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sᴇᴇʀ. sᴄʀɪʙᴇ. sᴀɢᴇ. सत्य दिव्य प्रकाश ⠀ ✨
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59.2% of mee.kay's followers are female and 40.8% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.00%. The average number of likes per post is 1580 and the average number of comments is 63.

15.38% of the followers that engaged with mee.kay regularly are from United States, followed by Brazil at 10.99% and Russian Federation at 8.79%. In summary, the top 5 countries of mee.kay's posts engager are coming from United States, Brazil, Russian Federation, Italy, Australia.

Mee.kay loves posting about Modeling, Fashion, Photography, Celebrities, Technology.

Check mee.kay's audience demography. This analytics report shows mee.kay's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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Avg Comments
Global Rank
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59.2 %
40.8 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 74.26 %
  • Photography 57.67 %
  • Travel & Tourism 53.43 %
  • How-to & Style 52.39 %
  • Art & Design 50.87 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 48.55 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.08 %
  • Entertainment 42.00 %
  • Movies and TV 41.73 %
  • Music 40.65 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 38.54 %
  • Books and Literature 37.36 %
  • Business & Careers 35.85 %


  • United States 15.38 %
  • Brazil 10.99 %
  • Russian Federation 8.79 %
  • Italy 7.69 %
  • Australia 5.49 %


1,831 69

peace. to have it you must give a piece of yourself back to yourself. transmuted like the alchemist, turning base metal into gold. it isn’t something that you can simply pray for. it is rather what you give to yourself first, and then secondary to others. you must have it in you first in order not to be depleted. it is a greater place of being. be the peace you wish to see, have it in all you do and you will have it in the world you see and interact with. if you are struggling with healing some part of your life, know that in order to heal, conflict needs to end. internal conflict that is. the side effect is external conflict ends because of it. surrender not by giving up but by switching your fight. from against yourself, to ‘for’ yourself. and you will no longer fight but rather care. so to have peace, you make peace with yourself and all aspects that you turned to callus. your hardness only made the impact that more damaging and the idea of recovery that much further away. to make peace know it is continually something you do, and through that it becomes what you are. be softer with yourself. more gentle in your internal dialogue. remove conflict by loving what you made so hard. soften your mind and tongue to open your heart. then every step you take will feel like you are walking on the hands of angels holding your precious feet. the truth is you are that angel holding your own, piece of peace. peace be with you all. blessings -meekay ✨ #peacebewithyou #loveisallthereis

1,843 66

as you go about your day be gently reminded by the subtleties of nature. whether that is heat from the sun, sound of a wave, breeze of a wind, or smile of a stranger let it ground you to know you are part of something greater. energy cannot be created or destroyed. nor does it lie. it just is constantly being recycled and continuously moving towards its highest possible vibration. this is nature. anything that no longer vibrates high gets broken down into dust, to be then utilized in something more optimal. have you ever noticed how disease does not exist in the animal kingdom, unless it has been influenced by man. i’m not talking about your domestic pets as they are definitely susceptible, but the ones that are most wild. they vibrate the highest and are the most in tune with nature and her ways. when you understand energy you understand there is truly nothing to heal, only shifting of energy is needed. shift to a higher vibration and what once needed healing no longer exists. align to nature and her principles and raise yourself from your man made labels. nature is whole not isolated like some of your minds may be. practice kindness in thought, speech and action and you will naturally align closer to your nature and will be drawn to her loving open arms. have it in you first in order to see and feel it next. be guided by your senses rather than ruled by them. all is provided for those that remain wild. this is where you will be the most abundant, free and vital. peace and blessings -meekay ✨ #nurtureyournature #loveisallthereis #staywild

1,333 48

you are always right no matter what it is you do. for it is your rite because free will allows that. this is your divine rite to choose freely. that doesn’t mean there isn’t a karmic repercussion to your choices because there always is. cause and effect will dictate this. the closer your choices are made in alignment to honesty, kindness and the un-bias truth the less repercussions and more rewards. focus on intent not rewards. you don’t harvest your fruit the day you plant the seed. have patience and grace in your day to day. then in your month to month or year to year fruition will be held of the sweetest fruit that you grew yourself, by yourself and nothing will take that away. the habits that hindered your growth will be no more as they are replaced with ones of care and kindness. if you say you can -you will. and of you say you can’t -you won’t. both are correct, so choose wisely. you learn of ‘why’ you need to practise kindness and self love, once you are filled with it. then you will ultimately know you were working on ours. the why (or y) was just in front of knowing you are everyone else. (y)our love and well being is our love and well being. you just needed to know ‘Y’ (why). learning this will make you Y’s (wise). stay light as a feather in the wind. the lighter you are the more opportunities you will be taken to. peace and blessings ✨ -meekay #loveisallthereis

2,847 188

who are you without thought?✨

1,772 56

some find it hard to meditate but it’s not meditation that is hard, but rather it’s the relationship you have with yourself that might be. there is no greater relationship than the one you have with yourself. the kinder you are to yourself and act in that kindness, the more you will be kind to everything outside yourself as well. this will set a template for you to allow yourself to be in a better place and more prepared for whatever life throws at you. that alone is meditation, making the unconscious conscious. move past thought not by stopping it but by feeling more and the side effect is less thinking. only you put the noise inside your head, now allow yourself to attune to a higher frequency, one that you achieve through conscious actions aligned with clear kind intent. do this more and when you come back to meditation it may not be so hard. -meekay ✨

1,028 38

in nature perfect patterns exist everywhere and in everything. they are easy to spot for those that observe but they are hardest to find within yourself. find them and then learn whether they truly serve you. the patterns we see in nature are the signature of the divine. the existence of a creator. inside you the most optimal ones are of the same divine creator. the ones that are not optimal are from the one that you weren’t created. an inception if you will. don’t stress if you uncover some, those are easiest replaced with love. for it is divine - meekay #goldenratio #fibonacci #phi

985 52

Multiple timelines exist all running parallel to the one you are currently in. This is the quantum wave. The choices you make determine whether these timelines come into your reality. Your attention is energy and it’s placement decides, so be conscious where you place it. let your heart guide you and you will always be on the most optimal path. - meekay✨

329 28

everything is what you allow. will you allow yourself to see it?✨👁✨

3,829 128

how do you know what you are doing is truly for you? to be honest it’s simple once you allow yourself to figure it out. sometimes your thoughts make complexity out of the simplest of things. this is merely the illusion of your mind and what you are connecting to. the simplest things in life are just that simple. nature itself is simple and so are her equations. if you want to align more to the simple path, the one of least resistance then do as your mother does. if every thought you sow and action you create are based in unconditional agape love then the rest comes easy and everything starts to align. reminders are always present it’s you that has to tune yourself to them. If you want to attune beyond the illusion of noise and suffering then tune in. Before doing anything always ask what would unconditional love do, and do that every time. -meekay✨ ⠀ #nofilter #555

2,959 68

a butterfly is simply a caterpillar with wings but try explaining that to a caterpillar. those that fly highest seem so different to those still on the ground. little do they know by releasing the experiences they are attached to and quieting life right down to stillness is how they obtain their wings. surrender to what is and you shall be. -meekay 🐛 ✨🦋

661 19

the moon rules the crown of your house and as your crown it governs the unconscious mind, emotions and your instincts. the moon is a mirror reflecting your highest possibility. once your house is over flowing with light you become that highest possibility and shine amongst the darkness. the beacon, the lighthouse, the illuminated soul. -meekay 🌕 👑


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