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72.7% of jo.farren's followers are female and 27.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.50%. The average number of likes per post is 34 and the average number of comments is 8.

Jo.farren loves posting about Moms.

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72.7 %
27.3 %


  • Children & Family 69.58 %
  • Art & Design 63.43 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 59.93 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 56.35 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 54.77 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 46.62 %
  • Home & Garden 46.18 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 36.06 %
  • Music 34.76 %
  • Business & Careers 34.64 %
  • Technology & Science 33.01 %


61 22

Ok so this is not the most flattering photo, but I wanted to drop in and show my mug, say hi to you all and let you know about something that's been troubling me these past 48 hours . . . So, yesterday I was challenged about my feminism, and whether really being intersectional was 'right': intersectional feminism fights for rights, equality and equity, recognising that there are factors other than being female which impact oppression - these include colour, gender, sexuality, class and so on . . . Some would have you believe that feminism EXCLUSIVELY effects females and I'm here to tell you that's not the case: how can we fly the flag for a fair society whilst actively oppressing other margianlised groups? . . . Read that again - ACTIVELY oppressing other marginalised groups. This is no accident, this is actually happening . . . By default, smashing out of the patriarchal ropes that bind us will also impact people other than women. There, I said it. It's not a dirty concept, honest... . . . So I'm not sure what content you're here for, the birthy stats, the herb love, the snaps of my lush products (and I'm sorry for using the wanky term 'content') but whatever you're here for, know that this is an inclusive space and always will be . . . Yes, my strapline is 'Women's Health Matters' because by and large, I think that Women's Health, or that which is usually referred to in this term, is hugely under funded and under researched and it really deserves to be given time and recognition. I also support transfolk, non binary people, men... but I didn't find 'Anyone Who Is Essentially Fucked Over By The Patriarchy' an attractive strapline, and it didn't really explain the health/care/wellbeing aspect . . . So I'm using my privilege as a white, cis, het presenting woman to remind you that you are safe here. I may not always get it right, I may fuck up, but I show up and try my best and don't hide behind feminism to further oppress those who need support . . . And please, please pop into my DMs if you see fuck ups. Always happy to communicate compassionately, learn and grow . . . #WomensHealthMatters #LGBTQIA #IntersectionalFeminism #Intersectional #Doula #Herbalist

10 0

@fivexmore_ have launched their crowdfunding campaign to raise funds to END the #FiveXMore statistic . . . Head over to their page to find out more about their campaign and the awesome resources they're sharing. Today is for birth partners and how to advocate for Black pregnant women and people . . . #FiveXMore #MBRRACE #MaternalMentalHealth #BlackMaternalHealthMatters #BlackMothersMatter #FiveXMoreAW20 #Postpartum #Pregnancy #Hitchin #Hertfordshire #Hypnobirthing #Doula #DoulaSupport #Crowdfunding

5 1

I've been AWOL for a few days having/recovering from a migraine, eugh. BUT here today to request that you kindly head over to @fivexmore_ and get involved today by downloading the action back to start with... . . . #StrongerTogether #MBRRACE #MaternalMentalHealth #Maternity #BlackMaternalHealthMatters #BlackMothersMatter #Birth #Postpartum #Doula #Hypnobirthing #Hitchin #Hertfordshire #FiveXMoreAW20 #FiveXMore

11 0

FIVEXMORE AWARENESS WEEK begins today and the theme this year is 'Protecting Black Women' . . . Birth and maternity is something I'm passionate about, and in particular ensuring we are improving outcomes for Black women, today we remember D'Lissa Parkes who passed away in October 2015 giving birth to her baby- today would have been her 31st birthday. . . . I'll be sharing from this incredible campaign over the next few days, its really important to get informed, LISTEN to these voices and get involved and start making changes in your practise and your local maternity services. . . . #MBRRACE #MaternalHealth #FiveXMoreDLissa #FiveXMore #Birth #BlackMaternalHealthMatters #Hitchin #Hertfordshire #FiveXMoreAW20

