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Belgian in London 🇬🇧 Vegan | Conscious living | Mental health @fuelmeplants 🌱 🇬🇧MOT-W Mgmt-SR/🇩🇪Talents - 4Play/🇲🇨BMA YouTube Channel ⤵️

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63.6% of jelkalepever's followers are female and 36.4% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.90%. The average number of likes per post is 346 and the average number of comments is 21.

33.61% of the followers that engaged with jelkalepever regularly are from Belgium, followed by United States at 10.66% and Indonesia at 6.56%. In summary, the top 5 countries of jelkalepever's posts engager are coming from Belgium, United States, Indonesia, Australia, France.

Jelkalepever loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Celebrities.

Check jelkalepever's audience demography. This analytics report shows jelkalepever's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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63.6 %
36.4 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 82.59 %
  • Photography 52.10 %
  • Travel & Tourism 49.08 %


  • Belgium 33.61 %
  • United States 10.66 %
  • Indonesia 6.56 %
  • Australia 4.1 %
  • France 3.28 %


137 13

Bubble tea’s were one of my favourite things to have while living in China (literally had one every single evening as there was a bubble tea shop down the road of my flat 😂) and I can’t believe I’ve gone this long without having one 😛 Thank you @thealley.ldn for serving so many delicious vegan options 🌱 I got myself the Matcha brown sugar deerioca oat milk and it was delish! 🥰 (PS: their brand uses across the whole world recyclable plastics ♻️💚) (AD-pr sample) #veganbubbletea #londonvegan #vegan #london #bubbletealover

897 28

Waiting to be able to reunite with @mikesteegmans again, until then I’ll continue to share photos of our previous shoots 🤷‍♀️

346 34

Just a quick reminder that if things feel tough and you don’t know how to handle your emotions, a cry is totally okay. Sometimes crying is exactly what your body needs to move on from something and to clear your mind and get rid of the tension. Crying doesn’t mean your weak, it means you’re strong enough to face your inner battles and to deal with them instead of running away from them. 💛 As the seasons and weather is changing, we all feel a bit different especially with everything that’s going on right now in this mad world. Be gentle to yourself, give yourself the love you deserve and cry when you’re in need of it. 🥰 Sending much much love to you all. #mentalhealth #innerbalance #mindfulliving #london

277 16

Since being a kid, I have always been obsessed with the universe and wondering what else is out there. Looking up at the sky and just thinking how the moon would “follow” me at night. 🌙 It’s always been something I have been fascinated about and growing up, that fascination has only gotten stronger. I’m a big believer that everything in the universe is connected. Everything has energy and it all can affect us differently. We can all use these energies in different ways for us to grow. I’ve always been the curious type of person wanting to know as much as possible to learn and to grow. To understand myself better, my beautiful friend @catcaitlinn, who is also an astrologer (, did a birth chart reading on me. ✨ The reading did clear things up that I always used to be confused about. It explained so many aspects in my life in a way that I never thought of because I am so focussed on seeing these things in a way I want it to be. It also helped me to understand situations from the past and to understand myself better in a way that if in the future a certain situation would happen, I can react accordingly now having this knowledge and better understanding of who I am. Whether you believe in astrology or not, I think it’s very interesting to get to know yourself on different levels in life and you will never ever do anything wrong wanting to understand your life on this planet better. 💛 Have you ever done a birth chart reading? What has your experience been with this? #birthchartreading #astrology #asabovesobelow #uluwatu #bali

286 29

She wanted the world and that’s what she’s going after ✨ I often get asked how I got into modeling and this, ladies and gents, is what got me into modeling. This photo right here where all I wanted to look like was Britney Spears 😂 To be fair, I really really love looking back at this photo because it reminds me of all the things I am doing right now...were my dreams back then. Never ever give up on your dreams, how impossible some of them might feel. They only are impossible if you make them impossible. You deserve anything your heart desires and your dreams can be reality. I’m not saying it is easy, but it’s definitely not impossible. If you work for it, set your mind to it.. step by step you will make your dreams come true. You just have to believe in yourself 🥰 #selfmotivation #motivational #motivationaltalks #manifestyourdreams

