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68.7% of lafilledo's followers are female and 31.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.00%. The average number of likes per post is 378 and the average number of comments is 15.

Lafilledo loves posting about Modeling, Fashion.

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68.7 %
31.3 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 85.80 %
  • Art & Design 71.33 %
  • Photography 62.81 %
  • Books and Literature 55.50 %
  • Movies and TV 43.51 %
  • Entertainment 36.83 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.42 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 36.42 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 33.80 %
  • Travel & Tourism 32.96 %
  • Sports 32.70 %
  • Music 32.28 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 31.70 %


1,587 114

“brazilian wax! have you ever heard of it?” well yes. we heard. but it’s a choice no? we get so many comments from passers by when we feature body hair in our images. i see so many advocates for body hair it makes me sad actually. it’s body hair. it’s not a malfunction of the body. it’s a creation of our body. why does something so natural need advocates? nature is first. then we burst in, with all our crazy limiting ideas of what ‘a man’ or ‘a woman’ should look like. now we need advocates to remind us we were once free. the cages we face are made by our own hands. they good news is they are within our power to break them down. we talk about climate change and loss of energy but this too is climate action: to respect your own nature. if you wish to have a wild garden: great! if you prefer a zen bonsai shaped trim: go for it! but let the choice be yours. be gentle. when we post body hair i often get the 🤮emoji in our comments. how distanced have we become from our own body if the hair it so kindly grows in order to protect us triggers such strong emotions and generates the urge to be disgusted by it on other people? we have allowed our limiting ideas of beauty to limit our selves. we have made our bodies war zones. if we want to change climate change let’s start in our own pants. it’s the most powerful feeling. to love yourself. through all imaginaire boundaries of what beauty is. you are worthy and precious and we need aaaaaallllll the energy out there to be in the game. there is no use to park parts of you on the bench because it’s not allowed to play. we made the rules. now let’s change them back for the better. enjoy your day. allow your day. personally REALLY excited i got to shoot my sister Dolores. hopes for this since forever. dreams are real. #belgianfashionweek #weekvandebelgischemode #madeinbelgium #handmadeinbelgium

222 4

yesterday i asked if you are ok. half of the people said no. belgium now has a ‘one close contact’ policy to slow down the corona wave. ‘it’s gonna be a long winter’ you said. let’s be smart. let’s stay wise. let’s be human. let’s pause to proceed. in autumn, nature turns to itself. it goes underground. it draws its energy out of the leaves and branches back into its soil. energy never goes away. if we can’t use our arms for hugs like we used to, let’s mimic nature’s movement. let’s draw our energy out of the reaching branches we call arms. a lot of us have done so years ago. but let’s not give up. let’s not let that juiciness slip away. let’s not lose our warmth. let’s store our motivation in our gut. let’s allow our energy to keep our bellies warm. like an animal going for shelter in the belly of the earth, let’s slow down and reflect. rest. care. we will be needing all of our energy. these times are moving ever so fast. i see so much effort being taken, both by politics and by people in their every day life. do not give up. reach out. rest. be gentle. pray. out loud. envision how you see your life. trust abundance. allow abundance. redefine those words. put on your strong suit. ask someone else to put on theirs. together, we got this. Jenna is wearing CHIME FEST in fumee monofil. Leen is wearing BABY BLUE in pink. shops do not have to close at this point but since we can offer you the online service of our webshop i would like to invite you to shop online. i switched on free shipping to motivate you 🤗 shopping online does not mean you must do without our personal advice. use the chat button to let us assist you in finding your strong suit. sending love. #madeinbelgium #buylocalthinkglobal #greendeal #gotransparent

