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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 4.10%. The average number of likes per post is 68 and the average number of comments is 8.

16% of the followers that engaged with ckrenz_photography regularly are from United States, followed by Netherlands at 10% and Singapore at 10%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ckrenz_photography's posts engager are coming from United States, Netherlands, Singapore, Australia, Germany.

Check ckrenz_photography's audience demography. This analytics report shows ckrenz_photography's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • United States 16 %
  • Netherlands 10 %
  • Singapore 10 %
  • Australia 6 %
  • Germany 6 %


72 1

The epitome of futility. Shot this film on 4x5 sheet film and scanned and scaled it down to a size propably 1/4 of the original negative for you guys to enjoy. The photo was taken just outside @nicelightstudio. The highrise in the background is about to be torn down. No idea why. It used to be a nice bounce haha.

64 3

Leon for M4Models shot on film

45 2

@ev_luki for @m4models shot on film.

47 1

Self Portrait of my band At Land. Shot on Ilford HP5 pushed 4 Stops using an old canon flash manually off camera on a separate empty camera using both self timers.⁠ This was wonky but lots of fun haha

39 1

Last one from my early morning walk in #joshuatree.⁠ We Decided to take a Roadtrip from Oakland through LA to Joshua Tree NP and heading back through the #sierras in early December. After Spending a day in LA we headed to JTree and arrived at a mostly deserted Campground where we decided to stay. It was my first time camping in the desert in winter and it got wayyy colder than I expected. I wanted to drink some water during the night but my bottle froze. This made me wake up at first light and my friend was still fast asleep so i decided to take a walk through the empty park and i have to say it is one of the most magical places i have ever been. Can't wait to get back there at some point hopefully.

37 1

Another one from #joshuatree in the early morning. The Sky there was crazy blue. Using the #tungsten ballanced #cinestill800t without a filter gave the sky an even crazier blue. I love the contrast in this one! And thanks to no visivle light sources there isn't even halation, which always bothers me with cinestill film.⁠ I t

54 2

A little break from portraits. I'm missing traveling a lot lately (as most do propably), went through my old negatives and rescanned a few #frames from my last trip to #California in late 2015. This is in #joshuatree taken minutes after #sunrise. Shot with my #nikonfg20 on #cinestill50d⁠

51 3

@juliusbengsch for @m4models shot on #fujipro400h #120film ⁠ Developed and Scanned by myself.⁠ All done @nicelightstudio. If you're looking for a all-in-one place to shoot your next #analog project in #hamburg, @nicelightstudio is your place to go!

28 2

@vince.voss a while back.⁠ ⁠

67 3

Yellow.⁠ @neda__rahmanian I met her a few years ago on a tv-show set i was working on. Feels great to reconnect now through photography! Thank you for your trust.

46 2

@cheyenne_dmont again. This time on film

35 1

@cheyenne_dmont thanks for your trust!

35 1

@cheyenne_dmont thanks for your trust!

47 24

@ffriedee for @m4models⁠ No rules were broken while conducting this photoshoot.⁠ we didn’t have any bikes, cars or balls at hand. Shot on some kind of color negative film. Canon Prima Mini 2. Developed and Scanned by me

53 1

@ev_luki for @m4models shot at @nicelightstudio⁠

52 5

Green.⁠ @loouisa.f for @m4models⁠ I was shooting medium format film during that session. It was Fun, thanks! HMU @anmiesmakeup⁠ Developed and scanned by myself. I was all alone for that process but trust me, i did it.

44 1

@ffriedee for @m4models ⁠ Shot on film. Developed and scanned by me.⁠ ⁠

54 3

Double Exposure. How amazing is that?! Today you get two photos for the price of one. Not even swiping involved. How convenient. @ya.shvi GoSee for @m4models⁠ shot on #mamiya645protl with #fujipro400h ⁠ Developed and scanned by myself. That's how i roll.

62 2

@loouisa.f for @m4models. Shot on #fomapan400 with my trusty #mamiya645protl⁠ ⁠

60 22

I hope you guys had a great start into the week! What do you think about this light setup?⁠ @juliusbengsch for @m4models⁠ ⁠

82 20

@leon_alexanderr for @m4models again. This time on Film. #ilford #hp5 ⁠ One of the most exciting things with film photography for me is the developing. Especially with B/W film. There's just so many Variations in developing with chem dillution, developing time different developers etc. Waiting for the film to finally get out of the developing tank and see IF there is image (there always has been so far luckily) and if i got the desired result is exciting every time to me.⁠ What is your favorite thing about photography?⁠ ⁠

46 3

@leon_alexanderr for @m4models Thank you! For a long time i was reluctant to shoot anything digital, at least for my personal projects. But lately i grew more comfortable to go digital. I'm still loving film - A lot - but not that anti anymore. Both are fun and have their right to exist. I'm super happy about the analog renaissance and will continue to shoot film as much as possible but sometimes it's also nice to just crank out the camera and have direct results. What are your thoughts about analog vs. digital?