50 8

Copied from @birthblissacademy - anyone who's followed me a while will know I've had to do this twice (not during the pandemic) and I'd not wish it on my worst enemy. Things need to change . . . ⚠️Trigger warning⚠️ . We have had many messages about loss and how many women and people have been told this heartbreaking news on their own, whilst their partners have been forced to sit in hospital car parks, unable to offer their support 💔 . When it comes to maternity, there are usually two people deeply involved and they should have the choice to go through the pregnancy together, every step of the way, especially through loss . Calling partners, fathers and co-parents a 'visitor' highlights the problem with much of the language used in maternity. 👀 . Emotional, practical and informational support should be priority because it's the 'caring' that makes the difference! 🤗 . Everyone deserves to be treated with compassion, kindness and dignity whilst pregnant, in childbirth and postnatally.💕 ********************************* #ButNotMaternity #LockedOutOfBirth #ProtectMyBirthBubble #BirthRightsDuringCovid #CovidBirthRights ​#BirthBlissDoulas #BirthWorkersUnited #DoulaSupport #BirthRightsDuringLockdown #CovidBabies #LockDownBirthRights

36 5

#ButNotMaternity has caused waves: it's time that the government prioritised pregnant women and people over folk going to the pub (I know, I know, I've used that example enough times but seriously I hear it all day long so IT REALLY BOTHERS PEOPLE) . . . I think it's about time we started trusting pregnant women and people to make their own decisions based on risk: if we have pregnant folk working in hospitals then surely there's been a risk assessment for them? . . . We know that our midwives want to support people, it's about time they're allowed to do their job too . . . #EnoughIsEnough #MaternalMentalHealth #Maternity #antenatalsupport #Antenatal #AntenatalEducator #Postpartum #Postnatal #PostnatalDoula #Doula #TheHerbalDoula #Herbalist #HerbalMedicine #HerbalRemedies #BirthBlissDoulas #DevelopingDoulas #SupportOurMidwives #Pregnancy #Hitchin #Hertfordshire

24 2

I'm so behind on these #ButNotMaternity slides, due to LIFE going on outside my 'phone (who would have thought it) but it looks very much like the @midwives_rcm and @rcobsgyn are totally behind this rethinking of the rules and regulations which has led to an update from @nhsengland yesterday...fingers crossed that we can get some movement across all our trusts in the near future . . . Thank you so much to everyone who has taken part so far... this is not the last you'll hear from us! . . . Image ID: Yellow background with white writing reading 'You can have a social bubble, but not include who you want in your birth bubble?' . . . #MaternalMentalHealth #Maternity #BirthWorkersUnited #BirthBlissDoulas #PostpartumDoula #AntenalEducator #Hypnobirthing

26 4

We realise that these are complex issues and removing restrictions carry some risks. . However, keeping them in place ALSO carry risks. There is nothing in life that is 100% risk free! . We, the public, need to be provided with easy-to-understand data so that everyone can consider the actual risk of catching COVID-19. . We also need to understand what the potential long-term impact will have on families keeping these restrictions in place! 😔 . 💥 Write to your MP 💥 Contact you local maternity MVP 💥 Sign the petition 💥 Write to the CEO of your hospital . Thank you for your support! 💕 #ButNotMaternity Thanks to @birthblissacademy for the text xxx ********************************* #LockedOutOfBirth #ProtectMyBirthBubble #BirthRightsDuringCovid #CovidBirthRights ​#BirthBlissDoulas #BirthWorkersUnited #DoulaSupport #BirthRightsDuringLockdown #CovidBabies #LockDownBirthRights

30 5

I'm a day late with posting this, not just because of the weekend but because I'm left pondering: is there any evidence that PPE is that effective? We know that masks may help the spray of our breath and whatever that contains, but is that enough for our maternity staff? . . . So my pondering today is that we are failing our midwives and maternity staff by not proving adequate PPE that DOES work, the N95 masks (I think that's what they are?!) and would that in turn help support our pregnant women and people? . . . Do we also need to repurpose buildings and consider layouts because this isn't going to go away any time soon and our pregnant women and people deserve better, and our midwives deserve better. They can't do their jobs fully with the threat of covid dangling over them all the time. . . . I don't have the answers, but then I'm not a virologist, or in charge of anything. If I was then yes I'd expect to have some solutions, so join our campaign so those with some answers and some power can exercise them and sort this out... maybe . . . #ButNotMaternity #SupportOurMidwives #Birth #Postpartum #BirthDoula #Doula #MedicalHerbalist #Hertfordshire #Hitchin #Pregnancy

