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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1135 and the average number of comments is 25.

34.48% of the followers that engaged with trubeautymovement regularly are from United States, followed by Germany at 9.2% and Italy at 8.05%. In summary, the top 5 countries of trubeautymovement's posts engager are coming from United States, Germany, Italy, Canada, Greece.

Trubeautymovement loves posting about Health & Fitness, Celebrities.

Check trubeautymovement's audience demography. This analytics report shows trubeautymovement's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 34.48 %
  • Germany 9.2 %
  • Italy 8.05 %
  • Canada 3.45 %
  • Greece 3.45 %


1,131 24

#latergram I LOVE this sweet picture so much!! Samanatha Alanna officially turned 9 months yesterday on the 16th!! While she is older now, I NEVER posted this sweet pic of her sleeping on me in our @babybjorn baby carrier while we were in the process of selling our old house and buying our new house a few months back. Its crazy how much more grown up she looks in such a short period of time. Such a good reminder to really enjoy the journey, because it really does fly! ...We love you SO much baby girl!!! You are our little zen baby!!! Thank you for being such a shining light in our lives. Words can’t describe how special you are to me and our family Samantha!!! You are the most happy, smiley, laid back, wise, beautiful, smart, sweet baby girl!!! A trubeauty in + out and I’m a proud and grateful mama!! 😌🙏🏼👶🏼 I love you with all my heart bright eyes!!! xo Mom 🌈 #dreambaby #zenbaby #sleepingbaby #instababy #bohobaby #babygirl #momlife #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,140 19

👯‍♀️👯‍♀️Girls just wanna have fun!! Neighborhood block party getting to know all these lovely ladies.. we have the best community! Snapped another pic tonight but don’t have it yet so sharing this pic from a few weeks back! Cheers to #beSOCIAL balance 🍷 🍷 (wine in moderation to all my younger followers 😁😘) #goodtimes #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,142 20

🎥☀️Don’t miss my Latest IGTV tour of my NEW HOME OFFICE + FILMING STUDIO for magazine writing, blogging, making videos for you all, my yoga & wellness routine etc! Everything is modern, white, gold, marble, zen chic and I’ll have inspirational #girlboss quotes to motivate me!! Can’t WAIT for my white/gold writing desk + vanity (all in one) to arrive... it has a built in mirror so i can film clean beauty tutorials 🎥💄🌱 for you all by window with good lighting)!!! 😍🙌🏼✨🎥 I just signed new contract with @fitglowbeauty and can’t wait to share some of their beautiful fall must haves for clean beauty! The house is coming along slowly but surely (with two young kids everything takes so.much.longer than our past moves to set up and get settled omg haha)! We are focused on enjoying the moment... obvi just got back from being out of town, getting to know our community, connecting with friends while also getting settled (altho the ambitious side of me is freaking out, because I want all this organized—like yesterday)!🤪😆 I’m obsessed with my new @wayfair white leather sofa + built in cup holders in my office for taking work breaks to relax with tea 🍵 and film #girltalk and real talk videos or shoots to inspire you all! Hopefully this space becomes a familiar place for you all as you learn my yoga, wellness, beauty, lifestyle tips + tutorials to look & feel your best in & out and we just connect as girlfriends {virtually}! xo Heath 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️📲 💜 #officespace #bloggerlife #girlbosslifestyle #redefiningbeauty #bePHYSICAL #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

846 39

🥂💃🏼✨(SWIPE dance video)!! Behind the scenes—bro in law’s wedding with the best! My fav part (besides Melissa OWNING the dance floor) was my bro in law cruises up MID-ceremony making his grand entrance in a boat w/ 007 music playing in tbt background!!😆👏🏼🍸What a bad ass! I wish i got on video, but my phone was off haha... it was awesome! Despite our big move to our new house and all we have going on as a family, important to take time to celebrate and enjoy the journey along the way to completion! We have been doing that with planning social events (in moderation due to pandemic). We are being very intentional about living in tbt moment and enjoying the process, since Collin & I are naturally the type to want everything with the new house done and settled—like yesterday lol!! This trip was a great getaway with good people... creating lifelong memories! #wedding #celebratelife #goodpeople #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,087 23