143 0

i have a confession to make: i tremble. on the inside. when i meet you. it’s not a fearful tremble. it’s the vibration of a rock being thrown in the water. it’s the ripples in the river. it’s the movement of the water feeling this pebble for the first time. surrounding its every shape and shade. before you walk in and i lay eyes on you it already happens. the vibrations are in motion. soon as you walk in it becomes more subtle. we talk but my energy flows effortlessly. it observes. like an echo it waits for its cue. i find it challenging. to ask people to step forward for a casting. to organise a shoot. to stand there, camera in hand. to ask to wear this or that outfit. it’s hardly unstaged. yet there you are. within this sculpted moment in time and place you manage to move freely if only i can let you. i am the pebble. you are the water. there will be movement but it is impossible to tell what and where and how. every time again i am the pebble yet you move, wave and sway so differently i am always amazed. the pebble doesn’t alter. the water remains. it’s the encounter that empresses. i want to thank you. again. for stepping forward when we call out for casting. for trusting us with your images, showing your self. for showing up. for allowing me to capture the identity of you. i can’t wait to see the reflections in the water. in my minds eye, you were wonder. Jenna is wearing CHIME FEST and ALL TALK in fumee monofil. our most transparent design ever. invisible almost but very real. ask your hands if you doubt. free shipping on all orders in belgium. stay home. be safe. check in with each other. #madeinebelgium #supportsmallbusiness #buylocal #belgianfashionmadeinbelgium #whomademyclothes #maketroubleaskquestions

302 10

why? why stick to what was? why stick to the idea of lingerie like we always knew it? who is going to stop us in our tracks? in this new collection we pushed things forward. i love a good turtle neck in winter. why not make a bra that doubles as that turtle neck? CALYPSO top is available for pre order now. this whole collection is made from our light weight see through tulle. the tulle is made in italy. this soft creamy fabric allows for an abundant use because it folds and flows so gently it will never become too much. i played with layering, using a folded fabric to create the turtle neck, making it less transparent than the body, covering your heart. when you wear this under a shirt, it will allow a gaze-enchanting play, both merging with your outfit but also distinguishing itself from whatever fabric you choose to wear on top. the subtle gap of a delicate transparent layer will seem inviting for the eyes and mind, naturally puzzled by what could happen underneath. i love it when lingerie can do that. FAST GIRLS is also back in store. new footage has been released on our webshop. enjoy your day today. i will be shooting some of you for the first time today. and i am looking forward. 👀🤓

194 5

ohw 2020, i dont think i have ever encountered a teacher this thorough. on wednesday there will be new guidelines to protect us from the virus but today we are switching on our free shipping button for all belgian orders again. our shops will remain open if you want to fit a certain style or if you have never tried our brand before and you want to experience the fabrics and quality. i switch to free shipping to kindly invite you to shop from home in order to keep contact reduced to the necessary minimum. my team will be at your service to help you find the right style and size. you can call them on the phone. you can skype or zoom. you can chat with them through the site or through messenger on our facebook page or dm me here on instagram. don’t be shy. to further expand our protection we made some beauty-full masks together with @noyau_noyau. made from belgian linen these origami babies are handmade in london and fit like a dream. the linen is firm enough to keep the mask in shape yet soft enough so it is breathable and soft on skin. even when wearing it all day. since we created this style during the first lockdown we only have decent studio images now but behold the beauty of @flandihh and @_gaia__gaia_ smizing like the sun from behind a cloud. our masks can be worn with optional selection of cristal gem tassels. the crystals are selected by @flopstical for their healing assets for heart, throat and lungs. the tassels are crafted from all of our fabrics and i like to think of them as a good luck charm, representing the combined forces of friendship, honouring every one for their special and unique skills. every strand of fabric represents every special super power, knowing we need everyone in to make change happen. every gem brings its own healing power to the table and beyond the aesthetics of things, let this mask remind you of the hidden ethics one can hold inside. knowing this is empowering. and that is just what we need now: to trust our wisdom, and turn to it. to let wisdom guide our hands. which are your favourite protective gems or rituals or essential oils. let’s surround our selves with beauty that oozes wisdom. stay strong. #madeinbelgium