50 14

Text courtesy of @birthblissacademy . . . Protecting the health of others is a legitimate aim but at a time when we are concerned about staff shortages amongst healthcare professionals, it is even more critical that NHS trusts think carefully about restricting #birthpartners who are a much wanted and needed sources of support. 👩‍❤️‍👩⁠ . . . New national guidance from NHS England “Visiting healthcare in-patient settings during the COVID- 19” published 5th June says:⁠ ⁠. “The number of visitors at the bedside is limited to one close family contact or somebody important to the patient. However, where it is possible to maintain social distancing throughout the visit, a second additional visitor could be permitted in circumstances including partners of women in labour” ⁠ . . . This should mean that you are able to have a second birth partner, for example for emotional support, provided the birth room is large enough to allow social distancing.⁠ 😷 . . . Join the campaign. ***************************⁠ #ButNotMaternity #LockedOutOfBirth #ProtectMyBirthBubble #BirthRightsDuringCovid #CovidBirthRights ​#BirthBlissDoulas #BirthWorkersUnited #DoulaSupport #BirthRightsDuringLockdown #CovidBabies #LockDownBirthRights #EnoughIsEnough #SupportOurMidwives

57 9

This is one which has been really difficult for so many people: speaking from experience of finding out I had miscarried twice ON MY OWN it is not something I would wish on anyone . . . The panic attacks and anxiety I suffered every time I stepped into a hospital after that was awful; having to be propped up by my husband at my side or else my legs would have either turned and run or crumpled beneath me: I can't imagine how I would have coped alone. And yet, here we are. When you can prop up a bar or your mate Steve when he's had one jar too many, why can't you have your support there propping you up during scans and appointments? . . . And you know when we start to consider those who have had recurrent miscarriages, babys conceived through IVF, surrogacy...we can perhaps be mindful that additional support with you is ESSENTIAL and not an additional 'nice to have' which is kind of how it feels right now . . . As an aside, it is your legal right to make a recording of an appointment or consultation, and can be really useful if you have complex needs in pregnancy as there is just so much to take in. I'm not suggesting that's an acceptable answer to the lack of support, just one additional nugget of information in amidst this chaos . . . Come on now government, show us that you really do care about the future generations and support those who are raising them. Better PPE for maternity staff perhaps? Testing for birth partners? Or just look at the enormous disparity between me and my mate Steve at the pub, and these pregnant women and people scared, alone, anxious...and tell me why one is ok and the other isn't #EnoughIsEnough . . . #ButNotMaternity #NHS #Doula #Birth #Postnatal #SupportOurMidwives #MaternalMentalHealth #PerinatalMentalHealth #PartnersMentalHealth #Maternity #Pregnancy #Hitchin #Hertfordshire #birthblissdoulas #BirthDoula #PostpartumDoula

40 25

A healthy baby is not the only thing that matters. You matter too. Perinatal mental health matters. . . . In case you missed yesterday's post, here is the info you need for writing to your MP about these issues. You can use the Open Letter as a guide/template. . . . If you do write to them, please note: . They won't respond if you CC them, They won't respond if you are not in their constituency, They won't respond if you do not include your address, It may take up to 10 days for them to read. You can find who your local MP using this link :​ . FURTHER RESOURCES: . Please read more on the AIMS website . Another great resource is the Birthrights website​ . #ButNotMaternity #LockedOutOfBirth #ProtectMyBirthBubble #BirthRightsDuringCovid #CovidBirthRights #birthblissdoulas #birthworkersunited #doulasupport #BirthRightsDuringLockdown #CovidBabies #BornIn2020 #ig_motherhood #EverydayParenting #myhappycapture #mama_pals


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