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41.7% of eevamakinen's followers are female and 58.3% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.40%. The average number of likes per post is 5383 and the average number of comments is 51.

Eevamakinen loves posting about Actors, Travel, Adventure, Photography.

Check eevamakinen's audience demography. This analytics report shows eevamakinen's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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41.7 %
58.3 %


  • Travel & Tourism 91.89 %
  • Photography 91.82 %
  • Art & Design 62.89 %
  • Technology & Science 43.77 %
  • Sports 35.33 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 32.46 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 32.29 %
  • Business & Careers 31.16 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 30.80 %
  • Pets 30.18 %
  • Entertainment 30.07 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 29.48 %


5,174 43

Winter came today but my mind is not following so fast. I started immediately editing all the summer and Autumn images and trying to make myself to post more here before ❄️ images. This photo was taken in Hornøya island in Norway this summer. The amount of birds on an island was insane and the experience was beautiful. The Island of Hornøya was worth visiting. It was interesting to learn more about the area and observe the life. You can visit the Island only some hours in a day to not bother the birds too much. #norway #hornøya #puffin #summer

4,635 37

When you are too tired, it's pointless to go out and photograph. But when you feel lazy, you should always push yourself and just go. It's pretty much always worth it. #kuusamo #northernlights #aurora #autumn #finland #nightsky #nature #balance

5,264 51

Winds have changed and winter is coming. Hopefully on time this year. Climate change is continuously in my mind and especially now when we are waiting for the winter to arrive. How is it where you live? Do you still expect to get snow or has it become too warm? Ps. My handmade Nahani canoe by Lauri Salama in a photo. I used it way too little this summer as dad and his friend fixed it and I was too afraid to take it to rivers 😃 #climatechange #kuusamo #protectourwinters #protectourwintersfinland #nahani #finland

3,084 42

#Ad I have been testing the new Huawei GT 2 PRO watch for almost a month now. My most used features are: ↠ Hiking excercise + tracking ↠60 seconds breathing excercise in the forest ↠Following the moon phase ↠Sleeping data I have been focusing on sleeping better but when it's clear sky it's easy to check if I want to go to photograph. With the new features I am able to check the sunrise, sunset, moonrise and moonset times from the watch. The watch also has finally a separate excercise for hiking but more about that soon. @huaweimobilefi #HUAWEIWatchGT2PRO #ExploreMore #KoeEnemmän #UudetMahdollisuudet

5,402 47

Life has been really busy lately and I have had to make myself time to breath slower. To try to focus even it's hard when too many big changes are happening at the same time. We have moved to a beautiful place for the winter and we also got a new furry family member aussie Lily. If you are a dog person you can follow our adventures @lilygoesforest 🍂🍁 #kuusamo #finland

5,305 51

Photography #ad I teamed up again with @nikonuknordic. From day one I have used Nikon, so about 10 years and now I have slowly changed my work to use the mirrorless Z7 camera body. The main reason I finally changed from previous model is the weight. I also have some mirrorless lenses and they do make a huge difference what I am able to carry along on adventures. Can't wait to show you guys what this upcoming year will bring up with @nikonuknordic 🍁 #zceators #nikon #z7 #mirrorlesscamera

7,077 74

We were supposed to stay here only for a year and move further up North but we decided to stay. We found this place good for us and we will see what future brings. Would you be interested to hear more about how we live here and why we like this place as a home? #kuusamo #oulanka #seasons

5,636 28

A short moment with the sun. It has been really beautiful all over the nature but it makes it challenging to capture the beauty. My favourite is always the colour of red 🍂 #tuntsa #wilderness #laplandfinland #lapland #ruska

7,178 87

One of the most challenging parts of photography is to trust your own vision. To stop caring what others think and just show how you see the world ♡

6,068 50

Hiking #ad with @sallainthemiddleofnowhere Gateway To Land Of National Parks - project Last weekend we were invited to Salla to visit a hike that is definitely not overcrowded. This region has more popular hikes but at least for us it’s much nicer to walk a path where not that many have been walking. We met four people in three days and two of them were our friends! Our group was me, my boyfriend @mikkosantasalo and our friends @harritarvainen & curly coated retriever @kaffegram The hike is around 30-45 km depending where you want to start hiking. The highlights of this trip are definitely Palotunturi hut and Topsakka-aapa swamp. The path is marked with red signs but at some points you need to be careful that you don’t start following a reindeer path. We absolutely loved this hike. The way is beautiful and it truly feels like being in a remote place. The best view points during this hike are more down at the swamp areas as up in the fells you are still in the middle of the forest. #salla #sallainthemiddleofnowhere #topsakantaival #ukkreitti #landofnationalparks #hiking #lapland #visitfinland

5,686 44

Home lake ♡ When the alarm is set at 5am it feels like being ahead on time. After the most beautiful time of the day I might come home, go to morning sauna and take a little nap. Then a new day starts again 🍂 #finland #kuusamo


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