437 19

Small steps is still progress. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself by putting the focus just on where you want to get and forgetting where you come from and how far you have traveled already. ✨💛 #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters

295 15

Tomorrow is world mental health day, if you’re currently in a position struggling with your mental health just know that it is absolutely OK not to be ok. And even in times you might think different, your mental health matters and you’re not alone. You’re doing the best you can every day, recovery isn’t a marathon who gets to the finishing line first. Every way of recovering is the right way, there’s not wrong way. Step by step. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of and most of all.. you are loved. 💛 Beautiful make up by @stefaniadagostino on set earlier this week. #worldmentalhealthday #mentalhealthmatters #mentalwellness #mentalwellbeing

410 21

One of the biggest fights we have while being on this planet is the one with ourselves, the one where we learn how to love ourselves. - We all have insecurities and things that make us different from one an other. Due to the “beauty standards” (who even came up with this, and why do we even think it’s necessary to have a standard when it comes to beauty?!) we often focus on our imperfections as if it is something bad. But do you want to look exactly the same as someone else? I know I don’t want to. Imperfections are here to make you unique. Because each one of us is a unique human being on this planet, with each our own talents and capabilities. Every body is unique and reacts differently. So instead of putting focus onto changing certain things about yourself because you want to have the same body as person X for example, shift that focus into moving and caring for your body in a way that you enjoy the process. The journey of loving yourself should never be a punishment, it should be a journey of learning to embrace those “imperfections” and starting to see them as your own unique features because at the end of the day, that is what makes you unique. Don’t you want to be unique? And of course, you can set goals and challenge yourself to get somewhere (whether it’s physically or mentally) but the most important thing of it all should be, you’re doing it because you enjoy doing it. Not because you hate that part you are trying to change. 💛 Sending much love to all of you who are on a self-love journey right now. 🥰 #selflove #mentalhealthmatters #selfcare #personalgrowth

247 13

Little Manchester diary 🥞 ☕️ #manchaster #vegan

380 13

As it’s world mental health day on the 10th of October, I want to touch on different topics around mental health this week, hoping it might help someone who needs it currently. After having experienced depression at a young age myself, I have learned the importance of your mental health and it’s impact on your every day actions and your overall health. Now this isn’t going to be about me, but this is about YOU. I want you to go and dig that little deeper and understand why and how some things are happening. How are you feeling today? What place do you find yourself in currently? Opening up to yourself is the first step towards realising what’s going on inside of you. It is a necessary step if you want to step away from that what is holding you back from living your life to it’s full potential. Just take this moment to sit with yourself in silence and listen. Listen to what your body and mind is telling you. Are you feeling lost? Or sad? Or angry? Are you confused about everything that’s going on currently? Just know that what it is that you are feeling at this right moment, you’re allowed to feel those emotions. You’re allowed to feel any kind of emotion. Anger, upset, Confused, happy, sad, ... There is absolutely no shame in feeling some kind of way, whether it is a happy or sad feeling. You’re only human, doing your best, every day, with the tools you have and the knowledge you have. ✨ With seeing the “perfect” image just one tap away from our fingers on a daily base, we often think that we aren’t allowed to feel some kind of way because it doesn’t fit in that “perfect” image but let me tell you.. there isn’t anything more perfect on this planet than someone who allows themselves to feel every kind of emotion and to then act accordingly, so you can learn and grow and let go of what is holding you back. 💛 #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthsupport #mentalwellness

434 19

“Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world in which you live. Do not try to change people, they are only messages telling you who you are. Revalue yourself and they will confirm the change.” ✨ #london #mentalhealthsupport #selfgrowthjourney

339 31

If you could give yourself advice in life, what would it be? ✨ Mine would be to always follow your heart and passion and that there will be difficult times but they only make you appreciate the good times even more. Bad times are never for always, they will pass. Always be kind. 💛 let’s learn from each other’s life advice and help each other to grow into our best version. 🥰 #london #lifeadvice #selfdevelopment #personalgrowthjourney #mentalhealthmatters


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