Trumpet - A new way to connect!

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Trumpet - A new way to connect!

Deadline:24 Apr, 2019
Celebrities 23 Apr, 2019

We're Trumpet - a social alarm!

Trumpet is a full-featured alarm app combined with a social network. Users can follow other users, and post voice and audio messages to their followers. When a user's alarm rings, if there's a message from someone they follow, they will hear that message beautifully combined with their alarm!

Trumpet lets you be surprised every day when you wake up by the people you follow - celebrities or friends.

Trumpet has many capabilities - blocking followers, posting to specific users directly, defining an alarm to only play an alarm tone (when you don't want to be surprised), saving messages for sending or listening later, and much more.

You can find Trumpet in the app stores:

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We're looking to get users signed up to Trumpet, and more importantly, using it! Influencers willing to try and connect with their audience by signing up themselves and posting fun messages once in a while for their followers to wake up to are what we're really looking for. Influencers willing to just give a shout-out to our product are also, of course, appreciated!