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Bookworm. PhD survivor. YA Author of NEVERLAND (@penguinteenaus). Rep'd by the fabulous @dbinks. Bookings: @beckybookingagent ADL, 🇦🇺 #LoveOzYA

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.50%. The average number of likes per post is 91 and the average number of comments is 7.

42.86% of the followers that engaged with project_lectito regularly are from United States, followed by Canada at 5.95% and Australia at 5.95%. In summary, the top 5 countries of project_lectito's posts engager are coming from United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Czech Republic.

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  • United States 42.86 %
  • Canada 5.95 %
  • Australia 5.95 %
  • United Kingdom 4.76 %
  • Czech Republic 4.76 %


119 10

Long weekend backyard reading ☺️🍷 I loved The Night Circus, so The Starless Sea went straight on my TBR and so far it’s *wonderful*. A whimsical love letter to bookworms and storytelling, and a welcome, enchanting escape 💕

73 4

My absolute pleasure to recommend @ginainver’s brilliant new book SNOW for @loveozya’s TBR Tuesday this week❤️ Posted @withregram • @loveozya #LoveOzYA TBR Tuesday This week our Communications Director @project_lectito is recommending Snow by @ginainver — “‘I absolutely loved Gina Inverarity’s dark and lyrical reimagining of ‘Snow White’ set in post-climate change New Zealand. Snow is a powerful debut and an enchanting, necessary story for a stark new world.” #ozya #tbr #tbrtuesday #tbrpost #toberead #bookstoread #bookstagram #ausbookstagram #ausbookishfeatures #aussiereaders #aussieauthors #aussiebookworm #youngadultbooks #retelling #snowwhite #dystopian #readlocal #supporlocal #lovenzya

83 9

Today was a looong one, and I know we’ve got many more long ones ahead, but in between all the blergh bits we also watched our local library’s first online story time. Frankie’s face lit up with the biggest smile when she saw our librarian, Michelle, and she sang and danced along with all the songs. Later, I watched the live launch of @ozauthorsonline, a new platform for digital book launches and author events put together by a group of Oz YA superstars. These things made ALL the difference for us today, so here’s a big shoutout to *everyone* who is dreaming up creative and innovative solutions to keep all of us—but particularly young people—connected to our communities. You’re doing incredible work. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. 💕

186 9

Two years today since my debut book baby was officially released!🎂🎉🥳 A huge THANK YOU from the bottom of my salty heart to everyone who has read and supported NEVERLAND. I’m forever grateful to my wonderful agent @dbinks, publisher @zozie_walton, editor @ladymary_v and the @penguinteenaus and @jacintadimase teams for taking a chance on Kit and her story. 💙 #LoveOzYA

134 7

Wishing the happiest of publication days to @sarahepsteinbooks’s DEEP WATER, @talltales_poppynwosu’s TAKING DOWN EVELYN TAIT and @ginainver’s SNOW! 🥳🚀🎉🤩 I feel *very* privileged to have had a sneaky peek at all of these ahead of their release. I gave one of the blurb endorsements for Snow and was originally going to be launching Taking Down Evelyn Tait later this month, and Sarah and I celebrated our debuts together so I feel an extra special connection to each of these books and recommend them all for your TBR. ✨SNOW is a dark and enchanting fairytale for the post climate change world ✨TAKING DOWN EVELYN TAIT is a warm story of love, friendship and family starring one of my absolute favourite YA protags in recent years (💜 u, Lottie!) ✨DEEP WATER is a wonderfully twisty thriller. I’m just a few chapters in, but already hooked—this one’s PACKED with mystery and intrigue from page one. #LoveOzYA

93 3

I finished @talltales_poppynwosu’s wonderful new book TAKING DOWN EVELYN TAIT this afternoon (officially out April 1) and it was just what I needed this week: a fun, romantic story with a big heart and full of hope. I absolutely loved its narrator Lottie. She’s messy and a bit of a brat and makes a tonne of mistakes, but she’s genuinely trying to do better and I was cheering for her all the way. It’s also set in Port Adelaide, one of my favourite places, and Poppy does an incredible job capturing the Port’s industrial, maritime beauty. Highly recommend for fellow YA fans. 💕#LoveOzYA

