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21.7% of sonali_swami's followers are female and 78.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.10%. The average number of likes per post is 3212 and the average number of comments is 53.

Sonali_swami loves posting about Events, Moms, Fitness, Coaching.

Check sonali_swami's audience demography. This analytics report shows sonali_swami's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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21.7 %
78.3 %


  • Fitness & Yoga 76.15 %
  • Sports 48.75 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 48.73 %
  • Photography 41.37 %
  • Business & Careers 37.26 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 37.09 %
  • Books and Literature 36.60 %
  • Art & Design 34.33 %
  • Music 33.99 %
  • Travel & Tourism 33.83 %


5,744 54

One of the few good things which is happening currently is that almost everyone has become really aware of importance of working out. Maybe it's because of extra time we have at home during the lockdown or probably it's the genuine interest in changing our overall lifestyle . I just hope everyone continues their fitness regime that they have picked up during these days even when things return to normal . Today I just want to highlight a couple of points on how to progress further in your fitness journey. While it's important to be consistent and regular on a daily basis, there are other aspects which are equally important: ☑️Embrace the Challenge Don't balk at super-challenging workouts. They're tough for a reason: They work. So, if you find burpees tough, then include it in your routine. Go for a few extra repetitions. It makes a difference. ☑️ Give equal attention to what you eat. Fuel your body with proper nutrition. Keep track of your macros specially protein. While most of us are having home cooked meals which is great, make sure you are having a balanced diet and not missing out on essential nutrients . . The GOOD NEWS is that @myproteinin is still delivering. So, you can continue to order your regular preferred supplements from Myprotein online store 👊🏼 . And what's more, there is an 😍💣 EASTER SALE 💣😍 You can use my code 'Sonali29' to get 29% OFF on EVERYTHING 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻( ONLY FOR TODAY) Plus FREE handsanitisers on all orders FREE WORKOUT GUIDES on all orders FREE GALLON HYDRATOR on orders above Rs 6000 FREE METAL SHAKER on orders above Rs 8000 . . . #supplementsthatwork #workingout #freebies #myprotein #teammypindia #fitnessforlife #fitmomstrongmom #fitsporation #fitspo #fitnessforallplan #fitnessworkout #Supplements #fitnessfamily #sportssupplements #sportmotivation @myproteinuk #fridayvibes #happyfriday #fridays

3,934 55

It’s never too late to start a healthy habit. Many of us plan to lead a healthy life with exercise and healthy food habits but due to very busy daily schedules, do not manage to do so . Let’s start NOW! Let us use this lockdown to build some healthy habits. Staying at home, for all of us, most movements become very restricted. This more often than not leads to increased anxiety and restricted blood flow eventually leading to muscle cramps . Hence, it becomes necessary to ear mark sometime for exercise daily. Here are 5 simple home workout steps (no equipment needed) which are a mix of Yoga variations and free hand exercises to help build strength & immunity to prepare you for uncertain times like these. Most importantly, these 5 simple exercises involve deep breathing techniques that aid in keeping you de-stressed . 👉🏼The first two exercises are mainly towards increasing the muscle flexibility which is very important to keep the body agile. . 1.✅Plank Pose, (Phalakasana) - is a strength training pose mainly for building the core strength and aid in flexing the muscles . 2.✅Tree Pose (Vrikshasana) - It builds strength in the ankles and calves, and tones the abdominal muscles (strengthens the lower body muscles) . 👉🏼👉🏼The next three exercises help in increasing blood circulation and acts as stress-reliever . 3.✅Superman Pose (Shalabhasana) - Stretches strengthens the muscles and helps increase the core strength .  4.✅Lunges with twist - builds lower body strength .  5.✅Bent over single arm row - strengthens the upper and the middle back .  Make use of this time you have at home to “up your health and fitness quotient.” After all, a little preparation can take you a long way ‘Kyunki Agar Tyarri Sahi Hai Toh Jeet Pakki Hai’ – in association with ICICI Prudential Life. To know more visit: @iciciprulifeofficial #IciciPrudentialLife #LifeInsurance #healthtips #exercisedaily #exerciseathome #exercises #yogaforbeginners #yogaforlife #healthyself #healthforall #exerciseforhealth #everydaylife #lockdown2020

