DYMO Omega

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DYMO Omega

Deadline:30 Jun, 2021
21 Apr, 2021
DYMO Omega Embosser - Home Embossing Label Maker

Compact, Portable and Easy-To-Use Label Maker • Embosses 49 different characters including special symbols• Ergonomic handle with soft-touch grip for comfort• Balanced to stand on any worktop or workbench• Cuts labels with easy-peel tabs• Uses 9 mm wide 3D labels• Easy turn-and-click character selection• No batteries needed• Made of tough ABS plastic
We are looking for an influencer who can promote our labeling product.

Influencer must be renowned and have an excellent engagement rate.

We will ship free samples to the influencer for the campaign.

Depending on the success rate we might go for a paid campaign in the future.

Since the targeting country is Germany, Influencer must be from Germany.