Waterlytics, track your water and beverage intake

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Waterlytics, track your water and beverage intake

Deadline:30 Apr, 2021
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Health & Fitness 06 Mar, 2021
ABOUT Waterlytics:
- Created by Team Nicebyte that are focused on building consumer apps. When we formed the company, we agreed on 3 core principles we want to embody when building products; User centered, elegant and impactful.

Our team is small, but each member brings different yet complementary skillsets to the table, with a cumulative experience of 25+ years in the app product development building apps across different spectrum.

Here is the our Influencer Kit where you can download all the images and a short write up.

- With minimum 20K followers
- Must be based in Scandinavia (Sweden, Denmark, Norway)
- Must be iOS user (The app is only on Apple itunes)

- 1 x IG post + 1 IG Story linking to Waterlytics app store (https://apps.apple.com/us/app/id1401162094)
- All content deliverables are to be completed within 2 WEEK.
- We will send you the promo code which you can redeem to be a PRO user.
- Insta Tag: @waterlytics
- #Tag: #drinkmorewater #drinkwater #water

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