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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 9.90%. The average number of likes per post is 89 and the average number of comments is 13.

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123 13

So our ✈️ home was canceled and we had to extend our mini vacay by a day. 🙌🏻🙌🏻 Stephen and I were actually excited because this extra day allowed us to go explore Tulum. . Tulum is a total foodie town, which is perfect for us! Loved returning to @NomadeTulum- we went a few years ago but so much has changed- just keeps getting better and better! Their beach front restaurant @LaPopularTulum is killer. Talk about fresh and yummy- check out the Grouper 🐟 we picked out from their daily catch - it was the best! 😋 . . #20yearanniversary #nomadetulum #nômadetulum #mexico #tulum #couplestravel #beachvacation #lapopulartulum

77 14

We will one day live in walking distance of a beach. 🤞🏻🏝☀️ Until then, we will continue to visit beautiful beaches everywhere .... and beautiful hotels @hotelesencia! 😊 . . Looking back at these pics kinda makes me feel a bit guilty the kids missed out 😬 . . #20yearanniversary #hotelesencia #mexico #xpuha #couplestravel #beachvacation

119 13

Did I mention Hurricane Delta hit while we were in Mexico? 😱 This did not put any kind of damper on our vacation - we stilled enjoyed it to the fullest! 😃 . . 🏝+ ☀️+ 💗 SL 💗+ yummy food = perfect vacay #begreatful . . #20yearanniversary #hotelesencia #mexico #xpuha #hurricanedelta #couplestravel #beachvacation

130 58

💗Happy 20th anniversary to us!💗 . . On our wedding day 20 years ago it rained like crazy - this is really good luck (according to El Salvador superstition). We celebrated our 20th while Hurricane Delta was passing thru our vacation spot in Mexico. Does this mean that our next 20 years while be as amazing as the first 20? ☺️ . . . #20year anniversary #mexico #xpuha #couplestravel #hotelesencia #hurricanedelta

67 6

Happy National Dog Day to the most spoiled being in our home! 💕 @fritztheminischnauzer (Pictured with the second most spoiled being in this home @emily._.lardie 🤣) . . #nationaldogday #minischnauzer #schnauzersofinstagram

71 6

My cheer-maid (get it cheerleader + mermaid ☺️) turned 11 this week. My sweet girl still loves being in the water, loves cheer, is super organized (so much so that she organizes my bathroom counter bc it drives her crazy 😬), loves cooking and baking and most of all she is beyond independent (trying very hard to get used to this😖). She is also kind, smart and just amazing. We love her so much! 💕 Happy birthday my sweet princess @emily._.lardie - you will forever be my baby girl! 😘🥰😘

88 37

Pro tip: Horses are spooked by llamas! 🐎 ➕🦙 = 😱😨 For her upcoming birthday Emily wanted to go on a trail ride. We drove about 1.5hrs to Rocky Mountain National Park so we could make her birthday wish come true. The adventure started out perfect- we were actually on time (yay), the weather was perfect, the horses seemed super mellow, Emily was very excited and I was excited but nervous (thanks to binge watching Yellowstone I had the whole incident with the mom in my head😖). . The start of the trail ride was awesome, although both Emily and I got a little squirmy when we started to go up a very steep hill. About half way up the hill all 💩 hit the fan when a🦙 llama (no joke!) popped out from behind a huge rock. One of the other trail riders immediately got bucked off her horse and the horse just took off. Then Emily’s horse started to go back down the hill really fast following the runaway horse. I could see Emily holding on for dear life. Not sure how I did it but I jumped off my horse and started to run after Emily and her horse. As I am running Emily fell off her horse! I don’t think I have ever been so scared! Luckily she was ok -only a few scratches on one arm where she broke her fall. 😢 And one #trailridingnightmare I hope to soon forget. . And this is the story of my last time riding a horse -maybe Emily’s too. She is still undecided. ☺️ . #Trailride #rockymountainnationalpark #colorado

93 8

Scrolling thru our 📸 from our last vacation and just realized this is the closest we got to a family pic! 😬😆 . Oh well what matters is we got to escape our daily life and pretend things were back to our old “normal”. 💕 . #longboatkey #florida #coronacation #familytravel

77 16

My boys - brothers and best friends! One of my favorite things right now is just listening to them talking to each other - they tease each other, they crack each other up, they trigger each other and they even constantly learn from each other. (Side note: I get why boys have such thick skin- the way the boys tease each other would bring me to tears in a heart beat 😬) All in all I’m just in awe of their relationship - I love it 💕I remind them how lucky they are to have each other - to be only 2 years apart and be so different yet have so much in common. . Seeing this bond that they have makes me sad for my little girl - that she doesn’t have this built in best friend that my boys have. 😢 It was hardest during the quarantine. The boys had the best time - they really tried their best to include Emi in whatever they did. It was hard though. 🙁 Unfortunately or fortunately 🤷‍♀️-not sure which it is- she is probably a little more spoiled. 🥰 . Are you in my same boat? Curious what you did during quarantine? Normally it’s a non-issue as she is busy with play dates, school and activities. Just another reason why #inpersonschool gets my vote. ☺️ . . #florida #coquinabeach #coronacation #brothersandbestfriends #longboatkey #saltwaterflyfishing #flyfishingflorida

79 9

Do y’all have family birthday traditions? 🥳 🎂 🎈 We do - one of them is our kids get to pick their dinner spot. Logan chose @HillstoneDenver - he loves the ribs! Wish he would order the kids size but it’s been years since he has done that. 🤣 . I have to say I am so happy that even though we are in full-on lockdown again (pretty much) we could still enjoy a bit of our family “normal” by going out to dinner. (This was Jakes choice for his bday too but it was to-go only back in May 😟). . #birthdaydinner #hillstonedenver #dislikecovid

68 3

Another teenager in our house!🙌🏻 Happy happy 13th birthday Logan! 🥳 . I absolutely ❤️ that once you discover something you ❤️ you are all in: rugby, scootering, skimboarding. The world is your oyster and I hope you never loose sight of this! . We love you @logan_scoot2 so much! 😘 PS -greenies aren’t pictured but they love you so much too! 💗💗💗

88 5

Waking up early to go salt water fly fishing definitely #worthit!! 🎣🎣 Boys had the best time and learned a lot from their guide - especially places they could go to on their own. Funniest thing - Logan’s fish had a little accident right after the pic. 🤣 It’s ok - a little 🐟 💩 does not take away from their epic day! . . #saltwaterflyfishing #sarasota #longboatkey #floridaflyfishing #getoutside


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