74 8

This week has been an escalating horrorshow of suck, but here are some things that made it better for me and I hope you had some nice bits too: ✨this excellent sunset while walking the dog 👆 ✨the steady stream of top-shelf pandemic memes in my parents’ group Whatsapp ✨FaceTiming my Nanna ✨round-the-clock toddler absurdity (‘I hiding in the dog bowl, Mummy!’) ✨Haigh’s speckles ✨Dolphins in Venice (and also here at Holdfast Shores, which blew Frankie’s mind) ✨the support my #LoveOzYA fam and wider bookish community has shown for indie booksellers and authors releasing books in this mess ✨whisky

107 18

NEVERLAND, but with a sticker. ✨🧜‍♀️ It feels weird to be posting this, like: ‘I know there’s a pandemic and all, but I got these cute stickers!’ And it did seem that the envelope had arrived in my letterbox from some distant, far happier dimension. But Neverland’s shortlisting for the Adelaide Festival Awards for Literature meant the world to me. This was a bright spot on an overwhelmingly bleak week, and we’ve got to keep sharing the good stuff. Stay well and look after yourselves, everyone 💙✌🏻

35 3

I’m so very sad to no longer be launching @talltales_poppynwosu’s wonderful new book TAKING DOWN EVELYN TAIT at @dymocksadelaide next month. My heart goes out to Poppy and her fellow #LoveOzYA authors who have books coming out over the next little while, and to our amazing local bookshops who do so much to support our bookish community. It’s a difficult and uncertain time to be sending stories into the world, but also a time when stories are exactly what we need, as @dbinks said in her introduction to BEGIN, END, BEGIN, ‘Books are family. Books are community.’ They will keep us connected through the coming months. So please give your support to local authors and bookshops when you’re looking for a good book to pass the time at home 💜 . . . Posted @withregram • @theyacircle Hello, Thank you for signing up to our launch of Taking Down Evelyn Tait by Poppy Nwosu at Dymocks Adelaide. As everyone is undoubtly aware the current outbreak of COVID-19 (or Corona Virus) has been labelled a pandemic by the World Health Organisation. We at Dymocks Adelaide highly value the health and wellbeing of our customers and want to do our part to 'flatten the curve' and slow the spread of the disease. After much deliberation with Poppy, we have decided to cancel this event. While this is very disappointing we believe that this is the best way to reduce exposure to the disease and protect those who are most at risk. Signed copies of the novel and exclusive giveaways will be available in store shortly after the book's release on April 1st. We apologise for not seeing you and greatly appreciate your support and understanding in this difficult time. We cannot wait to see you in the future! Thank you for supporting local. Dymocks Adelaide

71 3

I was sorry to miss Charlotte Wood’s session at #AldWW last week and would have loved to hear what she had to say about her wonderful, @thestellaprize shortlisted novel THE WEEKEND. I was a big fan of THE NATURAL WAY OF THINGS (though the ending was a bit of a letdown), and keen to read her latest. Though it’s a very different book from TNWOT, I raced through it in a few sittings (which for a snail reader like me says a lot). It’s sharp and witty, but also poignant and a little bit frightening in an existential-crisis-inducing kinda way. I loved the three women—they are instantly recognisable types realised with nuance and heart. I particularly enjoyed Jude, mean as she is, and Finn the ailing dog is a powerful (if slightly obvious) symbol. I felt SO anxious for him to survive the book! 😬 My one criticism was that the plot, particularly towards the end, felt a little contrived and the symbolism somewhat heavy-handed. But I thoroughly enjoyed it overall and highly recommend. The kind of book that requires mulling over a glass of wine when you’re done. 🍷 P.S. This also has to be one of the greatest covers of all-time, yeah? 💙❤️🧡💛💙

79 6

My favourite thing is THIS BOOK. Set in Chicago in the late 60s, this graphic novel’s part murder mystery, part historical fiction and part coming-of-age, and narrated from the POV of a Schlock-horror obsessed budding artist tween who imagines herself as a werewolf. Yeah, WHAT?! I guarantee you’ve never read anything quite like it. And it’s absolutely brilliant with STUNNING artwork. So keen to get my hands on book two. 🤩 #highlyrecommend

72 1

My turn to fangirl this week for @loveozya’s TBR Tuesday (where one of our fab five committee members shares a favourite recent Oz YA read) and I picked @jodimcalister’s VALENTINE series! ❤️💙💚 #LoveOzYA Posted @withregram • @loveozya In this week's TBR Tuesday, our AMAZING comms director, @project_lectito shares her current read: "I'm currently reading Misrule, the final book in @jodimcalister 's Valentine trilogy! Fun and thrilling, smart and sexy these books are 100% binge-worthy"


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