#stayvacation View today 😍🙌🏼🏝

1,128 47

{🥦EASY mom hack below you can start TOMORROW to get your child to eat veggies} Pool Day! Vacation Mode Today! Me & little lady (aka our 4 year d Melissa Skylar) behind the scenes waterfalls.. I’m teaching her to be “strong and brave” and “kind and strong” these days... I tell her that’s how the Disney Princesses are... oh yeah and I also tell her Disney princesses eat lots of greens to be Beautiful, strong, kind, and confident... now Melissa asks for more broccoli at dinner and other healthy foods just likes the “Disney Princesses” of course! What an easy way to share two important lessons with your little... healthy habits and the importance of being well-rounded! Beauty, brains, kindness that’s the trubeauty way! 😁😎👧🏼 #momhack #eatyourveggies #mommydaughter #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,167 14

#Vacation #Staycation Mode! My yummy breakfast bowl balances healthy + enjoying life! Balance is 🔑 for long term results trubeautys 🧘🏼‍♀️🥗🥓 🥑 #redefiningbeauty #bePHYSICAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,112 43

🙋🏼‍♀️🥂Party Weekend w/ my Platinum (hair)! Our Best Man, Brody, flew in town on our anniversary to stay with us + my bro in law is getting married! See story... this pic cracks me up from rehearsal dinner tonight... what is Meliss doing and man wish Collin wasn’t blinking (he always blinks in photos lol) 😂 He still looks so handsome & the memories are wonderful so I’m posting it anyway haha... *🌱pS rockin my new @aveda platinum hair color (30 volume NO toner + purple shampoo I special order from Park City, UT + all other hair products @aveda to get this textured beach wave look)! Makeup/skincare clean beauty too!! #cleanbeauty #avedahair #8monthspostpartom #redefiningbeauty #bePHYSICAL #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,162 17

When you have the cutest neighbors ever who bring you CUSTOM cookies as a “Welcome To The Neighborhood” gift! We are loving our community & how welcoming everyone has been... Melissa is making lots of new friends at our new house 🏡! #redefiningbeauty #beSOCIAL #trubeautyMOVEMENT

1,265 28

🌟🌟💜🐚✨Happy 7 Year Wedding Anniversary to the love of my life... my soulmate, my best friend, my husband, Collin!!! Babe, everything you need to know is in the card I wrote for you!😉 But something I’ll pull from the card... I love every stage of life with you by my side!!!🌙 🌕 🌙 I love seeing us grow together and manifest the lives we have dreamed about together over the years through hard work, focus, and intentional living as we set goals and go after them fearlessly... living in 3 different states, different careers, starting businesses, having kiddos, and so much more... what a journey it’s been!! Cheers to so many things my love. Cheers to all the things. Above all, cheers to genuinely having fun together, being silly, and still flirting after all these years... from that joy sparks a ripple effect and enthusiasm into all other areas of our lives!✨ As I always say, the keys to our relationship after being together for 11 years and married for 7 years (and counting😉) is 1–communication, 2–trust, and 3–date nights to keep that spark alive!!! ...but even more... cheers to always remembering to listen to the other person’s perspective and “put the shoe on the other foot.” It may not be as pretty and fluffy as other social media posts you see out there... but it is truly key 🔑 allowing understanding, trust, and intimacy. These things take time, energy, and intention on BOTH parts but the payoff allows a couple to grow together and uplevel together! I love you with all my heart babe! I am so happy and grateful for you and the girls (and Zen of course)! Can’t wait to celebrate more this weekend xo! Heath💜🥂

1,147 14

💇🏼‍♀️New Hair—Platinum Baby!! @Aveda clean beauty! Haha see story for behind the scenes me walking to get a snack + water with hair foils 😂 . . 🛍yoga outfit @gaiam Hair @aveda Mask @blanka_thelabel 💝 ***Giveaway announced soon of my mask + gold chain!!!

1,128 5

💯% believe it & you will BE it!! The moment I started believing this about myself = game changer!! And I don’t think it’s been a coincidence that my meditation/yoga practice always seems to be at the center of my uplevels in my life 🧘🏼‍♀️✨😎 #uplevel #yogagirl #missionbestlife #manifestationmeditation #confidencetips #redefiningbeauty #trubeautyTRIBE #trubeautyMOVEMENT


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