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📍 Vancouver 🍁 📩 ⬇️ YOUTUBE⬇️ 我的 “初戀” 大小事 ❤️

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70.9% of babieangie's followers are female and 29.1% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 2.10%. The average number of likes per post is 1048 and the average number of comments is 98.

28.4% of the followers that engaged with babieangie regularly are from United States, followed by Malaysia at 12.35% and Italy at 6.17%. In summary, the top 5 countries of babieangie's posts engager are coming from United States, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, United Kingdom.

Babieangie loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Styling, Technology, Travel, Photography, Hair & Beauty, Cars & Motorcycles, Animals & Pets.

Check babieangie's audience demography. This analytics report shows babieangie's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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70.9 %
29.1 %


  • Beauty & Fashion 88.99 %
  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 54.23 %
  • Travel & Tourism 51.15 %
  • Children & Family 44.60 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 42.59 %
  • Clothes, Shoes, Handbags & Accessories 42.49 %
  • Art & Design 42.46 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 37.14 %
  • Entertainment 36.20 %
  • Business & Careers 33.12 %


  • United States 28.4 %
  • Malaysia 12.35 %
  • Italy 6.17 %
  • Germany 4.94 %
  • United Kingdom 3.7 %


949 62

新影片出爐嘍! 跟你們分享一下我的戀愛回憶哈哈哈❤️ Link on bio. . I cannot believe half of 2020 has already gone by. It seems like SO much and absolutely nothing has happened, all at the same time, you know what I mean ?

883 102

What's the most important thing you look for in your smartphone ? As someone who is constantly producing content, mine is its camera. I've been using @huaweimobilecan P30 Pro for a long time now, and I am honestly very impressed with it ! So impressed that I even ditched my actual camera and decided to just use Huawei's P30 to take photos during my honeymoon at the Maldives. Yes, it's that trust worthy! So obviously I was super excited when I received the Huawei Mate 30 Pro. Its camera is even more insane than the P30 - with 40MP + 40MP ultrawide combo, I can capture a whole lot more ( like in this post). It's an awesome travel camera just for this one aspect ! Even its front camera is an impressive 32MP. (For your reference, the Iphone 11 Pro is 12MP+12MP and also 12MP front). Not to mention, it has a 2-day battery life, looks stunning (swipe to see), and offers top-end Kirin 990 chipset, 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage. The only thing that initially worried me was the lack of Google Play Store. To be honest, I was skeptical about where and how to get all my most used apps, because I am a very Google-depended user. I was pleasantly surprised that I was able to bring all the apps (and photos and videos) I had on my old phone to the Mate 30 via Phone Clone App in less than an hour transfer time. I have my Instagram, Whatsapp, Google Chrome, Google Calendar, Facebook, Google Maps, Lightroom, etc all transferred over without any hiccups. I got all the apps I wanted in one go. But if you need more, Huawei's App Gallery has over 390M active users and is constantly expanding to offer you more options. This is the first Huawei device introducing App Gallery into the Canadian market! If you still cannot find what you are looking for, there is also an app called "MoreApps" to lead you to what you need. But I didn't have to use any of these two alternatives to fulfill my usage needs. This caption is getting too long, but I hope you can tell my enthusiasm from this long review. If you go scroll through my feed, most of my Maldives photos are taken using Huawei's P30 Pro. I can't wait to see what this Mate 30 can create ! :) It is now available in Canada.

1,091 96

YOUTUBE 更新嘍 ❤️ 自己做沐浴球 !Link on bio. . The best part of this quarantine is getting to quarantine with you @frankyehtravels ( actually it's Animal Crossing but for the sake of captioning this photo, hahahaha )

