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Average engagement rate on the posts is around 10.70%. The average number of likes per post is 126 and the average number of comments is 3.

34.41% of the followers that engaged with ayehush_cookie regularly are from Ethiopia, followed by United States at 7.53% and Kenya at 6.45%. In summary, the top 5 countries of ayehush_cookie's posts engager are coming from Ethiopia, United States, Kenya, France, Australia.

Ayehush_cookie loves posting about Nature & Outdoors, Photography, Architecture, Travel, Art.

Check ayehush_cookie's audience demography. This analytics report shows ayehush_cookie's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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  • Ethiopia 34.41 %
  • United States 7.53 %
  • Kenya 6.45 %
  • France 4.3 %
  • Australia 4.3 %


132 3

Besendie making #injera. It's not easy making that circle... #OromiaRegion

173 2

My grandma Dembele Ledii aka Gifti is 76 years old. Besides not looking a day over 45, she also has way more energy and strength than I do at 24! She handles all household chores. She's been married to grandpa Abate Gobena for 60 years now. 🙌 #Wollega #OromiaRegion #Ethiopia

123 1

This is Nejo, Wollega. My family on my father's side are from here. #Wollega #OromiaRegion #WesternEthiopia

133 0

They carry their produce on donkeys and their backs to a market place - often a journey worth a day or two. Determination. Endurance. Sacrifice. Hard work. Why does a raised standard of living often come at a cost of such qualities? #BahirDar #Ethiopia #Habesha #RuralLife #Mountains #africannarrativesbyafricans #AfricanNarratives #EveryDayStories #EverydayAfrica #HornOfAfrica

131 0

I used to laugh at people who thought we (a third world country) still walked hours across mountains and forests to get to school. Sadly, that is the reality for the majority of Ethiopia. Young boys and girls walk dangerous journeys for hours, everyday to attend school. What really got me thinking was the fact that this phenomenon was actually growth - walking hours to and from school was a development from their parents who didn't have access at all to schooling some years back. #Development #BahirDar #Ethiopia #EastAfrica #Africa #HornOfAfrica #AfricanNarratives #africannarrativesbyafricans

140 1

Ethiopia has one of the lowest unemployment rates at 17%. This is because over 80% of the population is employed in the agricultural sector, far from cities and urban centers. The sector also contributes the lion's share of our GDP. But we're still far from harnessing all that it could bear. All the talks on EBC and speeches of government officials repeatedly mentioning 'Agriculture-led industrialization' make so much sense now. To develop and beat poverty, we would need to really empower this sector - including the use of formal education to do so. How much do we really learn about agriculture in high school or university? Where is agriculture in the 70:30 quota? It is a sector widely neglected in the urban and 'modern' population, especially among the youth. This has created a big disconnect between the national reality and what the educated youth would prescribe for development. #Thoughts #BahirDar #Ethiopia #EastAfrica #RuralEthiopia #RuralLives #EverydayStories #AfricanNarratives #Africa

132 2

My recent trip to Bahir Dar was a humbling reminder of the realities of Ethiopia. As we interacted with farmers living in remote rural areas, all the statistics we casually mention all of a sudden became real stories and real people. For the next few posts, I'll be sharing some of my reflections from this reality check and look forward to hearing your thoughts on some of the issues. #BahirDar #Ethiopia #Africa #EastAfrica #EverydayStories #AfricanNarratives

118 7

•Abebe's Story• "What I want is not added benefits because of my disability. I just want someone to believe in my passion for work and invest in it - as that is what I hope to do for others." Abebe had a small booth last week where he exhibited his crafts at the fair Addis Ababa Employees and Social Affairs Office organized to display the works of several disabled craftsmen and women. If anyone has the capacity to believe and invest in Abebe, we can give you his contacts. The rest of us, let us keep in mind that there are many more like Abebe who are talented and hard working; who, given little support, could change society's life. More on him is found @fuabilich . . . On assignment for @messengerafrica #Ethiopia #Habesha #EastAfrica #African #Africa #HandCrafts

81 7

"My big vision, although I don't know if it can be possible in this lifetime, is to master Electrical Engineering and study how to install electricity lines. I want to install it far into the rural areas of Ethiopia. Light is absolutely crucial." • Abebe's Story • It was ironically amazing that Abebe wanted to give others what he lost at a young age. The vision and mentality he carries is essentially missing in most people. . . . On assignment for @messenger #Light #Visionary #Africa #African #EastAfrica #Habesha #Ethiopia

119 1

"My darkest days are when the city police chase us from selling on the streets. I understand it's not necessarily a legal job but I had no alternative left - I don't want to beg, or go back home and be a burden on my parents." • Abebe's Story • His enthusiasm and determination for work always amazes me. This chair he's holding is one of the crafts he does. See more @fuabilich . . . On assignment for The Messenger News #Ethiopia #Habesha #HandCrafts #HornOfAfrica #Africa #EastAfrica

88 0

"They know me around here as 'Abe the business man'. This lady wanted to buy a phone, and it turned out I had the exact model she was looking for." • Abebe's Story • Abebe gets along with so many people in his community, whether in his neighborhood or the National Ethiopian Association for the Blind, where he frequents on a daily basis. Continue the story @fuabilich :) . . . On assignment for The Messenger News #Africa #HornOfAfrica #Ethiopia #Habesha


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