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Attempting to enchant 🧚‍♀️ my 3 littles 👱‍♀️👧👶& stay sane during a 🌎 pandemic while finishing my PhD @ Vanderbilt in Organizational Leadership 🤓

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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 87 and the average number of comments is 7.

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Best bud! Can’t believe 5 years ago we were on the scariest journey trying to “keep her in” with weeks of terrifying hospitalized bed rest, a longggg NICU journey and so many prayers. Couldn’t be more grateful for this wild child and her heart of gold. Mark my words: this girl will rule the world! We will all be working for Miss E soon... she is a force!!

63 3

The MVP of pumpkin season...

89 5

“You’re the million reasons why there’s love reflecting in my eyes...”💕 💗thank you @faithhill for summing up how blessed I am to be loved by these two little ladies! What songs make you think of your kiddos?!

140 22

Did it! Submitted my research draft and awaiting edits/feedback but looks like just 53 days until I make this little tribe call me “Dr. Mom” before retrieving them endless snacks, wiping butts and shuttling them around town. 💁🏼‍♀️

123 14

This week was a circus 🎪... actually we just ended up at a drive-in one! Shockingly, we seem to be having a great rhythm now with school/work/getting through the long days and weeks. Finding activities like this where we can let our curiosity wander but stay safe and balance it with breaking up the day to day monotony. . . . . Pierce has turned a corner into the sweetest cuddliest little heart throb so I am loving this stage. Emery is learning sign language at school and blowing us away as she teaches us ASL every afternoon- her reading and writing is rapidly soaring thru the roof right now! Grace was tickled by getting a prize for raising money for her school fundraiser this week and has me shocked with what a voracious reader she has become. Our “breakfast” little leaders unit continued with Maya Angelou, Steve Jobs, Greta Thurnburg, mother Teresa, Bruce Lee and others this week - we wrote poetry, took an online Tae Kwon Do class together, picked up trash on our walk and drove by Jobs’ old house. . . . Aside from discovering Covid-friendly family adventures like Zoppe Family Circus and Golfland I’ve been reading a ton- finished The Vanishing Half, Canoeing in the Mountains, Melania and Me, Parlay Effect and Such a Fun Age this week - looking for recs for historical fiction or non fiction reads you love?! . . . My research is going well- dues next Monday ah! - I spent Pierces Naps and my early morning writing sessions focusing on coding and writing analysis for my qualitative data - this was more of a challenge than my quantitative data sets. . . . We really have only watched the debates this week but open to show suggestions? Excited for This Is Us to start back up! . . . Any meal kit suggestions? I’m cancelling @greenchef - recipes are too expensive, make a mess of too many pans and just haven’t satisfied us the way other ones have - open to suggestions! Happy Friday! Fill me in on your week highlights ;)

75 2

⛳️ Golfing with Grandbarb after school this afternoon

66 1

Slip and slide on this gorgeous day!

51 4

“The Smoke Never Bothered me anyway...” - Anna, Elsa and Kristoff came to play! @clarelibraro I believe Elsa was your girls doll! My old Felicity doll became Anna and Kristoff is a boy bitty baby rocking Kirsten’s old winter wear 😂can’t believe so much of this stuff is 30 years old! #ag #americangirldolls

91 9

Happy Friday! We made it through another week...week of poor AQI and fires, pandemic and politics not to mention parenting through it all but we did it!! . . . A few highlights from the week: @dr.illustration announced that Ada Twist Scientist is coming to @netflix backed by the Obamas, if you haven’t watched #TedLasso on AppleTV+ yet you’re missing out, I have ten days until my draft of my final research is due 😬 but feeling good and realizing I need to start the job hunt, Grants been killing it at work and stealing time on my Peloton (#puttheseatback) We’ve been loving the #littlepeoplebigdreams series and journaling every morning with a new leader (Pele and Rosa Parks were fun this week!) , #EnolaHolmes is another favorite watch - loved it, and I read #suchafunAge, #thevanishinghalf and The Last Castle this week... yes we’ve been stuck inside all week with the fires. . . . . 💪🏻 May your weekend be filled with Nespresso and Zinfandel... or at least that’s my hope for ours 😂🤣🍷 ☕️

115 10

My best little bud and her first school photo.

82 1

This little guy and I have been taking full advantage of our time just the two of us: bike rides, hiking and bringing his scoot bike on paths new to us! So grateful for this sidekick (esp with his big sisters at school!) and the opportunity to see the world through his curious eyes ❤️

34 0


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