wake up at 3AM… How was your week? Got anything special planned for the weekend?

227 40

Honor Black History ✊🏾 Y’all already know I had to come through for Black History month, and I’m continuing my efforts to support Black people by buying Black and teaching others about Black culture. I just shared a new blog post over on, featuring five easy ways to celebrate Black History month online and offline in 2021. (Link in bio & stories) In this post, I share information about black-owned businesses, the importance of highlighting Black creatives on social media, notable Black causes to support, and Black outdoor and virtual events to attend. How are you celebrating Black History Month?

107 12

“Design Is The Silent Ambassador of Your Brand” Coming up with a design for your brand can be overwhelming, especially if you lack the time and resources to bring your vision to life. #AD I started my brand, Naturally Nellzy, ten years ago when I was thinking of a cool name for my Tumblr blog. I had no vision for my brand, but I had a name, my core values, and passion to keep me going. Thankfully, the game has changed, and there’s no need to wander around aimlessly trying to figure out how to get started, as I did a few years ago. @zebrand.official is an affordable brand building service that helps you build your brand with guidance & confidence. The service offers helpful tools such as; 🧮Brand strategy boards 🖥Brand design/website templates 👑Logo ideas 📲Social media kits 🗣Access to 1:1 Brand Strategy Coaching & MUCH more! Swipe left to see the step by step process of building the brand of your dreams with Zebranding. Describe your brand in two words in the comments below✌🏾 Naturally Nellzy: AUTHENTIC & TRANSPARENT

231 15

Self Care Isn’t An Expense; It’s An Investment👑 I decided to take myself out to the museum yesterday, and I really enjoyed my time alone. This is all new to me considering that I’m used to bringing bae or my friends along, but I’m becoming more comfortable going on these little adventures alone. That self-love was on 💯, there was NO need to compromise with ANYONE, and my confidence got a significant boost. It’s insane to believe that a stupid thing like fear stopped me from exploring the world, but I’m happy that I got over it, and I’m living life. Do you take yourself on dates? Tell me how you practice self-love in the comments.❤️

241 31

 Say hello to my new lock screen y’all! I love this photo because of the vibes and the statement written across my chest.  I never miss an opportunity to thank God for allowing me to see another day and for keeping me safe and whole. 
 The biggest lessons that I’ve learned are ALWAYS to trust the process, NEVER give up faith, and be PATIENT with myself and my journey. 
 I just wanted to hop on here to express my love for my lord and savior and to spread positive vibes on this beautiful Wednesday. 
 Name something that God has blessed you with in the comments.   MINE: Having the strength to leave situations that no longer fulfill me and believing that what is for ME will always be for ME.  Shirt: @therawdosage

203 18

Don’t Let Fear Keep You In Your Comfort Zone👑 I spent most of my 2020 in lockdown, and I discovered sooooo many different ways to create content within my home. This year, I want to do the same, but I want to practice using my @apple iPhone camera and my @canonusa G7X outdoors…ALONE! The thought of exploring new places and taking my pictures in public is scary, but it gets easier with each trip that I take. There’s also the benefit of not having to rely on someone to take my pics, and I can take as MANY as I want without worrying about my camera person getting annoyed.🙄 This photo was a candid shot that I took while I was out in New Jersey, and the video following the second photo gives you guys an example of my process. Do you prefer to take your photos, or do you like a designated camera person?

227 18

I woke up with the need to feel the sun on my face, so I made my ginger tea, bundled up, and made my way out into the cold. I got to see said sunrise, recorded some b-roll footage, and even took a few photos while I was out. I don't know what it is about dawn, but I believe it's one of the most tranquil parts of the day. My happy place is standing in the middle of a wooden bridge (alone, of course), staring out at the horizon as the sun rises over the ocean. It was the perfect start to my Saturday, and that Vitamin D was much needed. Where is your happy place?

163 14

Don’t Ignore Your Potential✨ 📌SAVE THIS POST📌 We’re five days into 2021, and I want to talk about goals. Having goals is a great way to start the year because they allow you to hold yourself accountable for your progress, boost your confidence, and give you something to look forward to at the end of the year. So today, I’m sharing a few easy ways to set your goals and achieve them in 2021! 🧘🏾‍♀️Focus On What’s Important Focus on the goals that mean the most to you and organize them by category. Are you looking to increase your revenue? (Finance) Do you want to work on your mental health? (Wellness) Are you interested in going back to school? (Career) List your goals into categories and focus on the ones you look forward to achieving the most. 💁🏾‍♀️Lower Your Expectations I’m sure you’re surprised to see this one on the list, but I have to keep it real with y’all. There’s nothing wrong with setting the bar high when it comes to your goals, but being realistic about said goals is even better.  EX) I always see the goal of “I want to earn 6-figures” tossed around on social media, but some people don’t even have $600 in their checkings/savings account🥴  Start off small and work your way up. This is the best way to avoid feeling overwhelmed.  🗓Set A Deadline For Your Goals  Setting a deadline for your goals is imperative because the timeline will keep you on track with your progression. Having a precise end date is also great for boosting morale because you’ll always have something to look forward to as you get closer to your goal. ✍🏾Write Out Your Goals I’m a firm believer in speaking things into power, and the same goes for writing your goals down on paper. Once you have your goals written down, make sure you display them in a location where you can see them each day.  -Write your goals on post-it notes and put them in your home/office -Save a picture of your goals as your lock screen  -Write them down in your daily planner The best feeling is checking each goal off on your list, and seeing them each day will keep your motivation high.    Share a goal in the comments below. Let's inspire each other.

186 14

Embrace The Chaos✨ Currently in the midst of trying to edit two YouTube Videos, a new blog post, and photos for upcoming content. I was about to sit down to have lunch while watching an episode or two of @blackinkcrew, but then I remembered that I needed to post today.😭 Organization is one of my strong points, but sometimes I like to embrace the chaos just to see how far I can push myself. Do you work well under pressure? I feel like my best work is born when life is a Lil cray cray. PC: @eddiebelousva

323 18

Life Is Short, Make It Sweet🧁 I realized from playing the "show me a picture of" game (check my stories) that I have tons of photos that never made it to the gram. I'm always worried about posting the "perfect" shot or coming up with a good caption and hashtags, which usually results in me NOT posting. That's dumb...I know🙄 Well, I'm going to change that up and practice doing something different today. Eddie took these photos in October/November during date night, and they chronicle the stages of taking pictures. Photo 1 is the"perfect" shot...whatever that is, lol. Photo 2 is me getting ready for the picture. Photo 3 is me experiencing a brain freeze from that pumpkin spiced ice cream float. Question: Which photo do you prefer? PC: @eddiebelousva

453 29

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas🎄 This year has been kind of hectic, but it's reassuring to see many filled with holiday spirit. My Christmas flex was giving back to my loved ones and taking a much-needed vaca to unplug, rest, and recharge. (leaving my laptop at home gave me small bouts of anxiety, but I'll deal😭) Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas filled with peace, joy, and prosperity❤️

99 23

I think it’s safe to say that Rowdy loves the @revlon Skinlights Prismatic Highlighter✨ #revlonzone #livebodly #sponsored


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