7,893 131

How To Lift Your Mood 💓 . In these uncertain times, it is very easy to let the negativity creep in and have mood swings . Here are a few simple ways to lift up your spirits and have a positive outlook: . 1. ✔️Stop worrying over little things. Understand that these are not normal times. Hence it's ok not to fuss about dirty dishes, messy wardrobes, restless children, missed workouts. Instead, make a list of things you would want to do and plan for the Future. 2. ✔️Stop comparing yourself to others. This can decrease confidence and even lead to depressive symptoms. Instead, work on becoming more self-aware. Reflect on your values, your goals, your current life situation and begin creating a realistic plan to get you where you are trying to go.  3. ✔️The best way to instantly lift your mood is to exercise. There is no substitute.  Exercise will not only boost your mood but also help you to sleep better and increase your self-esteem. 4. ✔️Learn something new. There are a lot of online free classes available that you can use to pickup a new hobby. It could be music, art, history, whatever interests you the most. 5. ✔️And last but not the least, Dress Up. Yes, even though we are all locked up inside our homes and nothing exciting might be going on, but dress up anyway. Don't let pyjamas or sweatshirts be your only dress style. If you are working from home, dress up in office clothes. At least once a week, wear something that makes you feel pretty or handsome. . I am sure you have a lot more to share🤗. Let me know other ways that can lift our mood. Comment below 👇 . . . Pic Credit: #liftupyourhearts #behappywithyourself #nonegativity #stopworrying #moodbooster #moodswings #lockdown #feelblessed #feelinggood #feelgood #boostedlife #dontlosehope #dontworrybehappy #dontpanic #fitmomma #fitmoms #momsofinstagram #motivations #tuesdaymotivation #tuesdayvibes #goodvibes #positivevibes

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Going live today at 5pm with one and only KICK ASS RJ , @tuhinanshu 👊🏼 @redfmindia @redfmbengaluru . . Do join us for loads of fun 💃🏻 . . . #lockdown2020 #bengaluru #radiojockey #fitnessgoals #goinglive #onradio #healthtips #healthyactivelifestyle

5,473 83

WORRIED ABOUT LOSING MUSCLES? 💪 . For Most of us who prefer strength/weight training in the Gym, the current lockdown can be really frustrating. Specially the concern is if we are going to lose all our hard earned muscles during this isolation at home . Well, there is no need to panic. It's possible to delay or even mitigate the muscle decline even at home by following these below guidelines: 1. Incorporate body weight training or with some other accessories like resistance bands, TRX for your strength training at home. Some of the most effective exercises at home are Pushups, Squats, PullUps, Lunges. 2. Be consistent. If you are used to going to gym 4-5 days a week, then make sure to workout at home for atleast the same time or even more. Spend atleast 30-45 minutes of bodyweight workouts every day. 3. Progression: At the gym, It's much easier to progress from 2.5 Kgs to 5Kgs and higher as there are different weights available. Progression is definitely harder at home but not impossible. There are other ways you can achieve progression. For example, you can increase your volume. If you were doing 5 push-ups last week, then do 10 this week and 15 next week and so on. Another way for progression is to do your reps really slow. Increase the amount of time your muscles are under tension. For example Hold your squats for 5 seconds or more at the lower position. 4. And last but not the least, be careful of what you eat. When you are staying at home 24 hours, it's really easy to let go and munch on snacks every two hours. Avoid the urge to run to the kitchen whenever you feel bored. Also, have more protein rich diet and less of carbs and fried food. . And finally, Make sure you do not lose sight of your goals. Remember, this situation is temporary and soon we will return to our normal daily routine. So stay focused, stay positive. . I would also love to know, what specific suggestions you have to stay fit and healthy at home. Comments below 👇 . . . #fitnessforlife #gymfreak #gymjunkie #workoutathome #HomeStay #homeworkout #homeworkouts #stayfocused #staypositive #staymotivated #goalsetting #strengthandconditioning #weighttraining #strengthtraining

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CAN A SMILE BOOST OUR MOOD 😍 . There are a thousand ways our facial muscles move to express and reinforce one of the six basic emotions: Enjoyment, Anger, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Amazement . However, the most emphatic and powerful of them all is . SMILE . And when we smile, our muscles can send the signal back to our brain and help boost our mood . Don't Believe? . Well, why don't you just stand in front of a mirror and try Smiling 😊 . . . Saree from @chhapa_gj8 📸: #hubby #keepsmiling #keepsmiling😊 #smile #happymood #happy #happyme #bestoftheday #instadaily #happiness #instagood #happier #stayhappy #behappy #dontworrybehappy #attitudeofgratitude #attitude #desifashion #saree #sareelove #indiafashion #traditionalattire #fashiondiaries #desilook #smilemore #smilemakeover #smilealways #smileeveryday

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ATTENTION GYM OWNERS!! . NOW IS A GOOD TIME TO RENOVATE YOUR GYM WITH THE LATEST AND THE BEST EQUIPMENTS AND MACHINES . While it is really unfortunate that the whole country is under lockdown and all the gyms and fitness studios are closed, but instead of sitting and waiting, use this time to think of how you can upgrade and uplevel your gym facility and provide a better experience and service to your clients once the lockdown is lifted. . MaxFitness is India's leading equipment company and provides the latest technology in Fitness Equipments with World Class Quality at affordable cost . You can DM or contact at below 👇 number/mailid for any inquiry Phone: +91 91541 40308 email: . . . @maxfitnessindia #fitnesswithsonali #trainhard #gymowner #fitnesslife #gymequipment #cardio #gymmotivation #gymtrainer #personaltrainer #personaltraining #gymequipments #indiangym #gymowners


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