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36.3% of aromkh's followers are female and 63.7% are male. Average engagement rate on the posts is around 1.60%. The average number of likes per post is 593 and the average number of comments is 8.

Aromkh loves posting about Fashion, Lifestyle, Modeling.

Check aromkh's audience demography. This analytics report shows aromkh's audience demographic percentage for key statistic like number of followers, average engagement rate, topic of interests, top-5 countries, core gender and so forth.

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36.3 %
63.7 %


  • Restaurants, Food & Grocery 61.87 %
  • Fitness & Yoga 57.38 %
  • Beauty & Fashion 51.73 %
  • Travel & Tourism 43.40 %
  • Healthy Lifestyle 40.47 %
  • Art & Design 34.53 %
  • Sports 33.55 %
  • Entertainment 33.32 %
  • Business & Careers 32.35 %


534 5

Wearing shoes for the first time in 14 days and to be honest, I start to enjoy walking barefoot. This end of self confinement made me realized that it won’t be much of a change, my family is composed of humans from couple month to +70 years old and I should stay in. I went for a drive to see how Phnom Penh looks like and it’s still beautiful and sunny. I drove to the mart to pick my own groceries and check if my favorite monster were still available in case they become a necessity. My bro got me some fresh buns and about to make a broccoli/zucchini/feta lasagna to end the weekend.

542 4

I got often asked how did I get to be myself. My quest for personal salvation started when I was willing to live a simpler life, cancelling unneeded meetings and irrelevant friendships. I learned what was essentials and what was unnecessary. Then, i went back to when I felt the most myself. I’m lucky, since I was a kid, I had a strong center of interest for arts, languages and science. I took my base and developed them. Art and science made me love cooking and languages made me discover new cultures. The all process of learning those new skills shaped my interest in gardening. Through the process, I learned that things can happen in different order than the one I had in mind. I lettered that life isn’t all about beauty and happiness, but more how you endure the pain and sacrifice. When I acknowledged that, my curiosity raised for boxing. More I’d trained, better I would feel and pains would feel like weaknesses leaving my body. The requirement for a proper training requires sacrifices and it took me a while to define what was the meaning of it. A sacrifice is when you give up on something, a compromise is when you lower your demand. The best advice I could give is to be you. No one else, just you and you’ll be fine.

626 11

One of the reasons we resist change is because we focus on what we have to give up, instead of what we have to gain. Change is hard but isn’t it harder to live the life you don’t want to be in ? I think balance is an everyday duty to yourself, balance to me is being content with all the aspect of your life. I am definitely unbalanced lately, missing outdoor workout and running but it’s okay, I don’t believe life should be constantly balanced, make more things that makes you happy, eventually you will find your answers. I am making a gorgeous raw almonds, wild honey and coconut oil granola for my breakfast and this is one of the simple things that makes me happy.

643 8

Confinement makes me go to the kitchen every half an hour. I’ve been munching and reading some of your emails about your personal goals, professional goals and even some about relationship. I feel honored for sharing with me some of your most secret project and fears. I hope you would never want to be me but the best version of who you want to be. And the difference of who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

421 13

Finally, this day has come. I made choux à la crème and it’s sinfully comforting. I tried couple years ago, but never got satisfied, then putted it on a side until now. This is my fourth trial in a week and I am pretty happy about it. The moral of the story is don’t give up on your project, sometimes take a break and come back to it. Who knows what I am going to become after this confinement.

196 4

I woke up this morning back to my usual routine, waking up before sunrise and taking time to prepare my first fuel of the day, while getting ready on some Etta. The outcome of the week being confined at the same time as others in the world is that life keeps going and you should always keep yourself up. Create simple routine that you can stick to, set simple goals so you can start at ease, then increase the challenge when you get comfortable. I’m starting one, is to read a book in English for half an hour straight, my lack of english vocabulary and grammar makes my reading tiring. Currently on Solitary from Albert Woodfox, When friends share books with you, they are important. I’d love to read book like I eat food one day. Let’s focus on improving ourselves rather than debating on how inappropriate is my content, let’s learn new skill instead of talking on someone’s back, Let’s be kinder and be a better human. Personally trying to find new bases to share.

355 5

Sunday OKLM Using mudd on different purpose: cleanse and nourish

505 6

Been trying to commit to a 1000 abs/ day, getting my quota of antioxidants, listening to Fatoumata Diawara while trying to make that choux again. Getting used to domestic life.

444 8

Due to popular demand from my last insta story, i am proudly sharing this tomato soup recipe. I use a base and what’s available at home. My base: garlic, onion, Laurier leaf, Provence herbs, salt and pepper, olive oil and chopped canned tomato. Cook til golden, careful of burning your spices. Medium- Medium high heat Add all your vegetables from longer to cook to quick to cook. For this dish, I had : 🥔 (long) 🥕 (long) 🥬 leftover (medium-quick) 🌽 steamed (quick) 🍅 (quick/long) Canned cooked white beans (quick) Parsley (quick) Add potato and carrot first, they are the longest to cook for about 5 min high heat to get more flavors. Season at every-stage when adding element to your pot. I like to collect spices, so I added: - Onion powder - Garlic powder - Coriander powder - Paprika powder - Chili powder - Cumin powder This is all optional, but it just tastes better. Add a can of chopped tomato + 1 hot cup can of broth of your choice ( I use veg broth ) til boil on high heat, add your medium cook greens. Add your pan lid then let it simmer for a while on medium heat. When the vegetable is at your cooking preference, add your quick elements for few min and it’s ready. Voilà, if you do it, Please send me picture Bon appétit

1,171 14

Day 6 : Added a bit of lavender to make home feels like a little bit more home. YouTubed what I could do from my brother’s delivery, attempted twice to make cream puff, now thinking of my dinner. It means: try again tomorrow

1,310 19

I have been wanting to go for a wellness retreat for a while, I might just start it at home. It means : spafinement day 5

685 5

On this fourth day of confinement, I kept myself busy napping, making a list of movies I’m gonna watch, snacking and waiting my brother to bring my groceries and my favorite bread. Last time I stayed in my room four days in a row was when I had troubles with my mental illness. The idea of meeting people gave me anxiety, a bit like these days. I lost time loving people I never really liked. I think the best way to appreciate something or someone, is to be without it for a while. It means : inner monologue


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