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Deadline:28 Feb, 2021
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Health & Fitness 23 Jan, 2021
ABOUT Chii Scent:
- Chii Scent was founded in 2015, by a team of fragrance lovers and business professionals who have served the Hong Kong and South Asia B2B market for over 30 years, rich in market knowledge and skills. Whilst the demands of customers are constantly enhancing, the team interpret scent as a means to bridge communication with people, issuing unique & effective communiqué for the mass audience.

- Above 18 years old
- Min. 50,000 followers on IG
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Post 1:
Please post on the following topics - including but not limited to:
- ChiiHK has over 30 years experience in the essential oil industry, helping different enterprises to tailor design their unique scent.
-About 75% of all the emotions we experience on a daily basis are generated by what we smell – not what we see or hear.
-Chiihk is launching an essential oil to sooth mental wellness, under the pandemic situation.
- [Describe your feeling/scent on the product]
#chiihk #essentialoilhk #lavenderoil

Post 2:
Talk abt the usage of Lavendar Oil (BIOLAB)
- Apply a few drops on your pillow case, to help ease emotion and better sleep
- Effect: relaxation and aids sleep, increases sleep quality
- [Describe your next day feeling after usage]
#chiihk #essentialoilhk #lavenderoil