1,236 88

It actually took me some time to decide if I should create a new account for Luna, or just post her photos here, or not post at all. When Luna first came in to our lives , I miss Coco tremendously more. And I remember consciously defending Coco's spot in my heart and not letting this new brown fluff take over any bit of that space and love. After having Luna as our family pet for a few months, I realized, just how powerful a dog's healing power can be. Before her arrival, I had this huge void filled with a contradicting combination of immense pain and plain emptiness. Alot of myself vanished with Coco. I find Luna gradually, yet very quickly, healing that wound and filling that void for just being herself. I never thought it was possible, but I consciously feel healed. It's a kind of healing I've never experienced before - it's so evident that it's almost tangible. Before meeting Luna, I had myself believe that, that pain and void in me is simply Coco's presence in another form. I deeply believed so. And accepted the fact that this ache will forever just be a part of me. Then I realize I was wrong. So wrong that I took Coco's new form as a permanent grief. Yet in reality, Coco is nothing but joy, love, and a lifetime of happy memory. Luna made me realize that as she begin to replace, not Coco, but the sadness I couldn't eliminate myself, with a love so pure, no human in this world is ever capable of. Then I realized, while nothing will ever replace my love for Coco, I am actually capable of walking out from that darkness, and love more. So here I decide, to share this new bundle of joy with all of you at @co.mao.mao. She's not as photogenic as Coco 😂 But trust me, she's prettier in person.

1,016 76

It feels so much like summer these days ! I really miss walking and shopping on @shopwest4th , Main, and @southgranville :(( . As our restrictions are slowly lifting , are you urging to get your old life back , or are you planning to stay home a while longer to gauge the situation ? As much as I miss normalcy, I'm going to stay home and practice strict social distancing rules for abit more. Curious to hear what your thoughts are !

1,184 126

I have finally tried Tiktok ! Please follow me at babieangie ❤️ . My content is mainly me and this silly fluff for now. I'm still trying to figure out what the youngsters do nowadays 😂 . The reason I'm so late to the game is because I always felt Tiktok is just not my thing - I can't dance and I can't lipsync. I also cannot act sexy so seriously hahaha. But I'm finally there and hey ! It turns out to be quite fun ! Do you have tiktok ? Do you like it more or do you like instagram more ?

1,172 132

Anybody who knows me or follows me for a long time, knows my emphasis on using sunblock, every single day. Besides sunscreen, I actually use another secret skincare product - @SkinCeuticalsca's Phloretin CF. I have normal to sily oily skin, so Phloretin CF is perfect for me (CE Ferulic is for normal to dry skin). I've been using this product for at least three years now, as a booster step, after cleansing, toner, serum, eye cream, and before lotion and sunscreen. The sun is a significant source of environmental damage leading to accelerated skin damage and aging. Even inside our homes, there are more than 50% of UVA rays pass through glass windows. Even with an excellent broad spectrum SPF, some UV radiation still passes through to generate skin damaging free radicals. Plus, for SPF lotions to actually work, you will need to reapply periodically throughout the entire day. This is where SkinCutical's Phloretin CF comes in. It offers a full day protection from these free radical damages happening all around us. It protects your skin against environmental aggressors while improving uneven skin tone, texture, and discoloration by 19% ! What's your one skincare product that you cannot live without ? Please share with me in the comments below :) . #SkinCeuticals #VitaminCDay #vitaminC #AntioxidantAuthority

1,261 104

Dream quarantine vs. reality 🙈 新YouTube影片出爐啦!跟大家分享一下疫情待在家都在幹嘛! Link on bio. What are you guys doing at home mostly ? Please share with me some fun activities / good books / etc ❣️

1,709 107

It's been a really long time since my last post 🙈 . To be honest, I wasn't busy being productive. I guess the staying home has really messed up my sense of time and routine. I've been really occupied though, with sleeping in, lazying around the house, playing with Luna, and Animal Crossing 😝 . My usual self will be dying from guilt for being so unproductive and uneventful. Recently though, I'm actually feeling very good about doing absolutely nothing worth mentioning. Maybe it's because the whole world is doing this together, so I don't feel as competitive to catch up. Time you enjoy wasting is not wasted, right ? What have you been doing at home ? Are you productive ?

843 80

[新YouTube影片出爐!]link on bio. 關於溫哥華疫情。 Looking forward to normalcy. And to get there faster, please stay at home and maintain your social distance. We should have been enforced to do this earlier, but it's still not too late if we all comply now ! It's not too bad staying home, with comfort, food, internet, and Netflix. Imagine when our grandparents were sent to war ! Appreciate the front line workers, and the luxury we get because of them 🤍

839 76

最近在家待的很無聊厚?我的新影片出爐嘍!幫大家分享我們馬爾地夫蜜月的飯店細節與花費!大家趁這個空隙可以順便計畫一下疫情後的旅遊喔!Link on bio ♥️ . Where's the first place you want to visit after this whole COVID19 thing ? My YouTube is here to answer all of your questions about our Maldives trip ! Link on bio ♥️


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