572 36

i did an interview with @wsm_ongo talking about production and fair wages. every time i do an interview i get sad during our conversation because it seems such a massive topic one lifetime might just not be enough to make the much needed change. by the end of the talk i need to gather the pieces of me. they often ask what my motivation is to do this. even though an ethical production makes me slower in the race to market, what slows me down also grounds me. it links me to reality. i produce in belgium which costs more but it also allows me to ensure their wellbeing. to keep the craftsmxnship alive. since corona i exaggerated things. just for fun. imagine all our boundaries closed. for ever. would we still know how to supply our daily needs for food? do we know how to make garments? how to create electricity. as a kid i often played this game. i woke up and imagined the world post apocalyptic and i had to reinvent EVERYTHING. it humbled me, being aware of how little i know. i don’t know how to grow carrots 🤷‍♀️ this made me happy we each have our skill. we should leave our heads some more and move away from this so called intelligence. restore our faith in wisdom. moving with and by nature, and stop desperately trying to conquer it. it creates the illusion of power when all we need now is to be strong and well rooted. this is in nature, not above it like vain dictators. since my chain letter celebrating belgian makers i feel electrified, knowing i am no longer the single fool announcing change. our voices speak louder now, for we chant together and in tune. it made me perversely happy to see old companies crumble during corona. their values don’t serve us anymore so from their ashes will rise more new brands who have it in their dna to be versatile and sustainable, which allows them to move through hardship cause they don’t aim for growth but they aim to be the size that serves them best. i can’t wait to proceed the works with 11.11.11 and @schonekleren cause it is time to make change happen. i am proud to be in your company. #cleanclothescampaign #fairfashion #fairtrade #madeinbelgium #ikkoopbelgisch #handmadeinbelgium #greendeal #gotransparent

221 2

to my fellow belgian makers: YOU ARE GOLD. when i saw the list of #belgianfashionweek i was rather pissed off to be honest. none of the featured brand produce in belgium. none of the brands that produce in belgium were featured. something went wrong at that party. who were we celebrating really? shouldn’t we be more specific? we started off last week with another language challenge: #fairfashionweek. sometimes people ask me why i produce in belgium. this is the same as asking me why i produce in fair ways. when i am fed up, i return the question: would you rather have me claim an unfair production line? and is it fair to accept and stimulate unfair productions as a consumer? are we lied to? or do we keep ignoring? i want to thank all my fellow local sustainable belgian makers to be so fkn numerous! with every flower, candle, dress, jacket, print, rug and earring you make and sell you, my dear, have a HUGE impact on our environment, mainly because your impact is so small. compared to multinationals who sell loads of junk nobody really cares about, their footprint is that of an elephant shredding the porcelain store to pieces. in my stories i wanted to personally celebrate your hard/t work. i know what it takes to swim upstream. don’t you give up. reaching out like we did is a reminder you are no longer on a lonesome journey to do better when the big boys are playing a foul game. we are so many and we are connected and we got this. meanwhile my new collection is in store. ask me anything you want to know about how all this came about. for now swipe through these beautiful people that make me so proud i get to support them. #belgianfashionweek #madeinbelgium #buylocal #fairfashionweek2020 #afairerfashion #greenexitnow #gotransparent