63 5

@neda__rahmanian once more (for now). Thank you again for your trust! Looking forward to next time. Shot at @nicelightstudio Book your Timeslot to shoot there now. There's still a few open spots for July available.

66 36

Another one with @neda__rahmanian from a while ago at @nicelightstudio.⁠ I still have some availability in July so if you want your portraits taken send me a DM. @nicelightstudio is also a rental Studio so if you are still looking for a location for your next shoot let me know. Rates are affordable and start at half a day.⁠

66 36

Another one with @neda__rahmanian from a while ago at @nicelightstudio.⁠ I still have some availability in July so if you want your portraits taken send me a DM. @nicelightstudio is also a rental Studio so if you are still looking for a location for your next shoot let me know. Rates are affordable and start at half a day.⁠

88 36

@neda__rahmanian a while ago at @nicelightstudio in hamburg. This shoot was a lot of fun! Expect a lot more photos from this shoot here soon. If you are in need of headshots or portraits for your book let me know. Social distanced photoshoots at my studio are easy to accomplish.

50 0

73 1

GoSee Pt. 3. Tina for @m4models. Plant courtesy of @kleinewildnis. #expired #cinestill800t rollfilm shot with #mamiya645

103 25

GoSee Pt 2. Tina for @m4models Shot on funky #cinestill800t beta 120 roll back from their crowdfunding campaign. You can see the static flaws, like some weird reddish flashes from the edges of the film rolls. At least i think it is some static damage. If you know what it is let me know. I’m curious. Shot on #mamiya645 at my #studio in hamburg

66 3

GoSee. Tina for @m4models. I used some #cinestill800t 120 beta rolls for this shoot I found in my fridge. I’s been cold stored for most of the time but somehow the results after processing still came out kinda funky. There’s some static damage in a few frames and the film is severely fogged but i still really like the result of this shoot. Shot with #mamiya645 at my #studio

98 27

Glitter Pt. 3: The Glitteriest Model: @lina.hasse Styling: @carla.etmd HMU: @janinebossmann shot on #mamiya645 using #kodakportra160

63 1

Glitter Pt. 2: The Glittering. Model: @lina.hasse styling @carla.etmd hmu @janinebossmann shot on #mamiya645 with #kodakportra160

75 3

Glitter. Model: @lina.hasse Styling: @carla.etmd HMU: @janinebossmann shot on #mamiya645 using #kodakportra160

89 33

Last one of the series with @aimeeelsendoorn. Stay tuned for new stuff coming at the beginning of the week! #mamiya 645 on #kodakektar

87 24

Second to last of this small series feat. @aimeeelsendoorn shot with #mamiya645 on #kodakektar

81 25

Another one with @aimeeelsendoorn @m4models from a while back.

138 4

Go See @kristinagromovaite for @m4models 📷 Mamiya 645 1000s 🎞 Kodak Portra

88 4

Go See @kristinagromovaite for @m4models 📷 Mamiya 645 1000s 🎞 Kodak Portra

63 1

Go See @kristinagromovaite for @m4models 📷 Canon F1n 🎞 Kodak ColorPlus

61 1

Go See @aimeeelsendoorn. 📷#Mamiya645 1000s. 🎞 #kodakportra160

53 3

Go See @aimeeelsendoorn. 📷#Mamiya645 1000s. 🎞 #kodakportra160

75 5

Go See @aimeeelsendoorn. 📷#Mamiya645 1000s. 🎞 #kodakportra160

63 1

Go See. Tim B. for @lemanagement

71 1

Go See. Tim B. for @lemanagement

80 1

GoSee. Tim B. For @lemanagement

75 2

New Work. Model: @jo.gfl Styling: @georgi.laura H&M: @anmiesmakeup

124 6

New Work. Model: @jo.gfl Styling: @georgi.laura H&M: @anmiesmakeup

149 3

New work. Model: @jo.gfl Styling: @georgi.laura H&M: @anmiesmakeup

96 6

Prison. Open house.

97 3


82 2



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