Countingwell Maths Exam Preparation Kit

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Countingwell Maths Exam Preparation Kit

Deadline:06 Mar, 2021
21 Feb, 2021
ABOUT Countingwell Maths Exam Prep Kit
- Maths Exam Preparation Kit for Class 6-7-8 CBSE Students
- Free to download from Countingwell app
- Parents can use this kit to help their child revise with quick chapter summaries and by practising important questions
- 30 - 45 years old
- Mummy bloggers or influencers in India
- High engagement rate

Do you need help to get your child ready for their upcoming exams? The Countingwell Maths Preparation Kit for Grades 6, 7 and 8 has easy to understand chapters summaries and the most important questions for parents to review with their children.

Apply to post about how other Parents whose children are in grade 6-7-8 in a CBSE School can download the kit for free from the Countingwell app ( and we shall provide you with one free annual subscription worth Rs.3999/-

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