907 25

you asked me numerous times. a bodysuit. that could open. easily. for years i designed bodies without buttons in the crotch because they look aweful to me. they might be convenient but that is largely overshadowed by their lack of aesthetics. so i made bodysuits that had slits in the back so you could slide in like that. but then i wanted to make a bodysuit. with long sleeves. and a turtle neck. not even houdini can enter or leave a long sleeved turtle neck bodysuit without some buttons some where. so i had to get clever. if you have been around this brand for a bit you know i made some briefs like THE MAGIC that open both front and back. it is somewhat close to magic. so i decided to explore this magic when applied to a long sleeve turtle neck body suit. (lstnbs from now on). enters NEU! NEU!, yes, that includes the exclamation mark, is indeed a lstnbs that can be opened by using a tiny hook on your belly. it gathers two parts of fabric that gently hug around your waist and releasing them means undoing the bottom part of your bodysuit, allowing you to go about your business as usual, all the while wearing you lstnbs. all it took was extremely long car rides while problem solving thinking, a fair amount of pattern paper, my pencil and some pins, a box full of samples developing this suit into perfection for every size, the stubbornness of a whole team of people to make,shoot and edit this beauty, but here we are. now conveniently ready for pre order on our webshop: i proudly present to you the one and only lstnbs calles NEU! pre orders are real. @anemonevalcke is wearing NEU! @joelleduboiss is wearing our newborn thong called PIERROT and bralette BABA all made from lightweight sheer italian tulle. #madeinbelgium #climatechangeawareness #buylocal #supportyourlocalbrands #madeinbelgiumworneverywhere #circulareconomy #donuteconomy #whomademyclothes #fairtradeoverunfairtrade

313 10

let’s talk about this new collection. it is happening. lingerie is dead. long live lingerie. if you have ever flicked through the pages of a book on history in lingerie, you know. this must be the most rigid part of fashion design. ironic, considering it’s use of materials so fluid. what IS lingerie anyway? why do we need it. why do we wear it. if you think beyond the usual answers you’d be quick to discover the possibility beyond 2 triangles attached to 2 shoulderstraps desperately trying to keep everything in place. lingerie is the most sustainable layer in your dressing room because it creates a thin layer protecting your skin from your garment and your garment from your skin. your skin is doing an immaculate job protecting our insides from the blows of life itself. chemicals. sun rays. playful bites. ocean salts. it allows us to breathe and absorb goodness from essential oils to heal us. the price lingerie pays for protecting our skin is being exposed to its sweat and care products, knowing we prefer to cover us in the most fragile materials. lycra hates our sweats and salts but does the best job in supporting us. our lingerie allows us to wear our clothes longer absorbing all our care products and sweaty summer evenings in a layer quickly redirected to the laundry. if it is such an indispensable layer in our daily fashion, why not make it look the part? we tried to make it look invisible. please. who was ever fooled by invisible panties or those nasty plastic shoulderstraps? no one never. this collection is the 2.0 of lingerie, inviting it into the lives of our wardrobe even more. a bra with a turtleneck indeed. because WHO’S GONNA STOP US? available on our webshop and in stores worldwide. ✌🏻 ps. please vote. ps. eat less meat. ps. recycle reuse repair ps. love your self. #fairtradefashion #fairtradeweek2020 #handmadeinbelgium #buylocalthinkglobal #votehimeout2020

436 39

this must be my favourite part of the job. dropping the bomb of a new collection out there and see what gives. so here goes: STRANGEWAYS, here we come. swipe through the post if you want to catch some glimpses of goodness simmering under your index finger. there is a quote from Blackadder. ‘i’ve got a plan so cunning you could put a tail on it and call it a weasel’. this feeling exactly i get from dropping a new range. working 2years in advance i see aaaaaaaall the elements that need to align and work together in this giant plan before it can transform itself into this tiny square appearing in your phone. if you ever doubted magic, STOP. it is all real. come visit our shop. pinch my arm. this is all real and i am grateful. thanks to my incredible team for aligning the elements like plates on sticks in chinese state circus. you gots the magic fingers. thanks to all my models for making my stuff look pwetty pwetty. #newinstore #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

343 6

detail from @sura_model during her ‘ball on block’ performance. Ghent. i love me a good performance in life. if you are working today make it a performance. even when no one is watching. keep an eye on our page today. on your mailbox. on our shopwindow. can you feel it? #fallbutnotreally

263 4

this one time Emily and Alina accidentally had to start a band because what else to do when this image happens? 🤗 Emily is wearing LAND SLIDE now back in store. Alina is wearing our long sleeve for ann demeulemeester. suggestions for their band name in comments: #accidentalbandphoto #madeinbelgiumworneverywhere #buylocalthinkglobal


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